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Easy Sudoku for 22/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
22/Sep/07 12:01 AM

Luckily there seems to be no major injuries from last night's tornados in Central Florida.

22/Sep/07 12:01 AM
22/Sep/07 12:04 AM

Arkansas Razorback
22/Sep/07 12:05 AM
2:10 good evening all.
He looks like he's in a party mood.
22/Sep/07 12:06 AM
our 39th anniv. we'll head to New Orleans to a B&B and visit the zoo. hope the weather holds! the low pressure hasn't become a tropical storm as of yet. hope it's just rain. i also hope to get lots of pictures so we can spread out those repeats.
22/Sep/07 12:11 AM
Happy Anniversary, SANDRA! That's quite an endurance record ... good for you!
22/Sep/07 12:16 AM
I'm off to "Kaintuck" to see an old shipmate and drinkin' buddy for a little golf and bourbon sippin'. Don't know how long I'll be gone, that depends a lot on how long the bourbon and sea stories hold out or if he remembers that 12 bucks I still owe him from 40 years ago.
22/Sep/07 12:22 AM
Have a lovely time with your old mate, Jeb.
22/Sep/07 12:24 AM
just noticed my avatar of our clan plaid didn't show up. wonder what's up with that?
22/Sep/07 12:25 AM
poof, there it is...weird
22/Sep/07 12:26 AM


The door of the Baa swings wide open:
Mad-Ewe stands there, with her gun:
the company; wide-eyed; is hoping -
that the bandit’s just come for some fun.

“Ewe !! Serve me right now - a ten-ouncer”;
her demand sends shivers More...
22/Sep/07 12:26 AM
1:57 Bravo, Sandra--Happy 39th! Celebrate well.
22/Sep/07 12:26 AM
Her eyes were glowing with moon-shine -
while the tellers lay flat on the ground.

Now Mad-Ewe considers that money -
shouldn’t idly stand by in some vault:
and her tongue is not coated with honey,
when she threatens bank clerks with her colt.

The saloon that night held a More...
22/Sep/07 12:27 AM
1:58 Maen! "Hog Wild!"
22/Sep/07 12:31 AM
Go Hogx!!!!!!!!!!!!
22/Sep/07 12:33 AM
ok folks got the msg?? loud and clear I hope..
so the next rendezvouz will be you know where!!
22/Sep/07 12:41 AM
That's a tartan, not a plaid.
22/Sep/07 12:43 AM
You go, Mad Ewe!!! Fantastic, Rayray!

Sandra and Mr S., Happy 39th! May there be many more

Jeb, sip one for us!
22/Sep/07 12:47 AM
thank you Bonie Lass, you are correct, of course
22/Sep/07 12:47 AM
Bonie Lass, i've been looking to buy the tartan in a scarf. can you suggest where? i've been googling it for quite some time and cannot find a good source.
22/Sep/07 12:49 AM
Morning. I'll take 22.
22/Sep/07 12:54 AM
Good morning to all. The clouds have cleared and it looks like we are in for a bright, brisk autumn day.

A few pictures from my trip to Oz/NZ are up on my page, so please stop by for a look and a chat. There aren't too many pics, so it will be an easy task!
22/Sep/07 1:06 AM
Sandra, try J. Higgins, Ltd. /www.jhiggins.net and select "Scarves, Brooches, Blouses, & Tartan Rosette".
22/Sep/07 1:14 AM
22/Sep/07 1:34 AM
Never question your wife's judgement...look whom she married
22/Sep/07 1:36 AM
Hmmm. I wonder what the occasion was? This is different!

Sandra - Happy Anniversary!
22/Sep/07 1:37 AM
Gives new definition to being "pigheaded."

To jeb, regarding that 12 bucks you owe your shipmate from 40 years ago... just enjoy your visit but hope it doesn't get TOO "INTEREST-ing!"
22/Sep/07 1:39 AM
Maybe it was February 2nd - groundhog day.
He was just about to be grounded I guess.
22/Sep/07 1:42 AM
Happy Anniversary, Sandra.
Jeb have a good trip, we'll keep an eye on your place for you.
22/Sep/07 1:55 AM
Have a great day everyone! It is a beautiful Autumn day here. The trees are changing colors, the high is suppose to be 86 (F) and the sun is shining!
22/Sep/07 1:55 AM
Jeb - I hope you have a great trip!
22/Sep/07 1:57 AM
all - another beautiful day here.

A Razorback fan.


First time I saw her was at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles - during the first Watts Riots. National Guard were all over with rifles. It had More...
22/Sep/07 2:02 AM
1:43. Good Maen World.
22/Sep/07 2:07 AM
Gloomy day here, has been raining off and on, but we need it.
Rayray-enjoyed today's entry--the baaad gal's really good.
Happy Annversary Sandra and Hubby. Enjoy your time together and have More...
22/Sep/07 2:43 AM
Jeb - have a great time. You did leave the door open at your place, didn't you??????????? We've got a truckload of rubber chickens arriving, and we don't want them left on the curb.
22/Sep/07 2:46 AM
Good Afternoon all...Beautiful weather here, but the weater is still playing havoc with other areas of our world....prayers for all affected!
Sandra and hubby, enjoy your 39th anniversary, andmay you have many more.
Jeb....Have a great time!
Rayray....ewe dew nice work...love it!
22/Sep/07 3:07 AM

(sometimes I see double and your name looks like Ewe; sorry about that. I must remember that sometimes Ewe is Eve; like You):
That apart, I do have a very sore back (razorback).
How did you know that?
I don't need a fan; I need painkillers.
22/Sep/07 3:12 AM
22/Sep/07 3:34 AM
Good afternoon to all! Why is this chap being so 'hogish'?
22/Sep/07 3:36 AM
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