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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
23/Mar/18 12:00 AM
Lookee, lookee. See whose birthday (Day 1) we get to celebrate today! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸ· Happy Birthday, CG!
23/Mar/18 12:19 AM
eek... wasn't expecting that picture... *LOL*
23/Mar/18 12:20 AM
Plum, Chayote, ...everyone!
Hope your day is, too!
23/Mar/18 12:29 AM
Chayote, I'd quite agree!
23/Mar/18 12:35 AM
Now I'm off to watercolor class.
Almost forgot!
Happy, Happy two-day Birthday, CG!!!
Stephanie & Sailor, too!
23/Mar/18 12:39 AM
I'm afraid to comment on that picture.
23/Mar/18 12:47 AM
TftD: Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

Have a good one, CG.
23/Mar/18 12:49 AM
Good morning decided to come here first this morning before getting started with my day.
23/Mar/18 12:51 AM
I did not care for the picture Hal.
23/Mar/18 12:51 AM
23/Mar/18 12:52 AM
Did yard work and have paid for it all night. might be getting too old for this.
23/Mar/18 12:54 AM
Have so many flowers blooming and more coming up.
23/Mar/18 12:55 AM
Everybody!! Quite a few early birds today!
23/Mar/18 1:28 AM
Cheers to CG -
23/Mar/18 2:16 AM
Hello to all the early-birds too!
23/Mar/18 2:16 AM
Not a happy camper, found out I have to have a root canal. At least the dull pain is ameliorated with the antibiotic.
23/Mar/18 2:19 AM
But on the other hand, it's raining here!
Not enough to resolve the low water table and fill up the marsh like last year but at least maybe be enough to encourage the migratory water fowls to return!
23/Mar/18 2:23 AM
Good afternoon to all!
23/Mar/18 3:25 AM
Thank you for the birthday wishes, both here and on my page. The day is actually tomorrow. Not the big one yet but getting clode ..... turning 69.
23/Mar/18 3:27 AM
23/Mar/18 3:28 AM
23/Mar/18 3:28 AM
Begs the question .. did one of them used to wear those pants?
23/Mar/18 3:29 AM

I'm a little late today. Had to dispose of that white stuff out there this morning.
It was a very heavy snow. It was clogging up everyone's snowblowers, so we just did it the old-fashioned way with shovels. I took advantage of More...
23/Mar/18 4:44 AM
Ugly photo today!
23/Mar/18 5:55 AM
Morning all, I don't care to comment on that picture either.
23/Mar/18 6:07 AM
Greg, today and tomorrow.
23/Mar/18 6:11 AM
Stephanie and Sailor .
23/Mar/18 6:12 AM
23/Mar/18 6:25 AM
Our next door neighbor was cooking his dinner and his cooktop caught on fire and tripped his power out. We smelt the smoke then heard the sirens of the fire trucks. All is well just have to get an electrician to check it out .
23/Mar/18 6:33 AM
On this day, 50 years ago, Anne and I were married in a quaint little English church in the village of Markyate. We have had a wonderful married life and I wouldn't change a day of it - except perhaps the last couple of years when poor health has rather taken over our lives. Still, there are a More...
23/Mar/18 8:42 AM

πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸŒΊnice here but rumors of snow coming for a weekend visit - sorry I have out my coats away !
Had some knee issues and got a cortisone injection so new lease on life - getting closer to that knee replacement! But not today ! Today we walk !
23/Mar/18 9:00 AM
Congratulations Chris and Anne - it is indeed a significant milestone. May you have many more to come
23/Mar/18 9:10 AM
Happy Anniversary, Ian and Anne! What a great run you two have had ... and continue to have! Good health and love to you both!
23/Mar/18 9:41 AM
Happy birthday Greg. -.may you have many more of them, And congratulations to Ian and Anne. May those health issues not affect your enjoyment of life.
23/Mar/18 10:16 AM
Congrats to Anne and Ian.
23/Mar/18 10:41 AM
Big game starting: Texas A&M Aggies v. Michigan Stink Bears.
23/Mar/18 10:42 AM
Oh, some people call them Wolverines. Whatever.
23/Mar/18 10:43 AM
And while I'm here...
23/Mar/18 10:44 AM
23/Mar/18 10:45 AM
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