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Easy Sudoku for 22/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Have a great Sudoku day!
22/Nov/16 12:37 AM
22/Nov/16 12:42 AM
I'm watching the sunrise in my neck of the woods - good start of my day ! Very motivated- I do tend to do well with a deadline!
22/Nov/16 12:54 AM
Thinking - I could do my grocery shopping now - but did my household chores instead- no wonder I peter out at the end of the day
22/Nov/16 12:56 AM
My treat for getting started is to visit here
22/Nov/16 12:57 AM
Now if I could only find time where I can stay awake to read my books !
22/Nov/16 12:58 AM
A lovely sunset reward with a smooth 1->9 puzzle - enjoy your day everyone!
22/Nov/16 1:00 AM
world from beautiful OK
22/Nov/16 1:12 AM
Harry is running late this morning, time for PT.
22/Nov/16 1:13 AM
Will be back later I hope
22/Nov/16 1:14 AM
Sunny, but cold.
Celebrated my mother's 101st birthday this week. We took her to a restaurant that gave the percentage of your meal off based on your age! (Instead of money back, they gave her dessert, too!)
22/Nov/16 2:02 AM
I wonder how many people over a hundred years-old actually go out to a restaurant on their birthdays? The restaurant was a bit surprised.
22/Nov/16 2:04 AM
Go, Mom!
22/Nov/16 2:06 AM
22/Nov/16 2:08 AM
22/Nov/16 2:42 AM
Meant Maen!!

22/Nov/16 2:44 AM
1:17, an easy 1-9 puzzle this morning. Hi everyone.
22/Nov/16 3:49 AM
101 great years, and out to a restaurant besides! Wow!
Sending a Happy Birthday wish skyward to my mom, who would have been 95 today. We're cooking a meal tonight using mom's wooden spoon that she got for a wedding gift. There's hardly any spoon part left at the end, and the thing is pitch black, but every time I see it in the drawer, I smile.
22/Nov/16 4:08 AM
Good mAen, good people. My middle daughter 'Faun' has her 27th birthday this weekend. My oldest daughter and her husband, 'Starr' and 'Quill,' are visiting and they are both 29 this fall, so we have three birthdays to celebrate. Ai! Hope my amazon order gets here on time!
22/Nov/16 4:33 AM
Good afternoon to all! Lovely picture, but does anyone know what 'over pontin' refers to?
22/Nov/16 4:35 AM
Especially since my amazon order contains oyster stew I need to make scalloped corn and oysters for Thanksgiving. Oyster stew is no longer available in local stores. I must order from online. Its a traditional family favorite recipe on my husband's side of the family. I've been making it for More...
22/Nov/16 4:38 AM
Saw the comments about trying to resurrect the chat room. I visited the old chat room several times, but I could never type fast enough to keep up with the conversations. Hope those who enjoyed it can get it re-started though.
22/Nov/16 4:38 AM
22. Burl makes wooden spoons. My favorite just broke. I told him I can't cook for him until he makes me another one!
22/Nov/16 4:39 AM
Nice to see Anne (Vermont) drop in. Come visit more often Anne.
22/Nov/16 4:39 AM
Sorry Plum.
22/Nov/16 4:40 AM
Ha. I would have had it if I hadnt written then edited my comment before posting.
22/Nov/16 4:40 AM
Greg, I think it was supposed to read 'over pond in .'
22/Nov/16 4:41 AM
I'm having a problem with punctuation typing on a tiny screen.
22/Nov/16 4:43 AM
Morning all, beautiful sunset as our prize.
While we were in QLD we met Grasshopper ,today we get to meet Mr Cee as well when they call in on their way north.
22/Nov/16 7:28 AM
Good one Amelia!
22/Nov/16 8:41 AM
Had a 'tropical' style thunderstorm last night, right across the north of Tas. Brilliant to watch and very unusual for our part of the world.
22/Nov/16 8:42 AM
Most interesting was the fact that the dog remained cautiously calm, whereas he was all over the shop in yesterday morning's much lesser storm.
22/Nov/16 8:44 AM
I just don't understand him!!
22/Nov/16 8:45 AM
A long day in the garden coming up. Enjoy your day folks.
22/Nov/16 8:45 AM
22/Nov/16 9:00 AM
I'm dreaming of a white Thanksgiving.
22/Nov/16 9:01 AM
To answer the question I was asked the last time I dropped in. I am a horrible scheduler so when extra things come up I have a hard time juggling things. Then my internet died.
22/Nov/16 9:02 AM
Hide the family silver Amelia, and if you shake his hand count your fingers. He is a Queenslander you know!
22/Nov/16 9:03 AM
Spent the morning with my mouth wide open while the dentist and his assistant had their hands and tools in my mouth! Ack! Feel like my mouth looks like a clown's painted mouth!
22/Nov/16 9:04 AM
22/Nov/16 9:05 AM
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