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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good evening everyone!
02/Aug/10 12:00 AM
2:11 I see the Moon
The Moon sees me!
02/Aug/10 12:07 AM
You've got to be joking! Where is everyone??
JOHN? Cooeeeee!
02/Aug/10 12:07 AM
Good Maen Anne
02/Aug/10 12:08 AM
Where are all you topsiders?
02/Aug/10 12:08 AM
new computer had to sign in
02/Aug/10 12:08 AM
Well, Hello John! I thought you must have got lost or caught up in the sheets this morning.
02/Aug/10 12:09 AM
Ah, that's no excuse.
02/Aug/10 12:09 AM
Now I can go and check the other puzzles out and leave you to greet the others.
02/Aug/10 12:10 AM
Good maeN. Can I be a part of everyone.
02/Aug/10 12:12 AM
Which part do you want to be, Saylz?
02/Aug/10 12:19 AM
Arebyou mooning me? Good to see you saylz, thought maybe you got hit by a tsunami with all the 'surfing' you had scheduled for the weekend. Hope your teams fared better than the Cubbies this weekend.
02/Aug/10 12:22 AM
Nice Moon Shot ... I think my ankles are getting hairy ... and I have an overwhelming urge to howl!
02/Aug/10 12:22 AM
Judy shows her true colours at last!
02/Aug/10 12:23 AM
Have no idea where that b came from...let's try again...Are you mooning me? Maybe that's the part saylz wants to be Judy
02/Aug/10 12:24 AM
and she took my number 13!
02/Aug/10 12:24 AM
02/Aug/10 12:32 AM
to you,
to you,
to you, dear Roni!!!
to you!
May your day be special with a and lots of
02/Aug/10 12:33 AM
Well, it looks like the northerners have gone back to bed and my bed should be nice and warm by now, so it's Hi, Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to bed I go!
Good night fellow sudokuists! And try to behave once I've gone, please Judy.
02/Aug/10 12:33 AM
One has to wonder what's warming up your bed, Anne ...
02/Aug/10 12:36 AM
I knew it, as soon as my back was turned you're speaking out of term. AN ELECTRIC BLANKET, JUDY.
02/Aug/10 12:37 AM

Judy's ankles are beginning to fur? She's howling? She's ready big guy!

02/Aug/10 12:38 AM
My apologies to Keith, once again.
02/Aug/10 12:39 AM
Well, this time it is good night.
Kathy, could you please keep an eye on that werewolf dressed in Judy's clothing?
02/Aug/10 12:40 AM
I'll keep an eye on her, Anne. She's hard to miss today, what with her new coat and all.....
02/Aug/10 12:42 AM
Morning Sudokuland!
02/Aug/10 12:44 AM
I wonder where we'd be without lovable Judy to rile things up! You've got me laughing already albeit sleepily . . .
02/Aug/10 12:46 AM
Lovely daytime moon, Kate!
02/Aug/10 12:47 AM
My work here is done. Now I'm off to church, with my hairy ankles, desirable moon, and blood-curdling howl! O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!
02/Aug/10 12:49 AM
And Kathy you're a hoot! Ok a squeak! (Didn't have an owl to illustrate the point. ) Hmmmm, time to go gathering smilies! How do you know what to get?
02/Aug/10 12:49 AM
Just go for the basics, Shosho. You know, things that are insulting.

Have an owl....
02/Aug/10 1:07 AM
Good morning to you all. Enjoyed your chatter. Back to bed for me.
02/Aug/10 1:32 AM
Just a few answers to yesterday's puzzle. I'll re-post it in hopes that some more of you will give it a try.

I will give you a list of clues and the answer, with all the letters, but the word YEAR, missing. Your job is to figure out what More...
02/Aug/10 1:42 AM
Knows her astronomy, does that Kate.
02/Aug/10 2:07 AM

Medical Terminology

Outpatient — Person who had fainted
Pelvis — Cousin of Elvis
Post operative — Letter carrier
Protein — Favoring young people
Rectum — It almost killed him
Recovery room — Place to do upholstery
Rheumatic — Amorous
Scar — Rolled tobacco More...
02/Aug/10 2:08 AM
"I've come to bury Seizure, not to praise him."

I love these, Daplap!
02/Aug/10 3:01 AM
Hello, everyone! Just stopping by for a short visit... Good thing! I would have missed Judy's hairiness and Anne's crown!
02/Aug/10 3:29 AM
Someone asked me today what our yard looked like without our storm-damaged tree.
I told them....
"Like standing in my front yard in just my underwear!"
In other words... Something vital is missing!
02/Aug/10 3:35 AM
Thanks, everyone, for the outpouring of birthday wishes. We celebrated like a couple of kids, renting kayaks and riding a ferris wheel. Tonight we go to the dusk-to-dawn drive-in with friends, a cooler full of snacks and a deck of cards. Tomorrow, for hubby's birthday, we'll golf and dine. Thank goodness we joined a gym--all this fun is a killer.
02/Aug/10 4:27 AM

Good one, Kathy. Will add it to the definition.
02/Aug/10 4:39 AM
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