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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen - there is an orchid dealer near me - I visited there to get one for my Mom years ago - was interesting to see all the varieties
22/Jan/17 12:10 AM
22/Jan/17 12:10 AM
so pretty... my sister grows orchids very successfully. I can only grow weeds
22/Jan/17 12:12 AM
Good morning. I went to a birthday party for a friend yesterday. Came home about 5.30 PM and I think I have slept most of the time since! I was told my treatments could make me tired.
I have a few orchids but the get very neglected.
22/Jan/17 1:13 AM
to everyone! Off to a Cribbage tourney today.
22/Jan/17 1:26 AM
Good morning, mymare, Chayote, June, & Denny - g'night Anne!
22/Jan/17 1:43 AM
Welcome to y'all arriving later~
22/Jan/17 1:44 AM
Ahhh - with perseverance, it was a 1->9 puzzle today! Love that orchid; have tried keeping my alive to no avail!
22/Jan/17 1:55 AM
Here's one for you: My Orchids have won prizes at Orchid shows, but I have never been successful at growing them!
22/Jan/17 2:27 AM

Fiona is a master orchid grower. She once tried to lead me through the process of ''fail proof'' orchid care. I sent two orchids to their greater reward. She gave up.
22/Jan/17 2:28 AM
22/Jan/17 2:37 AM
The Orchid show in my area has an 'Orchids in Art' competition along with hundreds of live Orchids!
Orchids are one of my favorite subjects to paint! Especially Paphiopedilum Orchids. (Lady Slipper-type). My watercolors have won 2 first place ribbons, 1 second place ribbon & 1 third place ribbon.
22/Jan/17 2:38 AM
Need new glasses - I read the post count as 20 not 10.
22/Jan/17 2:39 AM
Good morning anyway,.
22/Jan/17 2:40 AM
Have been really trying not to come to sudoku.com.au in the middle of the night. I get started here then go on to read emails, TOS and so on. By that time I am thoroughly awake and can't go back to sleep.
22/Jan/17 2:45 AM
It generally works.
22/Jan/17 2:47 AM
I was wondering why you gallumped past, CP.
22/Jan/17 2:47 AM
Have been getting more sleep most nights, even slept through quite a lot.
22/Jan/17 2:49 AM
(I won't tell you about the level of the other competition entries, but let's just say I got all three ribbons one year!)
22/Jan/17 2:55 AM
CP was 'Gallumping the Gun'???
22/Jan/17 2:58 AM
I have stopped worrying about waking up in the early hours. I keep my Kindle on my nightstand and just read until I get sleepy again. Hubby could sleep through a brass band performance at the foot of the bed, so I don't worry about waking him.
22/Jan/17 2:58 AM
Am I waiting for Keith???
22/Jan/17 2:59 AM
22/Jan/17 3:00 AM
But... Kathy pushed me!
22/Jan/17 3:01 AM
22/Jan/17 3:18 AM
Happy Saturday weekend off!
22/Jan/17 4:10 AM
Gallump ... oh, ... it appears I'm too late ... is there an echo in here?
22/Jan/17 5:05 AM
Beautiful Orchid! Nice rescue.
22/Jan/17 5:41 AM
Morning all, I love orchids and when they bloom the flowers last for months.
Shiela, your blooms will last forever .
22/Jan/17 5:43 AM
Good mAen, good people. I've hit a lull in my visit with my parents. I think we're all ready for a nap before perking up for dinner and the evening.
22/Jan/17 9:24 AM

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22/Jan/17 9:49 AM
22/Jan/17 11:34 AM
Just came back from my oldest grandson's tenth birthday party. Whew am I tired! Helped with setting up the food and preparing the corn on cobs and popcorn, then hugging and kissing the grandkids and grand nephews. Fighting the line of ladies to hold my latest - granddaughter, finally winning when she needed a diaper change.
22/Jan/17 12:29 PM
Seems nobody wanted that delightful task!! So I took her to the kitchen, changed her and hid with her in my arms. Thought she was hungry but by the time I washed her bottle (one handed of course) and warmed her milk, she fell asleep!
22/Jan/17 12:31 PM
I had fun with all my grandees! Never felt so loved when all of them would come up and hold up their arms for me to pick them up and hug them!!! I got a kiss from every single one of them! I didn't even have to ask!!!
22/Jan/17 12:33 PM
Well look at the time!!!
22/Jan/17 12:34 PM
Why, I'll just saunter us to the next page . . .
22/Jan/17 12:34 PM
Wonder where everyone went???
22/Jan/17 12:35 PM
Hmmm, maybe I should hurry before anyone beats me to the task!
22/Jan/17 12:36 PM
22/Jan/17 12:36 PM
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