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Easy Sudoku for 2/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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good morning to all!
02/Feb/16 12:21 AM
Okay folks. the ‘Puzzling Puzzle’ answers in my next post, and the responses/results in the post after that. Some folks forgot the behead/curtail rules, those saying that the second answer must reflect the first answer either beheaded or curtailed. As to number 14, just a trick. The previous clue More...
02/Feb/16 12:23 AM
Puzzling Puzzle answers:

1. chatter and (Mad) Hatter
2. Emily (Barclay) and Emil Minty)
3. remote and emote
4. (Glen) Frey and (Fernando) Rey
5. punt and pun
6. blight and light
7. applet and (Artic) apple
8. slime and lime
9. Sacky and (the) sack
10. romp and ROM More...
02/Feb/16 12:25 AM
Puzzling Puzzle results:

Judy, 14. 5 out of 15 and first out of the blocks, but pope isn’t a proper curtail.
Lizzy G. next with 13 for 15. A good effort for someone who was at work.
Kathy, MD. a perfect 15, but tearing her hair out trying to get a couple of the answers.
Sarah (DC) More...
02/Feb/16 12:26 AM
Thanks to all for participating. Hope you had fun!
02/Feb/16 12:27 AM
Good morning all - you had quite a few entries, Greg, this time, maybe more than ever! It was a fun one, too - thanks!
02/Feb/16 1:29 AM
02/Feb/16 1:42 AM

a beautiful day in OK
02/Feb/16 2:00 AM
Greg, I guess I didn't hit the correct keys, that's nothing new.
02/Feb/16 2:00 AM
My to do list is a mile long today.
02/Feb/16 2:02 AM
I don't quiet understand the rehab Harry is in. They only do rehab week days not on weekends. At this point he can not leave his room without one of them with him, but he is allowed to walk by himself inside his room. Very confusing for me.
02/Feb/16 2:07 AM
First thing today is a shower then I can face the public.
02/Feb/16 2:08 AM
Sunny and mild. Yesterday it got up to 57 degrees F. Amazing for our January winter!
No workmen today. They are waiting for the cabinets to be delivered tomorrow, so I'm having a lazy day.
But I guess that means the bathroom projects will take a bit longer.
02/Feb/16 2:15 AM
Good morning.
02/Feb/16 2:25 AM
Happy with that score, Greg.
02/Feb/16 2:26 AM
Busy day for me today.
02/Feb/16 2:26 AM
Several appointments including 2 steroid shots into my shoulder.
02/Feb/16 2:28 AM
Think I'll be very fatigued by day's end, but then Mr P added on his sister coming to tea. Bought pizza only, but still..... GRRR. Shhh, don't tell him I told you!
02/Feb/16 2:31 AM
Sue, I figured it was a typo, so I'll give you credit and upgrade you to 15 for 15.
02/Feb/16 2:32 AM
WAiting for Keith.....
02/Feb/16 2:41 AM
Here I am.
02/Feb/16 3:29 AM
02/Feb/16 3:29 AM
Just like yesterday, it's been close to an hour since CP's last post before I finally wandered in. Thanks again, CP, for letting me have it. I know it's a # you like as well.
02/Feb/16 3:32 AM
You're welcome, Keith.
02/Feb/16 3:50 AM
02/Feb/16 4:18 AM
Happy Monday!
Happy that AAA came to my rescue last night when the car died at an intersection near work.
Will see what the dealer quotes me for repairs
02/Feb/16 5:05 AM

Aileen - Wouldn't it be nice is the repairs are covered under warranty or recall.
02/Feb/16 5:22 AM
Perhaps I'm being a bit peevish, but it seems to me that there must be another subject in the world for pictures, besides cats. Whilst we respect cats, many of us are not in love with cats, and every picture in recent days, has been a cat picture! Gimme a break! Thanks!
02/Feb/16 5:28 AM
Jim from Jupiter used to complain regularly about all the cat pictures, and would be especially annoyed about the out of focus ones. In a similar way, there are too many cat videos on Facebook.
02/Feb/16 6:00 AM
jerryg you have my full support and yes Keith you too, but my biggest beef is ferals and domestic cats that kill millions of our wildlife every day.
02/Feb/16 6:40 AM
Sorry for the rant - good morning everyone. We're taking the tinny to the other end of the state today to see why the GPS/fish finder doesn't work properly. Upside is I won't have to cook tea!
02/Feb/16 6:44 AM
Update on the fires. 70 odd are still burning in the wilderness and World Heritage areas. Large areas of ecosystems that are remnants from Gondwanaland, when Africa, India, Australia and South America were joined, have been destroyed and cannot regenerate. Some of the Pencil and King Billy pines More...
02/Feb/16 6:52 AM
Sorry all, this is one cute Tuxedo cat, sitting in the garden. I guess some people just don't like cats.
02/Feb/16 6:54 AM
They were protected in the past by Wet Schlerophyl forests on the lower slopes, that did not burn when struck by lightning. These have been replaced in recent years with plantation eucalyptus, which burns easily. Put this together with one of the driest years on record and the fire raced up the slopes and it's all ended in tears.
02/Feb/16 6:56 AM
jacaimi it's not cats I don't like per se, but roaming and ferals. I love my wildlife.
02/Feb/16 6:58 AM
Morning all, I love cats but it has been an overload lately.
02/Feb/16 7:59 AM
Greg, I did give your puzzle a try I just forgot to send in what answers I had.
02/Feb/16 8:02 AM
Exactly right, Sacky. Cats are fine. I've had them as pets in the past and loved them dearly. I can, at the same time, hate to see neighborhood cats feeding at my bird feeders.

Sad how most of the things you hear about climate change world wide are making things worse.
02/Feb/16 8:13 AM
Since I'm down here ...
02/Feb/16 8:15 AM
02/Feb/16 8:15 AM
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