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Easy Sudoku for 3/August/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
03/Aug/10 12:00 AM
Good Morning all. Pretty day in Motown so far.
03/Aug/10 12:02 AM
Hi John
03/Aug/10 12:02 AM
Go Blue!
03/Aug/10 12:11 AM
Hi fancy Nancy
03/Aug/10 12:12 AM
Your right Judy GO BLUE. Football tickets came last week. John how did you know my nickname?
03/Aug/10 12:14 AM
Hello John, Nancy & Judy.
Already getting hot around here.
03/Aug/10 12:20 AM
cute kitty
03/Aug/10 12:21 AM
Clyde almost outshines those beautiful flowers!
03/Aug/10 12:29 AM


Woman of difficult access.

SERVER woman:
Always busy when you need her.

WINDOWS woman:
Everyone knows that she can't do a thing right, but no one can live without her.

She is not worth for anything, but More...
03/Aug/10 12:34 AM

Who belongs to the flower sniffing Clyde? Great photo!

A few comments about yesterday's puzzle being a little too U.S. oriented. Although, some U.S.ers were stumped, too! I am giving full credit to those who More...
03/Aug/10 12:35 AM
03/Aug/10 12:44 AM
And on we go.....

What is the SMALLEST number that, when written out, uses all the vowels, A, E, I, O, U and even Y, one, and one time only, each in its spelling?

Answers to the "Where is my pencil and paper!" inbox, please.
03/Aug/10 12:44 AM
Clyde's my kind of cat!!
03/Aug/10 12:51 AM
Tough for an easy, with the reward being Jim's favorite.
03/Aug/10 12:54 AM
Daplap So true.
03/Aug/10 1:13 AM
Good Maen all!
Clyde - what beautiful green eyes you have!
03/Aug/10 1:41 AM
Did not see Clyde at first. It is blowing a gale outside. Enough to wake me up.
03/Aug/10 2:12 AM
Good day to all of you.
Many thanks to all of you for your very kind words of greetinf for my daufgter's SANDY wedding.
As promised wedding photos in my Photo Gallery of my own page ,hope you enjoyed it and many thanks for your share of our event.
03/Aug/10 2:19 AM
Wonderful photos Wagdy. Our best wishes to Sandy and Mina. We now need to see some photos of Chris and Kevin. I expect you are enjoying having your grandsons staying with you and getting to know Chris.
03/Aug/10 3:06 AM
Very quiet here this morning. No one much about.
03/Aug/10 3:07 AM
Not even Keith.
03/Aug/10 3:07 AM
What wonderful photos, Wagdy! Sandy was a beautiful bride! I thought I saw Kevin peeking out in several pictures. How grown up he is.
03/Aug/10 3:07 AM
We have a cat just like that. It has just adopted us.
03/Aug/10 3:27 AM

Beautiful colored flowers. I wonder, do cats see the vibrant colors? My reasoning is that since they can see in the dark, they may not see colors as well as we do???
03/Aug/10 4:05 AM
Great photo today. Hi, RayRay. Long time no see.

Today I have been online for most of the day tracking down information pro and con so I can make an informed vote in tomorrow's primary.
03/Aug/10 4:12 AM
There was a black kitty just like this sitting in our driveway when we got home last night. Couldn't coax it to us...Outdoor kitties do not fare too well (or long) here...the fox has been a frequent visitor of late. I haven't seen the coyotes lately but you can hear them at night.
03/Aug/10 4:20 AM
Hi Ray! Nice to hear from you. And you've been adopted! Does your new owner have a name?
03/Aug/10 5:48 AM
2:04. everyone.
03/Aug/10 6:12 AM
Good morning! Nearly got adopted by a large black puppy girl yesterday, but she must've found her way home because she wasn't there when I went to check on her later.
03/Aug/10 6:15 AM
Hello everyone,thought it was our cat, she loves flowers too. Heavy rain and gale force winds lashing our place here too June.
03/Aug/10 8:05 AM
Where is everyone this morning? It's very quiet here.
03/Aug/10 8:26 AM
What a beautiful picture and a beautiful cat.
03/Aug/10 8:31 AM
Morning everyone.
Rain and wind here too at Port.
Out for coffee and crosswords soon and then my Avon will have arrived so will be a busy bee packing that all up.
Hi Ray Ray. Must go and look at Wagdy's pics.
03/Aug/10 9:00 AM
Good morning all
Wagdy - what lovely pictures, thanks for sharing them with us.
Viv and Amelia - do not (I repeat not) send that weather northwards. Thank you.
I agree with Carmel - where is everyone - I never get on page 1 at 9am!
03/Aug/10 9:08 AM
Looks like a slow day today.

Clyde I like your flowers.
03/Aug/10 10:05 AM
I can recognise the feline but what variety of flowers are they. Except the foliage is the wrong colour, I would have said princess lillies.
03/Aug/10 10:35 AM
Good Morning. I can't believe we are still on page 1.
It's very windy here this morning. It must be an east coast thing.
Hubby and I are sitting down tonight to organise our holiday to Canberra later in the month. We'll be visiting Hubby's sister in Canberra for a week and then go to the More...
03/Aug/10 10:35 AM
And for the Phantom's future reference, I unfortunately do not follow the Cats but follow the Eels for my sins.
03/Aug/10 10:36 AM
Victoria, please organise the weather as we'll be in Coolum in just over a week. Just as long as its sunny and somewhere between 24C-28C.
03/Aug/10 10:39 AM
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