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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Feb/16 12:01 AM
Haven't done that for a while...
Hope to catch up on some puzzles tomorrow... it has been a very busy weekend.
Hope everyone is faring ok.
01/Feb/16 12:03 AM
01/Feb/16 12:06 AM
Busy reading political trash here in the rather bizarre election going on. Sorry people of the world - we do look silly.
01/Feb/16 12:19 AM
Good morning to all!
01/Feb/16 12:30 AM
Re-posting the two day puzzle. Answers to the 'A Puzzling Puzzle' inbox. Official answers tomorrow.

1. Talk rapidly and constantly about silly, trivial matters –> this character in Lewis Carroll novels enjoys tea parties
2. A New Zealand actress was the star in the 2006 movie More...
01/Feb/16 12:33 AM
Lots of chatter about the answers for this puzzle. You're supposed to hold off on the chatter until after the official answers are posted folks. No cheat sheets allowed!
01/Feb/16 12:35 AM

Ive lost enough sleep and hair with this puzzle, you have all the answers I have to give. Thanks for the fun!!
01/Feb/16 12:38 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
01/Feb/16 12:39 AM
I have been in bed but not to sleep. I was a bit unhappy about 1/2 an answer to Greg's puzzle. Back to bed and hopefully asleep this time.
01/Feb/16 12:53 AM
How nice to see Gus posting again.
Greg's puzzle has certainly ''stirred the pot''. That makes it a success, to my way of thinking. And, I certainly didn't see any cheat sheet!
01/Feb/16 2:25 AM
Good morning.
01/Feb/16 2:26 AM
I have also been busy not sleeping, June.
01/Feb/16 2:27 AM
Could do with a cheat sheet!
01/Feb/16 2:28 AM
Still, I have made more progress on this puzzle than on any before.
01/Feb/16 2:29 AM
Wolf, I have pretty much given up reading any of the election news. I. too feel the need to apologize for the unending tripe being spewed. Silly, indeed.
01/Feb/16 2:32 AM
Printing it out and really giving it some time helped. At first when Greg started these puzzles, I thought you had to do it all from general knowledge and I couldn't do that. Then I finally realized you could use other resources like Google etc. I might be slow, but I get there in the end.
01/Feb/16 2:34 AM
That comment may get me another personal message on my page. Okay by me!
01/Feb/16 2:35 AM
Have never understood the US election system, never will, and don't care to keep trying.
01/Feb/16 2:35 AM
I always print them out, CP. And, yes, Google is a necessity for many of the answers!
01/Feb/16 2:37 AM
01/Feb/16 2:38 AM
01/Feb/16 3:29 AM
Wow! Sat there waiting for almost an hour.
01/Feb/16 3:30 AM
I went and did there other puzzles to give you a chance Keith. Not that I really had anything to say.
01/Feb/16 3:36 AM
Did Serena ever post the answer to Monday Math puzzle? I have looked back, but not seen it.
01/Feb/16 3:37 AM
Happy Sunday!
I can hear it raining outside (gotta leave for work in a few minutes). Smartphone says thunderstorm today. Bah!
01/Feb/16 3:57 AM

I agree with Kathy and Wolf. Things have gotten way out of control with this election cycle, if not before.
01/Feb/16 4:00 AM
01/Feb/16 4:04 AM
Harrumph! Tornado threat my foot! We just got enough rain to wet the neighborhood and already the blue sky is beginning to show! I was so looking forward to cuddling up with a good book today. I love reading a book and hearing the rain!
01/Feb/16 4:06 AM
Better not decide to postpone the torrential rain till tomorrow! I am scheduled to run and then work with kids!
01/Feb/16 4:06 AM
Good early afternoon - oh, I've checked back several times for a 'cheat sheet' - have yet to find one!
01/Feb/16 4:10 AM
I know Shosho is trying to devise a way to chatter into a page turn, so I'll help her along a bit.
01/Feb/16 4:12 AM
But I don't have much to say today so........ time to step in with a tale or two, Shosho
01/Feb/16 4:14 AM
Finally here, first to eat breakfast out, not me cooking this time. Then on to rehab to see Harry. He is bored, no therapy on weekends. Makes for a long 2 days.
01/Feb/16 4:20 AM
Looking forward to getting the outside Christmas taken down, Not as warm as I think was predicted and a light north wind to make it seem cooler.
01/Feb/16 4:22 AM
Greg, I looked and did not see a cheat sheet.
01/Feb/16 4:24 AM
I need to go back to bed and try to get rid of my headache but that won't happen.
01/Feb/16 4:25 AM
I know I should not eat certain foods but always seem to do so. Hate the way I feel after.
01/Feb/16 4:27 AM
We are getting close
01/Feb/16 4:28 AM
This obsession with cheat sheets ... it sounds like Greg was one of those guys who had test answers scrawled on the underside of his forearm ...
01/Feb/16 4:28 AM
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