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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
22/Jan/20 12:00 AM
2:04 Good night all.
22/Jan/20 12:12 AM
2:01. Hello Wolf, Anne and everyone. My sincerest apologies Sarah, and Kathy, for my name confusin yesterday (and my thanks to Phantom for bringing it to my attention). Sarah I hope your arm is faring much better today than my brain apparently is.
22/Jan/20 12:23 AM
22/Jan/20 1:26 AM
22/Jan/20 2:04 AM
Everybody!! Nighty, nighty Anne!
22/Jan/20 2:09 AM
Sunny - again! Yippee!
Hope you all are pleased with your weather whatever it is!
22/Jan/20 2:48 AM
(Saved for Shosho!)
22/Jan/20 2:49 AM
Hello - not too pleased, but can't do a thing about it, Shiela … have learned long ago about Mother Nature: there's no changing her mind!

Have a fine day folks!
22/Jan/20 3:38 AM
Morning. Cold gray drizzle here.
22/Jan/20 4:32 AM
Morning all,pretty cactus flowers.
Hope all our friends are safe in Qld , massive storm up there.
22/Jan/20 6:01 AM
22/Jan/20 6:37 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
22/Jan/20 6:42 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way!!!
22/Jan/20 6:42 AM
Cactus sure has beautiful flowers!
22/Jan/20 6:58 AM
Good mAen, good people. I keep noticing the name Pineapple in the new member box. So many people join but never comment. It’s a shame. I think we might be able to have some fruitful discussions?
22/Jan/20 8:16 AM
Deeper snows, like the one this past weekend, bring whitetail deer right up to my house where they eat the evergreen ground covers, mostly the Thorndale ivy. Then they bed down in the pines just outside the dog’s fenced run. I can watch them browsing from the kitchen and dining room windows.
22/Jan/20 9:30 AM
That sounds like you a running a haven for wildlife Plum. Of course we don't have any native deer in Oz, but the ones that have been introduced have become pests and are targets for our many shooters.
22/Jan/20 10:14 AM
We are having our own wildlife experience this morning. An obviously immature bird that we are not familiar has settled down in a banking basket just outside our backdoor. Then lo and behold a wattle bird swoops down and starts feeding. Then it has to be a cuckoo, and after some research it More...
22/Jan/20 10:31 AM
Add another two to the quiz successful contestants. Snowbird and Scout sent in their answers after being delayed by a major birthday celebration. Well done on both fronts.
22/Jan/20 10:48 AM
I need to clarify one thing. Some of you have noted the odd spelling difference or additional letters. You have kindly advised me of my 'mistake'.
I don't make mistakes - I am perfect
These differences are done to add some extra spice to the quiz
22/Jan/20 10:51 AM
Good one Arachnid. It reminds me of a joke, but it will keep. Must post the puzzle.
22/Jan/20 11:12 AM
After all the excitement over the Koel I'm late with the puzzle, but here it is now.


Here is an out and in puzzle. Your aim is to make a word each time by adding
a letter until the longest word and then by subtracting one.
You can rearrange the letters. The More...
22/Jan/20 11:14 AM
Sorry keith, I at least put a photo of a wombat on your number.

We have been having some very un-Canberra weather lately. First were the bushfires. We have not been directly impacted by them, but they are still alive. The recent rain and calmer weather have reduced their size, but there More...
22/Jan/20 11:22 AM
The main impact on Canberra has been the smoke from the fires. It has been a constant for several. The scientists have told us that 200 on their meters is at the bottom range of when it is toxic. It has regularly reached 4000, worse than Beijing, Jakarta and Bangkok. It is so dense that it has More...
22/Jan/20 11:29 AM
Now the third atypical event was a ferocious storm with hail stones as large as golf balls, strong winds and not a great deal of rain. We had several leaks in the ceiling, our pool liner torn, a couple of acrylic skylights smashed. Most will be covered by insurance. What won't be covered by insurance is the garden.
22/Jan/20 11:37 AM
Trees and shrubs have been stripped of leaves and branches and vegetables have been destroyed. The good news is that the smoke has been dampened down, and the sun is shining warmly. In the wider community trees are down, buildings are badly damaged and hundreds of cars have been damaged.
22/Jan/20 11:41 AM

Plum, As long as your conversations (with Pineapple or any other bearers of fruit names) are FRUITFUL, as opposed to FRUITY, I’m sure we would all enjoy them! Xxx 😉
22/Jan/20 12:53 PM
as i thought i might, i did see my orthopedist today. he is an orthopedic surgeon and sliced into my right arm last april to put in a bit of metal to hold my right radius together. he liked what the emergency ortho did to my left radius in the hospital and has high hopes for its maintaining a good position for healing.
22/Jan/20 2:03 PM
both doctors squashed my hopes of a lucky break, that i might end up better than before. the 1996 break left me with no rotation, so i thought oh good maybe now the repositioning of the radius will let it twirl around the ulna. nope. no chance of that. oh well. i can only hope that i will not lose any flexion or extension, since it was limited already.
22/Jan/20 2:11 PM

Tuesday 21st January.
Arachnid – With the answers to his General Knowledge quiz. Must have ben easy if Arachnid ran it. He then rambles on for a bit but refuses to buy a beer – wowser.

Wednesday 22nd January.
The usual crowd of mini posters More...
22/Jan/20 2:35 PM
We may have drop bears in Oz but apparently Florida may have drop Iguanas. Now that's new
22/Jan/20 4:21 PM
1:17. Good afternoon everyone.
22/Jan/20 6:55 PM
Good afternoon all.
22/Jan/20 8:21 PM
Evenin all
22/Jan/20 10:29 PM
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