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Easy Sudoku for 22/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/Mar/16 12:00 AM
1:29 My fastest time yet, I think.

Hello Hal, Good night one and all!
22/Mar/16 12:12 AM
Look who decided to post.

The long boring story for my absence goes something like this. The room that the computer is in currently looks like a tornado went through it. Being in the room drives me nuts. The simple solution would be to clean the room. More...
22/Mar/16 12:14 AM
PS - I can check my email on my tablet or ipod but the screens are small enough that I don't do sudoku or detailed things on them. I'm also a keyboard snob so I don't do alot of email through them either.
22/Mar/16 12:19 AM
Good morning people of the world.
22/Mar/16 12:21 AM
Likely excuse, Serena. Just blame the little darlings for you being absent. I would use it in a heartbeat.

Oh, just to give you something to look forward to in the future. Uninterrupted showers. Oh talk about heaven. I just had one and not even my furry companions bothered me. I will admit More...
22/Mar/16 12:26 AM

What is 3/7 chicken, 2/3 cat and 1/2 goat? Chicago; I'll also accept coating.

In the today we have Plum, Judy, Jeanine, Mads, HalT, Lonewoof, Keith, Kathy, Wombat, and Sarah. Ribbons for the winners.
22/Mar/16 12:28 AM
I'm going to take a little break from puzzles and whatnot while I get things organized around here. I'll still drop in so nobody sends out a search party.
22/Mar/16 12:31 AM
Well, had a morning that proved that it was the first day back to school after Spring break and the time change. K set her alarm to go off with mine, not that the child would ever get up at that time. The child set it at its highest volume at the sound of a rooster. I came flying out of bed, but More...
22/Mar/16 12:32 AM
Then as we are trying to get out the front the door, the bus passes. We were not the only ones running behind. At the previous stop, you could here, 'We missed it.' At our stop, where 4 girls get on, the one that has to drive, pulled up, which had our bus driver turning her lights back on, which More...
22/Mar/16 12:35 AM
Good morning.
22/Mar/16 1:38 AM
Early get up for me today.
22/Mar/16 1:38 AM
But it was the 3rd time I woke up, so I got up, thinking it was later.
22/Mar/16 1:40 AM
It is getting chillier when I get up lately.
22/Mar/16 1:41 AM
Can't complain since we had such an extended summer. besides I love autumn and the changing leaf colours. I even quite like winter - but I probably wouldn't if we had weeks of snow.
22/Mar/16 1:44 AM
PS. Happy Anniversary to Mr P and me today. 41 years. I know that's not as long as some but then I'm younger than those folk!! LOL
22/Mar/16 1:47 AM
Happy 41st, CP! Wishing you much joy and unbridled celebration!
22/Mar/16 2:15 AM
CP and Mr. P!
22/Mar/16 2:19 AM
Serena has been found!
22/Mar/16 2:19 AM
I noticed Amelia was happy I was sending her off to Japan yesterday.
22/Mar/16 2:21 AM
Waiting for gallumping man........
22/Mar/16 2:29 AM
Happy anniversary, CP and Mr. P. Amazing how fast those years add up. :) Should I mention, by what you said, that you have been married longer than me. Hehehe, I just had to say that.
22/Mar/16 2:31 AM
Well, as far as I know I am not a man, that I know of, but you know me, I know nothing about body parts or functions.
22/Mar/16 2:32 AM
I have decided to end today early, with the exception of an uninterrupted shower, it is just not my day. Was going to run down to the corner store, but had to rethink my plans, when my car would not start. That is not a good thing. My neighbor said he would come boost me off when his lawn people More...
22/Mar/16 2:36 AM
There is concern for later today, when I actually have to do something, like prepare dinner, which is going require at least one knife and heating elements and children will be involved. No, the children are not what's for dinner. They will just be home by then and they do not believe in giving More...
22/Mar/16 2:41 AM
Um ... gallumping is not a body function, per say.
22/Mar/16 3:19 AM
I have a feeling Ian/Sydney has an anniversary around this date too. Don't quote me thought, I'm not positive.
22/Mar/16 3:43 AM
I'm off, back to bed. Later.....
22/Mar/16 3:46 AM
(Retired hubby was on computer this morning, so I couldn't be here earlier. Wish he'd get his own like he promised!)
& Partly sunny.
Happy Anniversary, CP & Mr. CP!
22/Mar/16 4:11 AM
Good after noon to all! I wonder what the congratulations were for?
22/Mar/16 5:19 AM
My 24F morning is gone and a nice 60F with plenty of sun has arrived
22/Mar/16 5:21 AM
to CP & Mr.P
22/Mar/16 5:22 AM
Shiela, I would go mad if I had to share a computer.
22/Mar/16 5:24 AM
Have to leave again shortly, Harry has PT this afternoon.
22/Mar/16 5:25 AM
gotta go
22/Mar/16 5:25 AM
Just back from an afternoon walk ... somebody should have told me to wear a hat. It's freezing out there! Wish I liked brandy.
22/Mar/16 5:29 AM
Morning all, hello and thank you.
Greg, they are congratulating you on finishing the puzzle.
22/Mar/16 5:55 AM
Happy 41st Anniversary CP and Mr P, hope you have a celebration dinner to go to.🎉💐
22/Mar/16 5:59 AM
Still waiting for dawn to break.
22/Mar/16 5:59 AM
22/Mar/16 6:00 AM
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