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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/Nov/16 12:02 AM
2:05 Rather slow this evening.

Good night Hal and all who follow.
23/Nov/16 12:30 AM
Good morning to another fine day - enjoy what it brings!
23/Nov/16 12:46 AM
What is she holding?
23/Nov/16 1:12 AM
The tweedles are about to go outside and play in the snow.
23/Nov/16 1:13 AM
Baby girl is running around in a diaper and a coat and the teenager is sleeping. All is normal here.
23/Nov/16 1:15 AM
Speaking of the teenager, I've got a surprise for you guys. Hold on and I'll get it.
23/Nov/16 1:15 AM
Hi, Becky - bet Billy is all grown up with little ones of his own ...maybe Becky has her own family too!
23/Nov/16 1:16 AM
Good Morning. Hot night here so hard to sleep.
23/Nov/16 1:16 AM
....I'm waiting Serena!
23/Nov/16 1:17 AM
I'm back. The surprise is on my page.
23/Nov/16 1:32 AM
I had to run out to flickr to get it. Aileen is on my flickr feed and she posts a lot of food. Now I'm very hungry so I'm going to go and eat.
23/Nov/16 1:34 AM
Way to go,Elijah! You look awesome! Congratulations to your team!
23/Nov/16 1:55 AM
Evening all.
23/Nov/16 2:01 AM
Morning here.
23/Nov/16 2:11 AM
from beautiful OK. Forecast for today, either or or maybe both.
23/Nov/16 2:18 AM
Wow, Elijah - and I love the story behind the transformation!
23/Nov/16 2:22 AM
...and welcome, Serena - been missing you!
23/Nov/16 2:23 AM
It's pretty much an open field for CP or Keith... how long will we wait???
23/Nov/16 2:28 AM
Good Maen, good people. I once taught a teen journalism class. The ultimate goal was to put out two quarterly newspapers and a 'TV' (video) broadcast over the course of the year (plus other weekly and quarterly assigments and reports).

One of the things I included each week was a 5-10 More...
23/Nov/16 2:38 AM
Billy probably didn't stay a billy. He was probably wethered. Intact male goats stink! And that opinion comes from a woman who was a find goat keeper who has kept at least 4 breeding males over the years. We kept separate 'ruined' clothing to wear when working with the male goats and their wethered companions because the musk wouldn't wash out.
23/Nov/16 2:46 AM
22. I'm on a roll. Still trying to sort out closets and bins before I have weekend company.
23/Nov/16 2:47 AM
23/Nov/16 2:47 AM
Plum was faster.
23/Nov/16 2:47 AM
Ha. Thanks for the race to 22, Serena. For once I'm glad I got 22 because today is November 22 (here in SW Michigan, USA, anyway) and today is my 33rd wedding anniversary!
23/Nov/16 2:50 AM
Burl spent last night sleeping in the bed of his pickup in 24F temperatures, but it was because of extenuating professional, not marital, circumstances. He was too far from home to come home and drive back and only had a few hours to catch some sleep.
23/Nov/16 2:53 AM
I'm here for just a minute, then I have to close up my computer until after the munchkins leave.
I want to wish all celebrating an early
I am thankful to have all of you in my life. What a fun group you are!
Have a safe holiday. See you next week!
23/Nov/16 3:11 AM
... wha? ... there was a race?
23/Nov/16 3:40 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Slow start when I realized my keyboard wasn't responding when I tried to type an email...Hubby informs me that wireless keyboards have batteries (duh! it didn't occur to me) All is now well.

LOL Serena! I like Elijah's new look: I'm not distracted by all More...
23/Nov/16 3:46 AM
Morning all, a kid holding a kid.
Wow Serena, are you sure that is the same teenager.
Elijah looks so different without his hair.
23/Nov/16 5:03 AM
Had a wonderful visit with Grasshopper and Mr Cee yesterday, for some reason the photo wouldn't load onto my page even though I had changed it to png.
23/Nov/16 5:07 AM
1:35. Good morning everyone.
23/Nov/16 5:59 AM

Now you can see him, Elijah is one good looking young man. Thanks to his team mates for winning the required number of games!

for sharing Serena.
23/Nov/16 7:19 AM
Cute photo
She looks happy with her pet! Thanks for sharing
23/Nov/16 8:22 AM
Good afternoon to all! Busy day here. Just a few posts.
23/Nov/16 9:40 AM
Elijah, miss your hair but wow chum, what a great reason to lose it.
23/Nov/16 9:42 AM
Get your turkeys cooking my US friends.
23/Nov/16 9:43 AM
In between jobs - 0ff to the gym and then the pool !
23/Nov/16 10:22 AM
I'm missing Mr. Wombat - WHERE ARRRRRE YOU? You've been missed sir, so pop in & say howdy. Hope everything is A-OK!
23/Nov/16 10:44 AM
Hmmm -- didn't realize where I was....botp
23/Nov/16 10:45 AM
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