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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
21/Feb/18 12:00 AM
Happy Tuesday!(waves up to Wolf)
21/Feb/18 1:27 AM
21/Feb/18 2:08 AM
Hello all - off & running for the day - have a good one everybody!
21/Feb/18 2:41 AM
Everybody!! At least I got up on time today!
21/Feb/18 2:43 AM
We are having a summer-like day. It was
sleeting /snowing over the weekend and today it is 70°.
This weather is nuts.
21/Feb/18 3:13 AM
I guess I had better remove the bat blanket and let the little guy hang around in the fresh air.
21/Feb/18 3:19 AM
21/Feb/18 3:41 AM
Same over here on the west coast, Kathy. Snow and hail yesterday, sun today.
21/Feb/18 3:42 AM
I was going to do some cleaning around the house today, but, I think I will take advantage of the warm weather and drag the Shop-vac out and clean out my car instead. When I was out shopping with the kiddos last week, I was told by the 5-year old that,''Your car floor is surprisingly messy''.
Everyone's a critic.
21/Feb/18 3:43 AM
It's crazy, Keith. Two days ago I was cranking up the heat and today I have the windows open.
21/Feb/18 3:48 AM
21/Feb/18 4:09 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
21/Feb/18 4:10 AM
Yup we had lousy weather, too! Couldn't see the sun, so cloudy. And I've had to wear my arm warmers under my shirt for running. And at home, I've been wearing my knee length hoodie for warmth!
21/Feb/18 4:12 AM
Somewhere, it's snowing, today. Pretty...
21/Feb/18 5:14 AM
Morning all, love the photos of old buildings,thanks Kate.
Big black clouds but no rain showing on the radar, they might be waiting till he gets on the golf course before letting it fall. 😂
21/Feb/18 6:03 AM
21/Feb/18 7:28 AM
Me also. Saturday I was driving through a blizzard and today I'm swimming in the pool.
21/Feb/18 7:28 AM
Rain here all day, I see a few Daffodils coming up.
21/Feb/18 7:50 AM
Supposed to have rain the rest of the week and cooler temps.
21/Feb/18 7:53 AM
Almost time for my 6 year old to get here. Mom and Dad are both working late tonight.
21/Feb/18 7:56 AM
This is for you Keith
21/Feb/18 7:56 AM
This makes a CP
21/Feb/18 7:57 AM
Thx for remembering me.
21/Feb/18 7:59 AM
This ECCO is a little different from others.

The process is the same, i.e., the last letter of an answer is the same as the first letter of the next answer.

It will be helpful if you familiarise yourselves with Wombat’s last 1&4 poozle. Hopefully, it will all become clear then More...
21/Feb/18 8:16 AM
Now that my duties are complete to you all.
21/Feb/18 8:17 AM
Did I mention that the Brumbies open their season against the Sunwolves in Tokyo on Saturday..

21/Feb/18 8:19 AM
You may be out of sight, Keith but never forgotten!
21/Feb/18 8:20 AM
2:02 I thought it was faster than that.
Good morning all!
21/Feb/18 10:07 AM
Your local highway patrol thinks so too!
21/Feb/18 10:10 AM
21/Feb/18 10:26 AM
I just did Wombat! Having done yours made it easier. Oh, pardon me - all. We've been setting record high temperatures here in the Tampa area, not that these snowbirds are complaining!
21/Feb/18 11:05 AM
Good maEn, good people. Love your Wombat ECCO, Peter. And I love that Wombat feels up to crafting another 1&4! Things are good in Sudokuland. 😊
21/Feb/18 11:18 AM
Rain, rain, I'll have you know: It's better wet than white with snow. 😉
Most of our 18' of snow is gone. All that's left is patchy ice where it compacted on the path to the outbuildings (shaded from what little sun we've had by tall pines) and the remnants of the piles the plow pushed up. More...
21/Feb/18 11:26 AM
When will I learn? I meant 18'' of snow.
21/Feb/18 11:42 AM
Another oops: I hit 33 without noticing. Hmm. A rich, complex Cabernet Sauvignon would go down nicely tonight ... though I don't have a bottle I can open.
21/Feb/18 11:48 AM
And in that note -- a wine whine -- I will finish my cp and raise a glass 🍷 to CP and to all you other good people.
21/Feb/18 11:50 AM
21/Feb/18 12:49 PM
21/Feb/18 1:14 PM
Oh well, why not?
21/Feb/18 1:15 PM
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