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Easy Sudoku for 22/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Off to the 'big' city to see a basketball game.
22/Feb/15 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! That looks like a chocolate store in Brussels. Yum!
22/Feb/15 12:04 AM
Here is a weekend puzzle for all those interested. You have two days to send answers to my 'Cold and Snowy' inbox please.

1. A toiletry item that most people in modernized countries make use of –> an important subject that people talk or think about
2. What one calls a person who is More...
22/Feb/15 12:06 AM
, y'all! 2:06 - quaint street scene.
22/Feb/15 1:41 AM
good morning world
22/Feb/15 2:44 AM
Everyone must be out playing today.
22/Feb/15 2:44 AM
Happy Saturday and 2 days off!
It will probably take me that long to work on CG's weekend challenge
Nice photo--where was it taken? Hope the photographer will chime in...
22/Feb/15 2:47 AM
1:15. Good morning everyone.
22/Feb/15 2:48 AM
Greg, you are correct, taken in the Grand Palace Market, Brussels. I don't know how it jumped to easy I have never submitted to Easy. Oh well!
22/Feb/15 2:49 AM
Tough has a Baltimore Oriole that visited every spring.
22/Feb/15 2:51 AM
What a difference a day makes.
22/Feb/15 4:19 AM
22/Feb/15 4:22 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
22/Feb/15 4:59 AM
Out to do some shopping? Nice street photo.
22/Feb/15 5:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
22/Feb/15 5:18 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
22/Feb/15 5:19 AM
Creative day here. Father daughter preparing monkey bread together in one room and one daughter preparing next years V-day cards and mother making toilet paper role fireworks.
22/Feb/15 5:21 AM
I've been sitting here watching the snow fall and working on Greg's puzzle.
I was supposed to get my hair cut this afternoon, but they closed the shop early because of the weather. Guess I'll just be a tad shaggy until next week.
22/Feb/15 5:23 AM
I had thought about a career in organized crime. After carefully considering my choices GOVERNMENT or Private Sector, I decided, instead, to hang out on this site and alienate some folks with my opinions.
22/Feb/15 5:23 AM
Think we are progressing pretty well for 4 hours of work.
Oh, one daughter made a cape to turn regular kitty into Super Kitty, who has been flying around the house at the speed of light and able to leap tall furniture in a single bound.
22/Feb/15 5:24 AM
What the heck do you do with a toilet paper roll firework?
22/Feb/15 5:24 AM
The Valentine's card maker is drawing her pictures on the dream pad, the talent-ly reproducing them onto construction paper. I could be a good mother and show her how to print her pictures off the computer but she is so pleased with her work.
22/Feb/15 5:26 AM
Oh, thank you for all your help, Kathy and DorA.
22/Feb/15 5:27 AM
Kathy, K found a craft project that she wanted to do. We are just decorating the TP rolls with construction paper. We think they will make a great center piece for the table. We are also using paper towel rolls.
22/Feb/15 5:29 AM
M wants to make some flowers, so think some of our TP roll collection may turn into a vase or two.
22/Feb/15 5:32 AM
Instead of a sign that says
''Do Not Disturb''
I need one that says
''Already Disturbed, Proceed With Caution''
22/Feb/15 5:38 AM
Sue, I have been there (Brussels) several times, but my chocolate store of preference was Leonidas. I used to bring home small boxes of chocolates for friends and office workers.
22/Feb/15 5:51 AM
Karen, have you ever made caterpillars with cardboard egg cartons? You cut the cartons down the middle and you can paint them, add pipe cleaner antennae, plastic rolly eyes, feet....whatever you want. I think I still have a strange polka dot one that my daughter made many years ago. I think it was pink and purple.
22/Feb/15 5:53 AM
I've seen a sign that says 'I am already disturbed, please come in.' I need that for my cubicle.
22/Feb/15 6:22 AM
It's the smell of chocolate that always gets me not the sight.
22/Feb/15 6:32 AM

1) cart + ridge = cartridge
2) ear + nest = earnest
3) neigh + boring = neighboring
4) gram + mar = grammar

In the today we have Joyce, Kathy, Lonewoof, Judy, and Sarah. More...
22/Feb/15 6:35 AM
DorA, I resemble both your posts.
22/Feb/15 6:35 AM
In anticipation of a wintry mix tomorrow, we had church today. Do you have any idea how much that is going to screw me up as far as knowing what day of the week it is?
22/Feb/15 6:36 AM
Kathy, yes I have made the egg carton caterpillar, in the classroom, not with my girls.

The carton, that is pending, will be hopefully Spring flowers.
22/Feb/15 6:37 AM
My favorite coffee mug says ''do not disturb the crazy person''. At this point it is so worn that I only keep it because I know what it says.
22/Feb/15 6:37 AM
Our egg cartons get turned into paint pallets and seed starters more often than not. Occasionally they become something artsy but usually not. When we have tons of chickens that are laying, they get used for eggs. I know, weird concept.
22/Feb/15 6:39 AM
NOT having coffee makes me crazy. And cranky. My coworkers WANT me to have coffee.
22/Feb/15 6:42 AM
So the timing~~~
22/Feb/15 6:57 AM
Get set . . .
22/Feb/15 6:58 AM
22/Feb/15 6:58 AM
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