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Easy Sudoku for 22/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Two weeks worrying isn't good but everyone wishes you good luck, Dottie.
22/Jan/16 12:01 AM
Good morning Wolf. Not long now before your big holiday.
22/Jan/16 12:18 AM
1:57 one and all!
22/Jan/16 12:21 AM
Good morning to all starting their day and goodnight from me
22/Jan/16 12:22 AM
It is a Bucket List holiday but Australia is big! People in the States rarely understand how big. We will fly from Sydney to the rock, Darwin, Barrier
Reef before boarding the cruise ship to NZ. That part of the trip will be hard for old people like us. But rewarding, I'm sure! Better start packing soon. Getting details of the stay settled.
22/Jan/16 12:40 AM
It is not even light yet and I am ready for another day of fun & excitement.
22/Jan/16 12:40 AM
Wolf, have fun on your trip. I missed Tasmania and NZ not enough time. I spent 3 of the most wonderful weeks touring what I could of Australia & meeting the best people ever.
22/Jan/16 12:52 AM
Dawn is trying to break so from beautiful OK
22/Jan/16 12:53 AM
Welcome home Gail.
22/Jan/16 1:21 AM
The following two 4x4 grids each contain a 12-letter word. Each word is formed by a chain of letters. A word can begin with any of the letters. The second letter of a word is adjacent (either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) to the first letter, the third letter is adjacent to the second, More...
22/Jan/16 1:26 AM
22/Jan/16 2:02 AM
Good morning.
22/Jan/16 2:15 AM

I can't get out of my driveway right now due to the cable company's subcontractor blocking it. So I have to wait to go get my blood drawn. Why is it when I CAN'T eat breakfast, I really want to, but I don't normally have breakfast in the morning!?!
22/Jan/16 2:21 AM
Good morning all!
22/Jan/16 2:24 AM
At least 6 inches of fresh fluffy snow with more on the way... & we're not even in line for the BIG one!
22/Jan/16 2:32 AM
Hope all of you who are in the path are well stocked with emergency supplies - gas for generator, candles, flashlights, batteries, & lots of stamina to keep your doorways clear!
22/Jan/16 2:35 AM
..back to more shoveling; enjoy your day!
22/Jan/16 2:36 AM
If I do another for a CP, Keith will be even closer, so..........
22/Jan/16 2:37 AM
I must have heard you, Joyce.
22/Jan/16 2:40 AM
... and off I go.
22/Jan/16 2:40 AM
22/Jan/16 2:40 AM
22/Jan/16 2:41 AM
Good morning to all!
22/Jan/16 2:41 AM
It looks like I almost got in the way of Keith's dash for his number.
22/Jan/16 2:42 AM
We had about an inch of snow last night. They are referring to it as ''practice'' for the big storm coming this weekend. We are all prepared. We only use the snowblower on the driveway, everything else gets shoveled, so I'll be More...
22/Jan/16 2:52 AM

all I love hearing all this talk about snow, but so glad I dont live in it!! The hotter the better (weather wise that is ) for me....
22/Jan/16 2:53 AM
Morning CG. Does anybody recognize those folks?
22/Jan/16 2:53 AM

Im wondering when Dottie has breakfast if she doesnt have it in the morning......

22/Jan/16 2:55 AM
... & Kathy & Lizzy, who jumped in while I was typing.
22/Jan/16 2:55 AM
I know well how important it is to get a blood test out of the way first thing, so I can get back home and have some breakfast. I'd be so annoyed if some big truck was blocking my driveway!
22/Jan/16 2:58 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
Parasite, marginal, tangible, medicate, reactive, teaching, woodland, latitude, teenager, tarragon
Yes, it was a repeat...sorry about that. I usually collect a bunch of them, then delete as I post them. Must not have deleted that one, probably More...
22/Jan/16 3:03 AM
I'd not be so accommodating, Dottie. I'd be out there telling them to move the truck. Who the heck blocks a driveway? What if there were an emergency?
22/Jan/16 3:08 AM
I am off to get all the laundry done.....just in case we lose electricity during the coming storm. They are calling for high winds, so, it's a possibility. Luckily, we have a generator for important areas (kitchen, bathrooms are hooked up to it) and a nice cozy fireplace, so, we can wait it out in relative comfort.
Bye for now!
22/Jan/16 3:15 AM
Before I go, let me add that the last sentence in Serena's puzzle directions is rather important. Don't ask how I know that.
22/Jan/16 3:21 AM
well, I have to....
22/Jan/16 3:22 AM
22/Jan/16 4:42 AM
Well lookee here! . . .
22/Jan/16 4:42 AM
My timing is great . . .
22/Jan/16 4:43 AM
I shall hurry along . . .
22/Jan/16 4:43 AM
22/Jan/16 4:43 AM
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