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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
20/Feb/18 12:00 AM
Cool caption! Thanks for the photo and the explanation
20/Feb/18 12:05 AM
BTW I solved it easily 4->9 then 3->1.
20/Feb/18 12:07 AM
I've been out at a rehearsal for the past two hours. Where is everyone except Plum? I guess if you're not going to be first, you don't bother to check in.
20/Feb/18 2:05 AM
Interesting picture and explanation!
20/Feb/18 2:10 AM
Good Maen Plum, Wolf, and all who follow (is today a holiday in Oz, too?).
Such a great photo and so nice to see room being made for beasties, rather than beasties being treated as though they were the problem - thus one really made me smile (before coffee!), as I contemplated getting up - but More...
20/Feb/18 2:16 AM
all. When we were in western Canada, I remember seeing several of these accommodations for the wild ones. An overpass for cars with nothing but vegetation underneath and undarpasses for cars with grass overhead instead of roads.
20/Feb/18 2:51 AM
I think we actually saw this bridge when we went to Banff. And, like Hal, we saw others around Canada, too. Such a great idea.
20/Feb/18 3:26 AM
Everybody!! Really late today. Slept in!
20/Feb/18 3:52 AM
20/Feb/18 3:58 AM
Glad someone builded a special bridge... In Quebec province, I can see the decline of them. numbers of them died on crossing highway ...First year I lived in country side I saw deer's family crossing my backyard and feeding themselves on trees... 5 years after none of them came
20/Feb/18 5:12 AM
After Christmas I would stand my Christmas tree out back and decorate it with food for the wild animals. Once I even peeked out my back door window at night and saw a deer on my patio peeking back at me.
20/Feb/18 5:28 AM
Love this photo today! I have seen this bridge, and always wondered why there aren't more like it.
20/Feb/18 5:55 AM
Thanks, Plum, for the solving tip...
20/Feb/18 6:17 AM
20/Feb/18 6:18 AM
Morning all, what a great idea should be more of it.
20/Feb/18 6:28 AM
Got woken up by the sound of heavy rain, we needed it badly.
20/Feb/18 6:33 AM
Just barely after noon here, so, mAen.
20/Feb/18 7:09 AM
Just got back home from visiting my daughter ... a very nice visit.
20/Feb/18 7:10 AM
Might as well ... looking nervously around for Peter.
20/Feb/18 7:11 AM
20/Feb/18 7:11 AM
20/Feb/18 7:11 AM
Sue said she wanted to be early for St. Pat's Day, because she missed Valentine's Day. I didn't think it through that meant over a month early, so she kind of faked me out. I haven't used this Iris Avatar in a while, so will go with that until it's time to switch back.
20/Feb/18 7:38 AM
LOVE this photo!
Look forward to seeing more widespread consideration & caring for our fellow inhabitants of our planet. Thank you to the poster of this photo.
Morning everybody.
20/Feb/18 7:50 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone, and great photo and caption.
20/Feb/18 7:54 AM
20/Feb/18 8:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! Ontario also has a wildlife crossing bridge near Subbury for moose. It is working well so far.
20/Feb/18 8:49 AM
A wildlife bridge is an entirely new concept to me - but what a grand idea - three cheers to Canada for not only caring but doing something about their cares!
20/Feb/18 9:10 AM
We had a very good response to the latest, but maybe not last, 1&4 poozle. Ten is the best we've had for quite a while. The Terrific Ten were Judy, Sarah, Joyce, Peter, Arachnid, Hal, Amelia, Kathy, Plum and Snowbird. Well done everyone.


20/Feb/18 9:45 AM
Hmmm ... there might be another puzzle, Wombat?? Bring it on!
20/Feb/18 10:12 AM
I live in a koala conservation area and we have a 'koala bridge' over a road near us. Never seen one on it but I sure hope it's saved some.
20/Feb/18 10:33 AM
all. We've seen many of these wildlife bridges on 3 trips coast to coast in Canada! They're wonderful! Hope Peter's appointment went well! Peter!
20/Feb/18 10:48 AM
My GP thinks my heart rate is too slow but the cardiologist says he's not concerned, unless it stops. That was my worry too. Now have to do a stress test on Friday.

My tip to you all......Don't grow old.
20/Feb/18 12:20 PM
Tomorrow's ECCO poozle has a Wombat theme to it, so stand by.
20/Feb/18 12:21 PM
20/Feb/18 12:35 PM
1:51 Just couldn't see the last three empty spaces.
Good morning all!
20/Feb/18 1:34 PM
I want to be like a
Eat a lot,
Go to sleep
Wake up Beautiful...
20/Feb/18 2:02 PM
Dream on, DOA.
20/Feb/18 2:13 PM
Hey, looks like I'm back just in time...
20/Feb/18 2:14 PM
to turn the page.
20/Feb/18 2:14 PM
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