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Easy Sudoku for 23/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Just two more weeks - I've got to get started!
23/Jan/16 12:00 AM
All is right to my world...Wolf has the first post
Enjoy your day everybody... I'm off to bed... hope I won't be back in a couple of hours...
23/Jan/16 12:02 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
23/Jan/16 12:22 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Jan/16 12:36 AM
Yesterday morning's 32 degrees was nothing to today's 36 degrees. Guess the strong breeze thing may have something to do with it. Good thing we will get to balmy 49 degrees today.
23/Jan/16 12:39 AM
Dottie and Harry, best of luck on your procedures.
23/Jan/16 12:40 AM
Our bus driver informed us this morning that our extra 15 minutes of sleep has come to an end. I have been in amazement for the last few months on what a difference 15 minutes make. Really in a lot of things, but that is a different topic. We go back to meeting the bus at 6:31 in the mornings.
23/Jan/16 12:43 AM
Now this 15 minute thing. In the afternoons, when I had to meet the bus at 15 after, I could accomplish a lot. Get the mail, on trash days, bring in the bins, make afternoon beverages, take a moment to prepare for all the excitement of the school day. Oh, during the Fall, I also weeded City Halls More...
23/Jan/16 12:49 AM
Good morning to all!
23/Jan/16 12:57 AM
23/Jan/16 1:09 AM
Happy Friday!
Lovely maple leaf. to the photographer!
23/Jan/16 1:34 AM

Sue - Good luck to Harry. I'm glad the doctor is doing his surgery as soon as he can, even if it means it's on Sunday.
23/Jan/16 1:50 AM
I see plenty of those each fall.
23/Jan/16 2:05 AM


In the today we have Judy, Kathy, Joyce, and Wombat. Today's winners can leaf through these books.
23/Jan/16 2:07 AM
More from lonewoof.

1: 26 = L. of the A.
2: 7 = W. of the W.
3: 1,001 = A. N.
4: 12 = S. of the Z.
5: 54 = C. in a D. (with the J.)

Answers to my ''that's not math'' inbox please.
23/Jan/16 2:11 AM
I need to go an load up the crock pot. Later.
23/Jan/16 2:13 AM
Good morning.
23/Jan/16 2:35 AM
What a generous offer from your surgeon Sue; plus it must be extremely important for him to be so eager - the mark of a fine humanitarian!
23/Jan/16 2:36 AM
I sometimes get the answers to Serena's or Kathy's puzzles right.
23/Jan/16 2:36 AM
It might help if I actually sent them in.
23/Jan/16 2:37 AM
Good morning Joyce - and everyone else.
23/Jan/16 2:38 AM
BTW Greg - I don't often get the answers to your puzzles, but like the challenge.
23/Jan/16 2:39 AM
Time to go check the emails.
23/Jan/16 2:40 AM
Cloudy today.
/ Day 5 of our bathroom renovation. Plasterers here today.
23/Jan/16 2:46 AM
Well, my theory was wrong. I still don't know what causes the ghost posts.
23/Jan/16 2:55 AM
But I do know the answers to Serena's puzzle. Better send them in.
23/Jan/16 2:58 AM
I, too, need to load up the crock pot. I got a new digital one for Christmas and making chicken cacciatore is my first attempt at using it. We shall see.
Off to the kitchen I go...but, first I have to figure out Serena's puzzle!
23/Jan/16 3:16 AM
And, I wish Harry a successful surgery, Sue!
23/Jan/16 3:22 AM
And, Dottie, as well. Good luck to you both!
23/Jan/16 3:23 AM
Good morning! I'm back - had to check in with all the east coast contingent of family et al. for THE storm's progress.
23/Jan/16 3:35 AM
Snowing & icing in NC; one daughter had to cancel flight to Louisville with Delta - full refund! NO power lost yet.
23/Jan/16 3:39 AM
Brother in Georgetown & friend near Kennedy Center - they're in a waiting pattern..... along with son in Brooklyn; the fury is yet to arrive.
23/Jan/16 3:43 AM
Hal & Silvergal - what's happening with you folks at the beginning of this epic storm? Are either of you in its path?
23/Jan/16 3:46 AM
Article in Sigma Xi (Science Organization) of interest to those in Australia:
'Researchers have identified 24 new species of beetles in Australia among museum specimen collections throughout the country. The new species are weevils, and many specimens are nearly 30 years old, according to More...
23/Jan/16 3:47 AM
Sarah, you too - still playing the waiting game? You don't usually arrive until later; maybe you'll have first hand accounts by then.... DC has all buried electrical lines so they seldom have any power outages, just clogged roadways!
23/Jan/16 3:48 AM
The there's Kathy along the same route - just waiting it out & with early crockpotting before needing to finish it in a fondue pot with sterno!!
23/Jan/16 3:51 AM
This is the first day all week we have not had snow to shovel - having empathy for the plight of others for once. Off to run errands - tootles!
23/Jan/16 3:54 AM
shosho's turn for a BOPP......
23/Jan/16 3:56 AM
23/Jan/16 3:56 AM
23/Jan/16 3:56 AM
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