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Easy Sudoku for 3/October/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good maEn, all!
1:48 Maen! Caught on film!
1:56 wow, my second time under 2mins.
Good evening/morning everyone. Please don't tell me that's a cat in that photo. I'm sure it's only flowers with someone's leg in the background.
Great game just found it from my friend Fluff - hi Fluff!!!
2:07 - are these things getting easier? This is the closest I've ever come to breaking 2 mins. The day is starting cool and foggy here but might warm up later in the day. Have a good one!
Welcome Ellie -- another Torontonian! It is a great game, and we have great fun on this site. Look forward to hearing more about you -- what do you 'do'?--when you're not playing sudoku, of course!
Interesting chat yesterday re the pros and cons of television. Watching is neither right nor wrong; Baz is right—it’s a choice. There’s a lot of time-waster stuff on AND also a lot of worthwhile informative programming. Also, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be entertained! Computers can be a More...
3:12 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after!
1:40 Maen
Re favourite TV programs. Unofficially, I think HOUSE is the winner – it seems to show up the most frequently on your lists. Also one of my favs. However, no one has mentioned my other fav: Boston Legal. The first season was brilliant, second got off track for a while, but it’s back and good as ever.
Andre -- right on! And good communicating WITH the black coffee is 'deadly' !! LOL
Fast today! (Although I didn't time due to being interrupted by a serviceman.) Is that a cat? :)
Kitty Kitty! lol 349 best ever
Looks to me like a little Siamese kitten poking out of those flowers!
Tried to hide the cat in this photo, but I found it easily.
Good time today
Nice Marigolds and guardian
Well they finally did it. It wasn't enough that it is always either a dog or a cat. Today it is dogcat thing.
1:59 Ya-Hoo!!! Great time for me.Good Morning everyone!! It's going to be a beautiful day here.
A merry gold cat. Well bye for now. Off to Italy for two weeks. First time. Looking forward to it.
Celelia...I agree with you about Boston Legal...best show on TV. Brilliant writing and acting. I am beginning to hate reality shows and sitcoms. I guess I am out of step with society (at least the TV viewing public) because those are all that seem to be on More...
2:34 A marigold disguised as a cat? Absolutely wonderful day here, weatherwise! Enjoy yours, wherever you are.
Geez..... I'm ashamed to post my time, and I thought it was easy! Just call me pokey!!!
3:34 Hello Kitty.....
Good Maen -- just got back from Harrison Hot Springs from Seattle, just missed the lineup going up Sunday the 24th, cousins came later and it took 7 hrs. from Seattle for them. The stay there was worth the inconvenience. A fabulous place to R & R. Love you Canadians!!
1.46 seemed very easy
Woohoo!! Finally broke 2:00 with 1:52- this was an easy one today.
1:55 Whee, first time under 2 mins!
Easy today!

Check out the picture on the tough puzzle! It's me and my 4 kids!
Hi all, nice day here. Just got back from a nice lunch time walk. Love autumn!
Dave and Celia: Yep! Boston Legal is great. I love the outrageous situations those writers put the characters in. And reality shows just don't do it for me, either. The only sitcom we watch is Two Men and a Half. I think the writing is good for this one, too.
What is it - Toronto Day??? Hi to Celia, Ellie, & Naomi! And TWO Ellies on the same page today, too - hello to Ellie from Oklahoma, also.

I've never watched Boston Legal - guess I should check it out if it's as good as you say!
Hi, KATHY! Getting ready for your big trip? How do your tennis friends replace you when you're gone? Not that your replaceable ... :)
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