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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
01/Feb/15 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
01/Feb/15 12:10 AM
Puzzle Solvers:
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify one of more personality in each set of clues that the following puzzle will have. Each personality will be alive or dean, real, fictional or animated. Behead or curtail your first answer to help solve the second answer. You have two days to complete your mission. Good luck!
01/Feb/15 12:14 AM
Weekend Puzzle:

1. She played Loretta Haggars in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman –> this delicate cotton or yarn fabric dates back to the 1400’s
2. William Faulkner called this humourist ‘the Father of American literature’ –> a type of horse drawn or oxen drawn carrying vehicle used for More...
01/Feb/15 12:15 AM
Petra is one of the most amazing places to visit.
01/Feb/15 12:26 AM
Anyone who has read the entire Left Behind series has a deep yearning to visit Petra ...
01/Feb/15 1:11 AM
01/Feb/15 1:35 AM
, y'all!
01/Feb/15 1:50 AM

I see the rest of my morning is shot, thanks to Greg.
01/Feb/15 2:36 AM
I could tell instantly when I got here that Karen's left the country.
01/Feb/15 3:09 AM
Thank goodness I have nothing to do this morning... I CAN work on Greg's puzzle!
01/Feb/15 3:32 AM
Hey! What's going on?? That mission message was supposed to self-destruct in 10 seconds!
01/Feb/15 3:42 AM
My first thought was chalk.
01/Feb/15 3:54 AM

1) rat + ion = ration
2) man + drill = mandrill
3) arc + hive = archive
4) bar + rack = barrack

In the today we have lonewoof, HalT, Joyce, Kathy, and Judy (3/4). Today's totally random prize is .
01/Feb/15 3:57 AM

It would of been a better morning if I could but find the answer to #13 of Greg's puzzle!!!

I still have another day to look!

01/Feb/15 4:36 AM

Now to be a little more polite. fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.
01/Feb/15 4:37 AM

Keith, your comments about Karen were exactly what I thought too
01/Feb/15 4:39 AM
I'm stuck on #13, too, Lizzy. I thought I had it, but there's a glitch.
01/Feb/15 4:54 AM
Get your runnin' shoes on.
01/Feb/15 4:59 AM
Any competition today?
01/Feb/15 4:59 AM
Better be quick.
01/Feb/15 4:59 AM
01/Feb/15 4:59 AM
Does that mean that anyone who has not read the Left Behind series probably has no interest?
01/Feb/15 5:01 AM

I'm glad you got your 22, Keith. I saw it was at that number when I came on and immediately scrolled down to see if you got it! May we all continue to have good fortune, like Keith getting his number, today.
01/Feb/15 5:02 AM
I'm heading out of the house so will have to come back to try CG's puzzle. I need to run some errands so I can just stay home tomorrow if the weather guessers are right and we get a lot of snow tomorrow morning into the following morning. They're guessing 4 to 14 inches so who knows! I'll probably just go to my neighbor's home for the Super Bowl so I can walk!
01/Feb/15 5:09 AM
We're supposed to get something tomorrow, too, Dottie. You'd never guess it today....sunny, beautiful blue sky, but pretty cold.
Tomorrow...rain turning to snow, or, possibly sleet/snow, or, as I refer to it, sneet.
01/Feb/15 5:14 AM
Yes folks, I messed up again on number 13. Send the answer you think I was looking for when I made my oops.
01/Feb/15 5:28 AM
I have enough trouble finding answers without any , oh well I dont feel so bad now. Not to worry Greg, I make my share of mistakes too believe me!!
01/Feb/15 5:32 AM
I didn't even notice that there was a Creator's Error on #13... not until it was mentioned.
01/Feb/15 6:10 AM
Beautiful building, today.
01/Feb/15 6:10 AM
Well, despite my error, puzzlers are trooping on strongly. Keep those mission results coming in folks.
01/Feb/15 6:22 AM
01/Feb/15 6:39 AM
2:17 slow today
01/Feb/15 7:33 AM
Sent my answers, Greg. Hope they got to you.
01/Feb/15 7:40 AM
Morning all,beautiful building .
Too much sport on TV for me to concentrate ,I've been typing this comment for 20 mins.lol
01/Feb/15 7:55 AM
Yes Hal, I received your answers. Check my reply yo you please.
01/Feb/15 8:03 AM
1:35. Good morning all. Petra is definitely on my bucket list!
01/Feb/15 9:51 AM
I'm just sitting down to a bit of breakfast and a coffee after my morning run - 15.75km today, not fast and my legs were protesting after only a couple of km, but I persisted.
01/Feb/15 9:54 AM
Hey, while I'm here...
01/Feb/15 9:54 AM
I may as well take us over the page.
01/Feb/15 9:55 AM
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