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Easy Sudoku for 2/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning. The tennis is finished so I can go to bed.
02/Feb/15 12:01 AM
, y'all! Attractive couple, though the caption doesn't indicate who 'I' is.
02/Feb/15 12:17 AM
Good morning to all!
02/Feb/15 12:27 AM
I'll re-post the weekend puzzle but I've had quite a few answers so far. Where's your response Keith? You mentioned yesterday you were having trouble with number 13. My lazy eyes missed an extra vowel in the first answer if that clarifies things. Puzzlers have one more day to send answers.
02/Feb/15 12:30 AM
1. She played Loretta Haggars in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman –> this delicate cotton or yarn fabric dates back to the 1400’s
2. William Faulkner called this humourist ‘the Father of American literature’ –> a type of horse drawn or oxen drawn carrying vehicle used for agricultural More...
02/Feb/15 12:32 AM
02/Feb/15 2:21 AM
02/Feb/15 2:39 AM
Good Maen, good people. Today, in honor of Little Plum's 15th birthday I am giving her a new Sudokuland name: Skye.

Skye enjoyed a birthday party with friends yesterday evening during which they played 'Live Clue.' She had drawn cartoon faces of all her guests and gave them Scarlet, More...
02/Feb/15 2:41 AM
Before your imaginations run wild, we used a nerf gun for the revolver, a dull child's wooden sword for the knife, a huge but lightweight pvc pipe instead of a lead pipe, etc.

One of our guests has a little brother who finagled his way into the party. We hadn't planned for him, so he More...
02/Feb/15 2:49 AM

another cold, gray day
later in the week we will get warmer
02/Feb/15 2:53 AM
They also played Apples to Apples where we had shuffled the picture version in with the regular version.

And they blew up a bunch of balloons and kept them in the air. Simple. Always a favorite game, no matter the age.

Of course, I made lots of food. The candles were on a More...
02/Feb/15 2:56 AM
Little Plum = Skye
02/Feb/15 2:56 AM

15? Wow, where does the time go?

It sounds as though you had a great celebration!
02/Feb/15 3:06 AM
There are always additional ideas that have to be shelved for lack of time or money. Always. This time it was a lack of time. I had gingerbread dough and was going to make character cookies to match the Suspects then undecorated cookies and many tubes of colored icing for the guests to create their own Suspect cookies.

We had way too many sweets and snacks already and not enough time.
02/Feb/15 3:14 AM
Greg - your weekend poozle is tempting. You know I like to do them, but I'll need to be excused.
02/Feb/15 3:21 AM
The movie is starting ... just one more thought to chat at you all: Because we were 'supersizing the weapons for photographic effect, I finally figured out what to do with the honking huge silver candelabra I picked up at a garage sale for $7. Ha. I knew it would come in handy 'some day.'
02/Feb/15 3:36 AM
Plum - Just curious, but was church cancelled because of the weather... or the Super Bowl?
02/Feb/15 3:59 AM
Excitement mounting . . . . . .
02/Feb/15 4:00 AM
No need for sunglasses today.
Snowing to beat the band! Several inches predicted. But, we've been quite lucky so far this winter.
02/Feb/15 4:03 AM
Just so its not snowing so hard that I can't get to the dentist tomorrow morning to get my new crown!
02/Feb/15 4:05 AM
Hmmmm! Where's our Keith?
02/Feb/15 4:05 AM
(Snagged for Keith!)
02/Feb/15 4:05 AM
I think I'm a dollar short, too.
02/Feb/15 4:16 AM
Hole in your pocket, maybe?
02/Feb/15 4:31 AM
HalT - Tie score.

This morning's service is cancelled due to the winter storm. No Sunday evening service tonight because of the Super Bowl. We like to honor family gathering times and not compete with them.
02/Feb/15 4:31 AM
May your all birhtday wishes come true!
(Awesome party, Plum!)
02/Feb/15 4:33 AM
What do you do when you cannot sleep... do sudoku of course.
02/Feb/15 4:36 AM
Morning ,cute couple.
Happy Birthday Skye.
02/Feb/15 4:53 AM
all. Plum, I wish I could click 'like' on all your comments. Glad Skye had such a good birthday party! to her! (and 15 spanks )
02/Feb/15 5:02 AM
02/Feb/15 5:33 AM
Thanks, everyone. The first movie is over. Over lunch I've read your greetings to Skye.

Kathy/Valrico - Thanks for the 'likes.' The spanks aren't going anywhere as she's too big to put over my knee anymore.

However, she WILL sit still for hair highlights. I spent a couple More...
02/Feb/15 5:39 AM
Cute couple. Are they married yet?
02/Feb/15 5:40 AM
Mummy movie 2 chuckle: 'This is my house and I have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.'

Skye suggests we letter a piece of wood with the quote and post it near our front door.

I need an eye-rolling smilie.
02/Feb/15 6:11 AM
Plum, please wish Skye a very 'Happy Birthday'. The party sounded great fun. The game is called 'Cluedo' and I first played the board game over 51 years ago. (before we were married)
02/Feb/15 6:17 AM
to Skye!
02/Feb/15 6:19 AM
Being lazy after a slow 3-mile run this morning. Picked up some groceries to make Superbowl Party snacks. We've decided to take tomorrow (Monday) off so that we can enjoy the game. Yep, even Silverteen. She's got her easy classes tomorrow and has already cleared her absence.
02/Feb/15 6:21 AM
Happy Birthday, Skye.
02/Feb/15 6:26 AM
02/Feb/15 6:27 AM
Oopd, accidentally pressed Caps Lock.
02/Feb/15 6:28 AM
02/Feb/15 6:29 AM
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