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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Men, all!
20/Mar/20 12:00 AM
20/Mar/20 12:00 AM
Wolf, Hal, and all to follow!
20/Mar/20 12:07 AM
1:56 Good morning Wolf, Hal and Kathy and all who follow. Good night southerners.
20/Mar/20 12:15 AM
Wolf, Hal, Kathy & all who arrive later!! Sleep well Anne.
20/Mar/20 1:03 AM
Not sunny.
Hope your day is!
20/Mar/20 2:33 AM
3 seemed to be the tricky number for me today.
20/Mar/20 2:40 AM
For Shosho!
20/Mar/20 2:41 AM
Rainy day--makes it easier to stay indoors
20/Mar/20 4:28 AM
The grocery store I frequent has just announced they will be implementing ''old geezer'' hours!
That's the good news. The bad news is the hour is from 6-7 AM.
Good thing I just bought a new robe.
20/Mar/20 4:31 AM
Morning all. That seems awfully early to be grocery shopping, but what do I know?
20/Mar/20 5:45 AM
Interesting photo.
20/Mar/20 6:34 AM
20/Mar/20 6:49 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.
20/Mar/20 7:06 AM
Morning all. Keith,you are right ,some older people don't get up that early. Woolworths and Coles are opening later for that reason and you have to show your pension card to get in the store.
20/Mar/20 7:19 AM
Darwen Jim
Harish lal
20/Mar/20 7:23 AM
Wombat, Darwin Jim, & Harish lal.
20/Mar/20 7:38 AM
I was lucky enough to wake before 7:00am yesterday so got up and went shopping as Woolworths started the early shopping at the start of this week. It was very busy with 'oldies', and yes, we had to show our Senior's Card before we entered.
20/Mar/20 7:55 AM
Oh my goodness, I'm so happy I came when I did - HUGE BIRTHDAY WISHES Wombat!

20/Mar/20 7:56 AM
If I hurry I can get Darwin Jim's B-day wishes in too before stomping all over Keith's number:

20/Mar/20 7:58 AM
Wombat!! Best wishes to the Puzzle Master and a good friend!
20/Mar/20 8:31 AM
Have a very special , Darwen Jim!
20/Mar/20 8:32 AM
Uh oh ... stomp stomp.
20/Mar/20 8:33 AM
What's up Judy, did you step in something?
20/Mar/20 9:33 AM
Doc visit this arvo, to discuss the latest blood tests.
20/Mar/20 9:34 AM
I hope the results are good Peter. With all that lovely fresh air, Bountiful supplies of Boag's beer and crayfish at unprecedentedly cheap crayfish how could you be other than healthy.
20/Mar/20 10:44 AM
Happy Birthday Darwen Jim. May you have many more of them.
20/Mar/20 11:10 AM
Did ya miss me? Nah!!
Belatedly, the results of last Saturdays quiz with thanks to Peter, Judy, Birthday Boy, Amelia, Kathy, Joyce, Snowbird, Scout who all did very well (as Mr Grace would say)
Steam Train
Richard Trevithick
Globe Theatre
(Richard) More...
20/Mar/20 11:29 AM
to Darwen Jim, Harish lal and Wombat plus any I may hav missed whilst I was away
20/Mar/20 11:31 AM
Great relaxing time whilst away in a very quiet fishing town north of Perth. Did lots of walking and contemplating. No TV. Pristine clear water watching fish swim amongst the sea grass a couple of metres below the surface and the Fairy Terns dive bombing for their meal. Saw either Sea Eagles or Ospreys on a nesting pole and a rather large nest quite near the walkway.
20/Mar/20 11:35 AM
Good luck today Peter. Don't forget to invoice him for the blood you gave.
20/Mar/20 11:36 AM
He wouldn't have enough money for my blood, Arachnid!
20/Mar/20 12:47 PM
What? Neither Peter nor Arachnid offered to pay for today’s 33? Well, my word day - full and fun - is finally over, so I’ll have a nightcap. Who will join me?
20/Mar/20 1:54 PM
Ha! My worK day *was* a worD day.
20/Mar/20 1:55 PM
I’ve done a bunch of writing and graphic design and scheduling. Bother. I’m still pretty wound up. I guess I’ll do some proofreading until my eyelids want to close.
20/Mar/20 2:13 PM
This self-isolation business is messing with my sleep schedule. In another week it will probably be easier for me to stay up to shop “senior hours” than wake up for it.

Not that I’m 60 yet. That’s still one year, one month, ten days and 36 minutes away. Not that I’m paying any attention.
20/Mar/20 2:19 PM
Hmm. I’m out of posts per the cp “rule” and the bottom of the page is still too far away. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll have LPOTD again? Probably not.

Rest well, good people.
20/Mar/20 2:21 PM
Nope, not the last!

I'll have a Tasmanian Pale Ale, thank you Plum.
20/Mar/20 3:44 PM
Next step is to see the man with the Spy Glass in Launceston. He will, I hope, determine the cause of my discomfort.
20/Mar/20 3:51 PM
When I read the announcement of the new senior grocery hours, I wondered what old people are up at that hour. The best thing about not having to go to work is not having to get up so early. Like Plum, I, too, would find it easier to stay up all night than to get up that early, but then I'd be too More...
20/Mar/20 5:57 PM
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