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Easy Sudoku for 21/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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21/Mar/20 12:03 AM
1:49 Hello Hal, I hope all is going well for you.
Good night one and all.
21/Mar/20 12:13 AM
Hal & all to follow!! Sleep well Anne.
21/Mar/20 12:53 AM
Sunny and mild!
Supposed to be chilly later.
Hope your day is warm & sunny!
21/Mar/20 12:54 AM
Talk about isolation! While 'sheltering in place' and having no contact with people, things went worse. The cable in our area went out yesterday afternoon. No Internet, no phone and no television until this morning. There was a strong possibility of the fiber optic cable More...
21/Mar/20 1:23 AM

I have been diligently using the alcohol I have as a hand sanitizer. I am still waiting for the aloe vera gel I ordered to arrive. Last I heard, it would be today and then I can make up something that isn't so hard on the More...
21/Mar/20 1:38 AM
Kathy, I thought you were going to say you got home and sprayed the Hubby...
21/Mar/20 1:55 AM
So, after all this effort to make my own hand sanitizer, he comes out of his office this morning with a large pump bottle of the stuff. He was cleaning out in there and found it under a bunch of ''towels and things''. All my angst was for nothing.
21/Mar/20 2:07 AM
After this morning, he would be lucky if I only sprayed him with alcohol, DoA.
21/Mar/20 2:09 AM
21/Mar/20 2:24 AM
I do believe Gath its putting in some really easy Easy level puzzles to mollify us as some of us are 'sheltering in place'. That's one way of calming the mass! I thought I was getting smarter but alas . . .
21/Mar/20 2:28 AM
Can't believe the panic that has set in. I went grocery shopping yesterday and couldn't believe the empty shelves in the paper goods, produce, dairy, and meat sections. I wonder how all the stupid hoarders are going to feel when the stores restock? Seriously?
21/Mar/20 2:31 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
21/Mar/20 2:32 AM
I just wonder how many rolls of toilet tissue the hoarders go through at one go. Must clog up the plumbing, and then what? Will the plumbers still make house calls?
21/Mar/20 2:33 AM
21/Mar/20 2:34 AM
Morning all. ''One day at a time'' takes on a whole new meaning.
21/Mar/20 3:14 AM
So pleased to see you Hal check in on a regular basis; I'm hoping that signifies that you are feeling more positive!
21/Mar/20 4:17 AM
Now, there's Tom - when you see this, Tom - you need to check in occasionally to let us know that you are still around … please!
21/Mar/20 4:19 AM
Well I solved my toilet paper problem. Come on, how many of you people were like me? Tear off a swathe of dunny roll, fold it in two and do that three or four times? No shame, but I've trained myself over the last month and cut it down to ONE sheet, AND I use both sides.
At least I've got some More...
21/Mar/20 4:20 AM
It's been a week since we encountered the shelves for paper products stripped bare; I can't believe it is still occurring, Shosho! I've continued to believe that once delivers are made, things will even out - hmmm! Guess I need to see for myself at some future point!
21/Mar/20 4:22 AM
I was at a store yesterday that had no produce, was rather low on breakfast cereal, had only weird flavors of small yogurts, but did have toilet paper!
21/Mar/20 5:42 AM
Kate, for the photo of the bridge trawler
21/Mar/20 6:04 AM
1.46 Thank you Anne and Plum for your birthday wishes. Please everyone keep safe during this trying time.
21/Mar/20 6:24 AM
Sniff! Sniff! Did I catch a scent of a Beehive drifting through here??
21/Mar/20 6:48 AM
Oh, that's what that was, Judy?
21/Mar/20 7:57 AM
1:20. Good morning everyone.
21/Mar/20 8:23 AM
Sarah, I think you're right. Things at the local supermarket seem to be settling down here. Although not yet fully stocked, it's about 75%. The panic buying is becoming a thing of the past.
21/Mar/20 9:31 AM
Morning all .
Dale, thanks for the laugh,very funny.😂😂
My sister Lyn turns seventy today and has flown home to celebrate with her family,wine were going to a club but it is now forbidden to have more that two people at a table . Trying to organise a home lunch.
21/Mar/20 9:50 AM
Hi Joyce. You're very nice to be concerned. We're fine, I'm just sleeping a lot and haven't been as attentive to my Sudoku duties as I should. But please stay housebound and 'socially distant' as much as you can, everyone. It is real and we have to get past it as best we can.
21/Mar/20 9:56 AM
With a post like that you can see why 'Dale' chose Wyalkatchem as his place. It is real, the name is not made up. Dusty little wheat and sheep town in WA
21/Mar/20 10:05 AM
ANZAC Day, a particularly poignant day for many Australians has been affected by this bloody virus. All public ceremonies have been cancelled. Someone has come up with the idea that on 25 April we all walk to the end of our driveways and observe one minutes silence to show our support and respect More...
21/Mar/20 10:23 AM
I won't post this weeks quiz until Wombat has finalised his. That way we keep it all in a neat order which satisfies my OCD mind
21/Mar/20 10:24 AM
I was due to help Arachnid out with his puzzles while he was away but I've been sacked. Another victim of Covid-19.
21/Mar/20 10:28 AM
Not a large number of respondents to this Wednesday's puzzle. Should I put it down to the Corona virus (everyone looking for toilet paper, hand wash, pasta, etc., or is everyone going away on holidays or unable to get home from them, or was it too difficult). Any or all of them are possible. The More...
21/Mar/20 10:30 AM
I'd shout you all a drink but I'm unemployed now. Not that the wages were much good anyway so you'll have to buy your own today!
21/Mar/20 10:33 AM
R - Turns the remains of a fire into an itchy spot

Or - Either - -
Roe - Fish eggs
Rote - Reciting from memory
Store - Put away for later
Nestor - King of Pylos in Homer’s Illiad
Rentors - People who let houses (archaic)
Stronger - More powerful
Rostering - Drawing up a More...
21/Mar/20 10:34 AM
Over to you Arachnid, or should it be Peter?
21/Mar/20 10:34 AM
Good morning everyone!
Ah Ha, I thought the same, Judy. Wyalkatchem is closer to Perth, though so I'm not sure.
21/Mar/20 10:47 AM
Thanks, Tom for you medical update; when folks are unwell, absence is scary & now we're all breathing easy!
21/Mar/20 1:11 PM
Oh, Peter - please follow all the guidelines to stay safe while you recover; you are precious & we need you!
21/Mar/20 1:13 PM
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