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Easy Sudoku for 22/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I allowed my helpful friendly Microsoft Corporation to change my laptop to Windows 10 and nothing terrible has happened - yet.
22/May/16 12:01 AM
22/May/16 12:03 AM
Good morning.
22/May/16 12:41 AM
I have a projection clock which shows the digital time on the ceiling.
22/May/16 12:42 AM
Sometimes the display is upside down from where I read it in bed.
22/May/16 12:43 AM
Don't know what happened today but here I am at 1240 instead of 3ish when I thought I was getting up.
22/May/16 12:44 AM
Oh well, at least I'll be back in bed earlier than usual too.
22/May/16 12:45 AM
Happy Saturday, off to work in a bit
22/May/16 12:54 AM
22/May/16 2:07 AM
& Maen to y'all, too.
22/May/16 3:02 AM

Not too many to say to this morning, very quiet indeed.
22/May/16 3:24 AM
Greetings good people of Sudokuland!
22/May/16 4:31 AM
Got up in time for 13. Hopefully I can get back to sleep again soon.
22/May/16 4:35 AM
Think I did this one recently. Nice photo though.
22/May/16 5:10 AM
Good morning all.
22/May/16 7:41 AM
Quiet here today..
Morning everybody
22/May/16 8:47 AM
Morning all, yes a recent pic.
Waiting to see what the weather is going to do before we decide if we move up the coast to Freemantle to visit my sister.
22/May/16 9:34 AM
The weather is fairly horrible here in Dunedin, windy and wet, cold too
22/May/16 11:14 AM
Lovely outside in the sun here. Cool inside though. Everyone must be busy today as not many posts for this late in the day.
22/May/16 12:23 PM
Just back from my nieces, a beautiful warm day in Arkansas.
22/May/16 12:34 PM
Mexican fare for dinner, tonight. Tortilla chips & salsa, washed down with Corona. La Cerveza Mas Fina.
22/May/16 12:35 PM
The 5 year old thought we were spending the night. A few tears fell before we left.
22/May/16 12:35 PM
Gotta Try...
22/May/16 12:35 PM
When seconds counted, Sue came through...
22/May/16 12:36 PM
Mexican for un tonight also. There was more than tortilla chips & salsa, way more.
22/May/16 12:38 PM
My eyes are about to close and I need to find my bed.
22/May/16 12:40 PM
Hey! The Corona counts for something. I am jealous, though.
22/May/16 12:41 PM
1:49, should have been quicker but I have an excuse. I'm on serious pain killers at the moment as a result of a nasty tumble at the 24km mark of my long run this morning (I couldn't stand the thought of walking the remaining 5km home so I ran that as well.) It turns out I have suspected cracked More...
22/May/16 4:55 PM
...the 19th of Sept that is, not my 19th marathon (it'll be my third if I end up running it.)
22/May/16 5:12 PM
Sorry to hear of your 'gutser' Chris. Hope the ribs won't hold you back too much. Sounds to me like you'll get back out there asap regardless of the ribs.
22/May/16 11:13 PM
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