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Easy Sudoku for 22/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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22/Mar/20 12:00 AM
I want to add my best wishes to tom. Miss you at 12:00!
22/Mar/20 12:02 AM
Second day of 'sheltering in place'. Fortunately we can still get out for groceries, etc. Live in quiet neighborhood so we can go walking. Will miss our weekly going out to eat!
22/Mar/20 12:12 AM
Good Maen, good people. Burl saw an eagle in a tree just outside our house this morning. We are keeping the cats inside until it moves away. They are seen around here as they follow the rivers and lakes back north in the spring.
22/Mar/20 12:12 AM
1:45 Good morning Denny and Good night to all who follow. Get well soon, Tom.
22/Mar/20 12:13 AM
Time to shower, shave, breakfast etc. Be back later to solve puzzles. Bye.
22/Mar/20 12:13 AM
Nite Anne!!
22/Mar/20 12:13 AM
I agree with Mymare and Denny about taking a walk. As soon as the weather cooperates.

Temperatures have been see-sawing and it has been gray and wet. Now they’re talking snow soon.
22/Mar/20 12:17 AM

I hope you are improving steadily, Tom.
22/Mar/20 1:18 AM
Denny, Plum, Anne and all who will visit later.
Not sunny today.
Hope you have sunshine!
22/Mar/20 1:20 AM
And Kathy sneaked in as I typed.
22/Mar/20 1:21 AM
Good Maen once again
Have to get in the habit of visiting the site for my trip round the world and mental stimulation.
Walked on my treadmill- I say I did a mile and 1/4 but the Fitbit says .5 that is for my physical stimulation
Reading and planning a sewing project for creative stimulation
And working on my fitness aquatic classes when work becomes an Reality again
22/Mar/20 1:21 AM
I guess cleaning could be included in physical work-
Maybe peace of mind ?
2nd weekend of having Church services online
Right now, 4/6/20 hopefully we will mimic the groundhog and come out of hibernation -
Take care
22/Mar/20 1:25 AM
I came looking for Arachnid's puzzle (also to say hi to everyone!) I don't see that always welcome post, so I'll be patient.

We had an exceptionally warm day yesterday. It was almost 80 degrees. We wandered out to do some much-needed yard work. So did everyone else in the neighborhood. More...
22/Mar/20 1:28 AM
My university is extending this week's Spring Break through next week. Then we have to teach all our classes 'on-line'. People used to be given a semester off to prepare on-line courses; now we
get two weeks and have to work much harder since it's not easy to do at all well.
22/Mar/20 1:34 AM
Well, he knew when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em and now he's gone away.
22/Mar/20 1:37 AM
We've been voluntarily 'in place' for 10 days now. Hubby walks three miles every day - sun, rain or snow. Since we live in an area with no sidewalks, that won't change. I'm walking around in the yard weeding & raking for exercise. Snow is predicted today so that'll stop. Hopefully this 'in' stuff will work to curb this nasty virus.
22/Mar/20 1:42 AM
22/Mar/20 3:00 AM

RIP Kenny.
22/Mar/20 3:06 AM
Nice to hear from you, Wolf - your sporadic visits had me worrying - now I know you're scurrying to prepare for your upcoming semester's responsibilities … what a challenge!
22/Mar/20 3:17 AM
So long Kenny Rogers; did not realize he'd been in hospice care.
22/Mar/20 3:23 AM
Awwww, dang ... just yesterday the whole family was singing together in the car at the top of our lungs ... 'know when to hold em' ... RIP, Kenny
22/Mar/20 3:37 AM
22/Mar/20 4:05 AM
Vale, Kenny. It's a fine time to leave us... Go well, good sir.
22/Mar/20 4:08 AM
Perfect song to speak of the times, Saltie!
22/Mar/20 4:20 AM
Pretty rainbow today.
22/Mar/20 5:06 AM
Morning all.
We have had Summer staying over since Friday,the first night she slept right through till 7am ,tonight she woke at 2am put her in bed with us she slept till 4am and I then brought her out to the lounge . Too much partying at my sisters seventy birthday lunch yesterday.
22/Mar/20 5:41 AM
I just heard a great suggestion - we should not call this a time of social isolation, but a time of distant socialization. That is surely what we do here, and we should make efforts to keep in touch with others by means other than being with them in person.
22/Mar/20 7:39 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
22/Mar/20 10:01 AM
Hi Arachnid - Check your cookie settings.
22/Mar/20 10:33 AM
Or maybe you're in the naughty corner for swearing.
22/Mar/20 10:38 AM
We won't talk about footy today, will we, Wombat.
22/Mar/20 10:39 AM
I'm presently unemployed - Arachnid fired me - But I'll shout the bar. Tassie pale for me.
22/Mar/20 10:40 AM
Football is not an appropriate topic for discussion today. Losing a match is bad enough, but losing it to Collingwood and by such a margin is the pits.
22/Mar/20 11:30 AM
Where are you spiderman, your loyal problem solvers are waiting with bated breath (whatever that is). I'll deforced to post another in and out puzzle if we don't see something soon.
22/Mar/20 11:34 AM
Wombat, I think he's in the naughty corner!
22/Mar/20 12:29 PM
I neglected to post a contemplative quotation today, so here is one:

I don't feel old. I don't feel anything until noon. Then it's time for my nap.
-- Bob Hope
22/Mar/20 12:59 PM
Ooohhh ... a naughty puzzle! Bring it on!
22/Mar/20 1:00 PM
Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?
To get to the bottom!
22/Mar/20 1:45 PM
Why did the kid cross the playground?
To get to the other slide!
22/Mar/20 1:46 PM
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