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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Have just a limited time and didn't catch the turnover so saw my Cat once again - my Fitbit and the timer here must be off a minute
21/Jan/17 12:05 AM
I guess the weekend is here down under so everyone is sleeping in.
21/Jan/17 12:19 AM
BTW, that cat does not look happy!
21/Jan/17 12:24 AM

That cat is thinking, 'Get this thing off of my neck or I'll scratch your eyes out.'
21/Jan/17 2:05 AM
21/Jan/17 2:07 AM
Or possibly the cat is thinking, this is sooo not my style or color!
21/Jan/17 2:08 AM
Oooh so close!
21/Jan/17 2:08 AM
21/Jan/17 2:08 AM
Yay and a CP to boot!!!
21/Jan/17 2:09 AM
Just the thing to wear for a visit to the potty box.
21/Jan/17 2:19 AM

I once tried to put a flea collar on my cat and ended up with deep scratches on my wrist. It looked like I took a razor and tried to do myself in. I then took the safer route and took him to the vet for a bath. The vet told me More...
21/Jan/17 2:34 AM
Hubby returned from 2 weeks in California last night. He said it rained a good portion of the time he was there. So, what did he return to? Yep. It's raining here. It seems it will be a soggy inauguration.
21/Jan/17 2:43 AM
I can't print what that cat is thinking ...
21/Jan/17 3:00 AM
I have a photo of my late cat with about 20 strands of Mardi Gras beads around his neck. He was actually bent over by their weight, and strangely he seemed thrilled. But... He was always a bit of a showman. (I couldn't get near the other two cats with the beads!)
21/Jan/17 4:01 AM
Good Maen from Texas! Three minutes until I have to leave for my other school - hope to get back later.
21/Jan/17 4:01 AM
Get this thing off me NOW!
21/Jan/17 4:10 AM
21/Jan/17 4:43 AM
Morning all.
mymare , what is your cats name ?
21/Jan/17 5:20 AM
Yesterday wasn't a good day,Bill came home early from golf saying that he had been getting a tightness in his chest and out of breath and that he had rang the Dr's before he DROVE home. Called an ambulance and as a precaution took him to ER , after more ECG and blood tests he was all was ok and I brought him home. They are arranging an stress test as a follow up.
21/Jan/17 5:30 AM
Fingers crossed all turns out okay, Amelia.
21/Jan/17 6:33 AM
21/Jan/17 6:34 AM
21/Jan/17 6:34 AM
21/Jan/17 6:43 AM
Better safe than..., Amelia; at least he reacted & didn't just try to 'tough it out'
21/Jan/17 6:46 AM
Good morning all. Here is today's fore and aft puzzle. I managed 25/26 this time. Your task is to take a row of letters from column D and place it between a pair of letters in columns A and B to make a word used in the English language which is similar in meaning to the word or words in column C. More...
21/Jan/17 7:56 AM
I hope all turns out well for Bill. He probably has many healthy years ahead.
21/Jan/17 7:58 AM
I don't have a cat - there was a black cat yesterday on the site - we did have. Beautiful blue gray cat that used to visit us. At first I called her princess silver streak however as we came to know each other her nickname change to mooch. I do have to say though, she was very nice to us bringing us a dead vole and also a toad one day
21/Jan/17 8:23 AM
It is my understanding that when cats bring us these presents it is their way of expressing their sorrow that we are not able to hunt for ourselves
21/Jan/17 8:24 AM
Amelia, I'm glad all turned out well for Bill.
21/Jan/17 8:28 AM
Whatever the reason they bring presents, mymare, being married to a cat person I have come to believe that cats look upon humans as helpless creatures with only three skills; water dish, food dish and potty box maintenance. Beyond that, they choose to be left to their own devices, thank you very much.
21/Jan/17 8:56 AM
Yep, dogs have masters, cats have staff!
21/Jan/17 9:26 AM
Go the Hurricanes
21/Jan/17 10:37 AM
Good morning.
21/Jan/17 11:02 AM
A beautiful morning here in Canberra,
21/Jan/17 11:03 AM
i watched a little f the inauguration, that was enough.
21/Jan/17 11:05 AM
My book held more inspiration.
21/Jan/17 11:05 AM
And importance since it has to be back at the library next weekend.
21/Jan/17 11:07 AM
Wombat, I think there is a problem with your puzzle. The P..P line is missing something.
21/Jan/17 11:30 AM
But while you check that out...
21/Jan/17 11:31 AM
1:53 Good morning everyone!
21/Jan/17 11:32 AM
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