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Easy Sudoku for 21/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Sunny! Iris, Lilacs and Lily of the Valley blooming!
Looks like a sweet-scented weekend ahead for us! Hope it's great for you all, too!
21/May/16 12:00 AM
G'day all.
21/May/16 12:01 AM
G'day, HalT! Hope everything is going well in S Carolina!
(Reminds me of an old tune...'Nothin' can be finer...')
21/May/16 12:11 AM
1:49 Good night one and all! Have a lovely weekend.
21/May/16 12:11 AM
Spent yesterday afternoon 'edging' a flower garden. It looks great, but I don't feel great this morning!
21/May/16 12:13 AM
I got caught up writing some code on my computer that actually worked! Outside a beautiful sunny day in the midst of a week of rain.
21/May/16 12:21 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
21/May/16 1:01 AM
Have a fine day, folks!
21/May/16 1:01 AM
I went through the dreaded Windows 10 kerfuffle not long ago. As Sarah said yesterday, I researched ''remove Windows 10'' and ''return Windows 7'' and followed the directions. So far, it's worked.
I'm too stubborn to let it More...
21/May/16 1:09 AM
I was expecting a flower picture.
21/May/16 1:36 AM


In the today we have Chris, Judy, and Kathy. This will help today's winners channel their supernatural abilities.
21/May/16 1:39 AM
I'm not a fan of Windows 10 but I'm also not on here enough to research how to get rid of it. I'm pretty sure this computer isn't going to last too much longer and whatever we replace it with will probably have 10 on it.
21/May/16 1:41 AM
It just occurred to me that I need to post a puzzle for today.
21/May/16 2:22 AM
A church is having 5 weddings in one day. However, due to a clerical error, the church has no idea which couple they are expecting and in what order they are scheduled to be wed. Each name is in the correct column, but only 1 of the names within each column actually appears in the correct row. More...
21/May/16 2:24 AM
Lovely sky in this photo.
21/May/16 2:46 AM
Happy Friday day off!
21/May/16 3:11 AM

Hope Keith isnt waiting in the wings for his number.....
21/May/16 5:02 AM

He could have a looooooong wait.
21/May/16 5:02 AM

Thanks Serena for the puzzle but I will give it a miss, my head was getting dizzy just reading the instructions
21/May/16 5:04 AM

OK, Ive done my bit, only another 55 minutes til going home time
21/May/16 5:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice photo today.
21/May/16 5:50 AM
Well, I'll take it since it's been awhile between my and Lizzie's posts.
21/May/16 5:51 AM

Work keeps getting in the way but thought I would give Keith a chance!
21/May/16 5:52 AM
Long weekend here, and finally some beautiful weather, The annual Tulip Festival starts tomorrow and the tulips are gorgeous!
21/May/16 5:53 AM
Well, something kept Keith away too Lizzie.
21/May/16 5:54 AM
Elizabeth.... Lizzy.....Dizzy Lizzy!
21/May/16 5:55 AM
Morning all, nice view wherever it is.
I'm so pleased we stayed at the B-I-L place ,his house and garage gave the van some protection from the winds and rain last night. It has eased a bit this morning .
21/May/16 9:54 AM
Yup ... away from home.
21/May/16 10:00 AM
1:46 if you've had windows 8 then windows 10 is heaven.
21/May/16 10:19 AM
We have a new lawn. Got tired of the 'mostly weed' lawn we had and opted to spend a few bucks on a new one. They finished yesterday and we've already had two compliments.
21/May/16 11:34 AM
21/May/16 11:35 AM
The Thunderbirds (USAF precision flight team) will be here tomorrow. Our daughter and SIL will be here to see them.
21/May/16 11:43 AM
As I understand, the RAN was invited to participate, but their precision synchronized submarine team doesn't perform too well above sea level.
21/May/16 11:51 AM
Good morning - just, by 10 minutes.
21/May/16 11:51 AM
21/May/16 11:52 AM
had my usual 0300 wakeup, but, as I was getting out of bed, Mr P indicated he was awake too, so we had a nice cup of tea, read books for a while, and went back to sleep.
21/May/16 11:54 AM
It's a beautiful day outside so we are about to have some lunch and then venture out for a while.
21/May/16 11:56 AM
Haven't fallen for the Windows 10 trap yet, and the more I read of folk's experiences here, the more I think that's wise.
21/May/16 11:58 AM
Daughter and her hubby have arrived, so I shall retire for the day.
21/May/16 12:23 PM
But first...
21/May/16 12:24 PM
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