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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen. Nice family.
 |  |
6:40... a personal best! hey lizbaby -- nice looking group!
 |  |
What a nice family!
 |  |
Lovely family photo Lizbaby4
 |  |
Cute kids! Is it my imagination, or is everyone quite TALL in the family??!!
 |  |
5:37 Breakneck solving... lower time, lower fun.
 |  |
8:00 Maen
 |  |
 |  |
Good puzzle for practising techniques. Uses lots of them up to 38 filled. Series of locked candidates, colours, x-y wing etc then one solution which will no doubt be improved upon at 38 filled, is this chain
c1= 9==h1=9 forbids h1=3. UP to 81
Off to bed now.
 |  |
another easy (a pity, sic transit gloria etc.)
1) Start with 23, UP 26
2) Locked: gh9=3, def6=3, d64=1, abc5=2
=> ~((ghi8, gi6)=3, e64=1, ac4=2)
3) Naked Triple: ghi8=156 => ~(ace8, gh9, i7)=156, UP 27
4) Locked: def9=6 => ~b9=6
5) d9=4 == d3=4 -- h3=4 == h4=4 -- i6=4 More...
 |  |
to Meg: say again? certainly not UP 81 on ~h1=3,
 |  |
Is that where the baby 4 comes from Liz?

Nice tall family.
 |  |
Easy puzzle today, and then... SURPRISE!!! It's me and the kids! This was taken this summer at a bird sanctuary out in East Hampton, NY. The kids look pretty leggy, but are not too particularly tall. My oldest (on the left) is 11, then my daughter is 3 (she is tall for her age, actually) More...
 |  |
Oh...! boys look happy but little girl, why? nice pic.
 |  |
Hi Meg. I answered your query on yesterday's comments.
 |  |
Cheers to Lizbaby and the gang! Have a great day, everyone.
 |  |
(1) d9=4==d3=4--h3=4==h4=4--c4=4==c8=4 forbids e8=4,b9=4 UP38.
(2)g9=2==b9=2--b1=2==b1=1--a2=1==a2=2 forbids g2=2.
(3)i7=9==i7=2--a7=2==a7=6--a3=6==a3=9 forbids i3=9.
(4)g9=2==g3=2--g3=9==h1=9--h9=9 forbids g9=3 UP45
(5)g6=9==e6=9--e4=9==c4=9--a3=9==h8=9 forbids g3=9,h5=9 UP81. Phew!!!!
 |  |
Its very nice to meet you and your family, Liz.
 |  |
to Kaz: couldn't see UP 27 in this one. Just using
your chain eliminations. 3) i7=9 == i7=2 is
invalid. (so document naked triple: ghi8 = 156
first). 3) a3=6 == a3=9 isn't possible until you
have naked pair: (a2, b1)=12. I fail to see how
g9=3 is eliminated by chain in step More...
 |  |
oddly your step 5 isn't required here so revised
proof is:

1)start 23, UP 26
=> ~b9=4, UP 38
3)naked triple ghi8 = 156.
4)naked pair (a2, b1)=12.
=> ~g2=2
5b)g2=1== g2=3--c2=3==c1=3--c1=9==h1=9
=> ~h1=1, UP 81
 |  |
Great looking kids,Lizbaby4. Pretzel legs reminds me of myself when I was far more flexible than I am today.
 |  |
Great photo of you and your kids!

Thanks for the 'heads up' in Easy to look for this photo!
 |  |
to Pat. I never bother writing in the comments simple techniques (Singles,Naked or hidden pairs/triples, Locked pairs) it makes the comment far too long. I always assume anyone tackling a tough will know these automatically.
 |  |
Possible proof of tough? sudoku of 10 03 06:

1) Start at 23 filled - the given puzzle. Unique Possibilities to 26 filled. (UP 26).
2) fc on 4's: i2 == e2 -- e8 == c8 -- c4 == d6 forbids i6=4 UP 38
2a) Pair 12 at a2b1 forbids a3,b23,c12=2 and b2=1
2b) fcon 2's: g9 == b9 -- b1 == More...
 |  |
Hi Kaz!
Perhaps your assumption is safe, but... the proof is more complete with all the required information, except for native eliminations inherent to UP. Better to call a proof that skips steps required to solve the puzzle 'hints', in my opinion.
 |  |
Hi Steve. Yes, I agree; although I didn't, actually, call my answer a proof. I was trying to see if I could get away with just simple techniques and fcs (no wings or fish!!)
 |  |
To Gath:

If I had a wish to be fulfilled for this site, it would be to provide, perhaps on a different page, an extrmely tough - diabolically tough - sudoku - this need not be a daily puzzle, perhaps once or twice a week.
 |  |
Good afternoon to all! A lovely familt Lizbaby4! You must be very proud!!
 |  |
Thanks Pat. I've been wanting to have a crack at an early posting of a solution. To do that I have to stay up well beyond my bedtime. Didn't double check that it was UP after it fell out after my F.C above, but of course I had forgotten to record that the first step after the chain was the XYwing elim of the 3 at c2. Then UP81
 |  |
Good to see the faces to go with the name. Pretzel legs sure looks happy to be there!
 |  |
 |  |
 |  |
7:17 Good Maen
 |  |
4 beautiful babies Liz!
From Katebaby1!
 |  |
12:53 Nice family, you must be very proud.
 |  |
Hi. Lizbaby4 - great picture.
 |  |
Nice picture Lizbaby4. I don't usually do tough but you suckered me into it to see the family. Needed an expert's hint to solve it.
 |  |
Thank you for introducing us to your great looking family. Looks like you have wonderful times as they grow up.
 |  |
Hi Lizbaby4, your children are very cute! Don't know how you managed to get them to all sit in one place for that picture, though!
 |  |
 |  |
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