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Easy Sudoku for 21/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
21/Jan/20 12:00 AM
2:06 Good night one and all.
21/Jan/20 12:15 AM
1:33, couldn't sleep so I thought I may as well do the sudokus. Good morning everyone.
21/Jan/20 12:53 AM
Wolf and Chris! 'Night, Anne.
21/Jan/20 1:02 AM
21/Jan/20 1:06 AM
How awful for you, Sarah. I am so sorry you have to go through that again.
21/Jan/20 1:07 AM
'Morning, Hal. You snuck in while I was typing.
21/Jan/20 1:07 AM
Not much news on the Wally front. His medical team meets today to decide on a plan of action. I am waiting to hear how that goes.

Chewbarka and The Big Lug (aka Tucker and Rosie) are doing their thing. TBL has dug another crater in the back yard and C has just chewed a hole in a bed More...
21/Jan/20 1:23 AM
Everybody!! 49ers to the Super Bowl!! Yea team!!
21/Jan/20 1:36 AM
1:21. Good Morning, all. So, sorry about your troubles Kathy. These 'heaved sidewalk' injuries are especially infuriating, because you'd think surely someone could have already noticed the issue, and done something about it, long before you happened along. Hope it heals, soon!
21/Jan/20 2:22 AM
Nice Alpacas, but they are rarely used as sheep guard animals. Too small (150 lbs) and gentle. Usually Llamas (400+ lbs) are used. They're much more aggressive to dogs.
21/Jan/20 3:44 AM
I hope you heal quickly, Sarah, and the pain eases soon.
21/Jan/20 3:48 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
21/Jan/20 4:04 AM
Hi, Heidi!!
21/Jan/20 4:08 AM
Sun shining on the sparkly snow!
Wish all wintry days were like this!
21/Jan/20 4:33 AM
21/Jan/20 4:37 AM
Snow on the mountaintops off in the distance, but our dusting has vanished. Relentlessly chilly though.
21/Jan/20 4:56 AM
Cute alert sheep, but what are they guarding ?
21/Jan/20 6:07 AM
Morning all ,thanks Heidi, I could never work out the difference between the alpacas and llama.
21/Jan/20 6:18 AM
Sarah, hope you heal quickly.
21/Jan/20 6:27 AM
1.46. Paddy and Michael found 3 hand grenades and decided to hand the into the police station. On the way there Michael had a thought, ' Paddy,' he said, 'what if one explodes before we get there?' ' Well,' said Paddy, 'We'll tell them we only found 2.'
21/Jan/20 6:42 AM

I saw this joke the other day, and thought of you guys for some reason!

Thanks for teaching me the meaning of “plethora.” It means a lot.
😉 xxx
21/Jan/20 7:08 AM
today is a federal holiday - in observance of martin luther king jr's birthday - so i could not make an appointment with my orthopedist - but i contacted my occupational therapist and she sent email messages to him and to his assistant so i trust i will be seen on Tuesday. what normal person even has an orthopedist with a possessive pronoun? an orthopedist is someone you hope never to see again.
21/Jan/20 8:35 AM
Kathy who will stop chewing when he's old and toothless? The dog or hubby?
21/Jan/20 8:54 AM
Well, Sarah - he is all YOURS now!
21/Jan/20 10:04 AM
Oh Sarah, wait until you meet his friend the orthopedic surgeon. No fun neither! I thought that I wouldn't be able to use my leg for 6 week. No such luck! Darn critter didn't tell me that to get to my ankle bone to repair it, he had to saw through my leg bone. So I had 3 months off that leg! Try to teach third graders from a wheel chair!
21/Jan/20 10:09 AM

Tuesday 21st January.

The day starts with the usual crowd babblers.
Chris – Insomniacal! Didn’t stop him from doing the poozle in a fast time.
Kathy – Waiting for info on a plan of action for young Wally. In the meantime the visiting furry More...
21/Jan/20 3:25 PM
Well done to Peter, Chris, Judy, Joyce, Amelia, Kathy and Wombat who all successfully completed this week's quiz.
Answers are:
Nutcracker Suite
Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov
New Jersey
Molly Maguires
Prohibition (Eighteenth (18th Amendment (Prohibition of More...
21/Jan/20 4:30 PM
Just wondering how Wombat went yesterday. After raging fires Canberra had hailstones yesterday. The weather seems to be having a bit of a laugh at our expense
21/Jan/20 6:05 PM
When Dad was alive we used my mobile and email address in an effort to stop scamming and unwanted 'donations'. He was at the age where he believed everything. He died one year ago today. However I still get SMS and email messages on an almost daily basis telling him his application for More...
21/Jan/20 7:58 PM
Can't wait for '33' to come around. Going to have a Weihenstephaner today, donated by a good friend. Its 400ml and equivalent to 2.1 standard drinks. After that I'm going to cook dinner (I hope)
21/Jan/20 8:16 PM
And finally 5 for a CP. It's very quiet on the site today except for me of course
21/Jan/20 8:18 PM
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