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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning people of the world.
21/Feb/15 12:02 AM

21/Feb/15 12:08 AM
We have today and tomorrow of Spring like weather, before Winter returns again. The windows are going to be open wide today. Seems my house might be sick. For a few weeks, the girls have had that nagging cough and doing their best to keep the tissue company in business. This may have slowed us down, but did not stop us from going.
21/Feb/15 12:10 AM
Then Man came home yesterday.

Tried his best to hack up both lungs and moan and groan and whine and....Oh NO! Man sickness. The world has stopped.
So, the house is getting aired out.
21/Feb/15 12:13 AM
A friend was screaming that the school would not take her darlings yesterday. Some lam excuse about bad weather conditions, but emailed class assignments. I asked if she would trade, I would take cooped up darlings and school work and she take man sickness. For some reason I have not heard from her since.
21/Feb/15 12:16 AM
I do not understand giving assignments via Internet. Believe it or not, I know several people who are not cyber connected, not even by phone, who have school age children. The library, across the street, is packed with kids waiting for Internet assignments after school.
21/Feb/15 12:20 AM
I asked, my teenager, why she did not print the assignment at school and she responded, that the school charges to print, the library doesn't. I don't think that is fair either. On the school supply list for my third grader was a ream of printer paper. I don't think there should be a charge.
21/Feb/15 12:22 AM
Before I get on my soap box, guess, I should go find something to keep me occupied, like the fundraiser, for supplies, the school sent home yesterday and then plan for the teacher appreciation week coming up, where, again they have sent home suggestions for gifts, supplies, to show our appreciation.
21/Feb/15 12:24 AM
Oh, this kind of made me chuckle, getting my, supposed to be retired teacher friends number.
21/Feb/15 12:25 AM
I'm confused ... was Karen, just now, getting on or off her soapbox?
21/Feb/15 1:02 AM
Gigi is very cute.
21/Feb/15 1:10 AM
You know I am a great supporter of my teachers and keep them well supplied all year long. It is just when I am told to support and what to support, I may have issues with.

Yes, I am told by my teachers what they need and they are given extra, but this mass thing! well, there might have a problem.
21/Feb/15 1:14 AM
I don't mind the fundraiser, so much as the teacher appreciation note. Let me be spontaneous in showing my appreciation, don't tell me what to appreciate her/him with and on what day.
21/Feb/15 1:16 AM
Good morning, lady.
21/Feb/15 1:16 AM
Would you believe I have calmed down since checking folders yesterday?
21/Feb/15 1:17 AM
I may have opened the house too soon. It is not yet 70 degrees and March is sneaking in, with a good breeze.
21/Feb/15 1:20 AM
Are you going to make me do all the work this morning, darling, or are you going to get in a gallump or two?
21/Feb/15 1:22 AM
Joe, Keith, Karen, & everyone!
Just plain c-c-cold! Brrrr!
It's -11F here. That's a -23C.
Was -18F during the night.
21/Feb/15 1:22 AM
21/Feb/15 1:23 AM
(Thought I'd join the race!)
21/Feb/15 1:23 AM
Two energetic kitties and a Chinese Checker game, not put away. Wanna know who is not going to be picking that up?
I have been giving a whole lot of responsibility lectures lately. That one is not my responsibility.
21/Feb/15 1:24 AM
Who got it?
21/Feb/15 1:24 AM
So, Shiela, I guess you are not raising your windows today, huh?
21/Feb/15 1:25 AM
No way! They are probably frozen shut, Karen!
21/Feb/15 1:29 AM
I'm not sure I even want to venture outside today or not!
21/Feb/15 1:30 AM
For some reason that black and white picture left me waiting for a musical background and dialogue to be printed across the screen.
21/Feb/15 1:30 AM
I wonder where Keith 'gallumped' off to?
21/Feb/15 1:32 AM
Look what I get for going off to do some other puzzles. Harrumph!
21/Feb/15 1:32 AM

1) V
2) Av
3) Vas
4) Save
5) Raves
6) Varies
7) Waivers
8) Airwaves

In the today we have Lonewoof, Canuk Greg, Kathy, Silvergal, Judy, HalT, Sarah, and Joyce. More...
21/Feb/15 1:33 AM
Well, I figured it out through 5, but never finished it.
21/Feb/15 1:34 AM
I was trying to figure out why Keith ran off after interacting with Karen and being well aware of her tendencies.
21/Feb/15 1:35 AM
For the puzzling record I don't know always know the words in the pyramids. If a word fits that I'm not sure of I put it in dictionary.com to see if it is a word and to get a definition. If the definition is hard to simplify or I am really uncertain of it I will do a search to double check. It's not a fail safe process but it's the best one I have.
21/Feb/15 1:38 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This is a range of More...
21/Feb/15 1:48 AM
21/Feb/15 1:50 AM
Good morning to all! It's always nice to see an occasional black and white photo.
21/Feb/15 1:56 AM
Serena, I have the same difficulty assembling some of my puzzles, and it results in my making occasional errors. C'est la vie. The fun for me is just in the making of them and seeing some of the answers and comments from the solvers.
21/Feb/15 1:58 AM
Oh, and yes, I will post a puzzle tomorrow morning.
21/Feb/15 1:59 AM
We are a bit chilled here, too. It was 8° when I got up this morning. It is now a blistering 18°. At least the hideous wind has died down a bit. I don't want to see our heating bill next month.
21/Feb/15 2:16 AM
Karen, whenever my kids left toys lying around after being asked to clean up, I would just collect them and store them away. They couldn't have them back until they got better at ''pick up''. Worked like a charm......most of the time.
21/Feb/15 2:21 AM
Kathy, you have given me the same advice before, and I listened. They worked to get whatever back, but then whatever happened and my basket got to overflowing. I do recall, one basket went to children who would appreciate a toy, which the girl's had to deliver them on their own, but it stopped for some reason.
21/Feb/15 2:31 AM
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