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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I hope everyone has a great day!
23/Mar/16 12:00 AM
Wolf, and all to follow!
23/Mar/16 12:06 AM
I have a doctor's appointment in awhile, so here is the early (for me) poozle for today......

These words follow a rule: bag, case, pack, sack
These words don’t follow it: carrier, pouch, satchel, tote
Can you find the rule?

Answers to my ''Away we go!'' inbox, please.
23/Mar/16 12:08 AM
Now, I need to get my act together and get out of here. I shall return!
23/Mar/16 12:09 AM
Good morning all! I'm late, so the wishes are double-strength CP - Happy 41st Anniversary!
23/Mar/16 1:28 AM
23/Mar/16 1:40 AM
Prayers to all the good people in Brussels ...
23/Mar/16 2:59 AM
Good morning.
23/Mar/16 3:45 AM
Had a lovely anniversary dinner at a restaurant we hadn't been to before but which came highly recommended.
23/Mar/16 3:46 AM
The food was great.
23/Mar/16 3:47 AM
And I managed to surprise Mr P by telling him we were going out to a pizza place I'd been told was really great. We usually have takeaway pizza on a Tuesday night so it wasn't too hard an idea to sell.
23/Mar/16 3:50 AM
He really enjoyed the surprise and the food too. We'll definitely be going back there.
23/Mar/16 3:54 AM
BTW, thank you for all the lovely wishes we received yesterday.
23/Mar/16 3:55 AM
Just read news reports of bombings in Brussels. Will this madness never stop?
23/Mar/16 4:25 AM
23/Mar/16 4:31 AM
Probably not, CP. Unfortunately, mankind has never, in recorded history, been able to get along with one another for any reasonable amount of time.
23/Mar/16 4:37 AM
Maen to all of you. Sorrow for friends in Brussels.
23/Mar/16 5:46 AM
Thinking of the people of Brussels, especially the families and friends of those killed and injured in the bombings. How awful that this is becoming all too familiar.
I have friends who are vacationing in Paris right now. They said security is so heightened that it was rather difficult to More...
23/Mar/16 6:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's some stork.
23/Mar/16 6:22 AM
I agree with all the comments regarding the happenings in Brussels. The death and carnage is unforgiveable. My thoughts and prayers to all the families of those affected and my support to all in Belgium to prevail.i
23/Mar/16 6:25 AM
Well, I'm on a no food day after two days of no fibre eating. Colonoscopy tomorrow. My birthday present to myself. Just watch me feast tomorrow night.
23/Mar/16 6:28 AM
Morning all, that stork looks tired...too many deliveries .lol
23/Mar/16 6:50 AM
Nice stork today.
23/Mar/16 6:56 AM
Canuk Greg, Stephanie, Stephbulter and Sailor51
23/Mar/16 6:57 AM
Good Luck Canuk Greg! Not a pleasant preparation time but the feast afterwards almost makes up for it.
23/Mar/16 8:44 AM
Belated good wishes for your anniversary, CP.

Mr P must truly be a saint!
23/Mar/16 10:00 AM
Sacky and Jane spent the night here and we went out for a meal at the local hotel along with Saylz and his wife.

A good night was had by all.

Finished it up with a Skype meeting with Kathy(V).
23/Mar/16 10:02 AM
Sacky and Jane are now on their way to Port Arthur where they intend to do the Ghost Tour tonight...........

Scary stuff!
23/Mar/16 10:03 AM
Morning all..
23/Mar/16 10:44 AM
Good night all...
23/Mar/16 1:49 PM
I just discovered that there is a wine called 42⁰ South! Peter is not the only person aware of his latitude.
23/Mar/16 2:09 PM
Speaking of storks, Angie made me this smilie years ago. I haven't used it much, Thanks Angie.
23/Mar/16 3:03 PM
23/Mar/16 3:30 PM
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