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Easy Sudoku for 22/March/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:17 Getting slower and slower.

Good night all! Where is everyone? Just got home from badminton and expected there to be people here already.
22/Mar/18 12:37 AM
22/Mar/18 12:48 AM
I have the delightful job of stuffing three cats into their own carrier each and take them to the vet! I'm just praying that I come out of this affair unscathed! Last time the vet saw them, Pikachu had a bloody streaky across her back which gave the vet some concern. I told him, no worries, that was my blood!
22/Mar/18 12:50 AM
Good Maen, good people. Yes, there are clouds, but I'm enjoying sunshine today. Can't wait for the warm up so I can sow my spring veggies.
22/Mar/18 1:02 AM
22/Mar/18 1:32 AM
TftD: Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
22/Mar/18 1:33 AM

Three engineering students were gathered together discussing who must have designed the human body. One said, 'It was a mechanical engineer. Just look at all the joints.'
Another said, 'No, it was an electrical engineer. The nervous system has many thousands of electrical More...
22/Mar/18 1:40 AM
22/Mar/18 1:46 AM
Well, I spoke too soon about the lack of snow here yesterday. Suffice to say the snow plow has been down our street this morning....twice.
22/Mar/18 2:01 AM
Keith, I have to send that joke to my son-in-law, the Civil Engineer.
22/Mar/18 2:03 AM
Shosho, getting our cat INTO the carrier was not the problem. Getting him out, however, was a whole other issue. The vet said he had never seen a cat ''spread eagle'' quite so efficiently inside a carrier. It took the vet and a tech to maneuver him out. Restraints were involved.
Here he More...
22/Mar/18 2:11 AM
Not sunny...
(I even waited a bit to see if it would!)
I hope your day has no wait!
22/Mar/18 2:14 AM
Looks like Kathy'll need a lot of sunshine to melt that load of snow!
22/Mar/18 2:15 AM
After many cats, a dog, several rabbits and a herd of goats I finally have a pet who loves the vet. She goes spastic with delight every time she's there. Yeah. She's a black lab.
22/Mar/18 2:18 AM
Do you get free lab tests?
22/Mar/18 2:50 AM
Keith, I've got one for you = a chemical engineer! Had to be, with the endocrine system (a series of glands that uses hormones [chemical substances] to regulate the body)!!!
22/Mar/18 2:57 AM
Hey, I'm back, unbloodied!!! Nary a scratch even! Did have to search and chase down Pikachu but everyone went into their carrier without the spread eagle stance!!!
22/Mar/18 2:58 AM
Got to the vet's place with the best parking, right in front of the doors, and backed in, so easy access to cats. Got there 30 minutes early but vet saw them in 15 minutes early and we were out in 24 minutes with all three examined, vaccinated, and weighed. Black twitched because he knew that he gained weight so he gave the technician an appealing look!
22/Mar/18 3:01 AM
Most of the time, I wish I had a cat, but not after today's stories.
22/Mar/18 3:51 AM
Think I'll make a run for it.
22/Mar/18 3:52 AM
I could use some free lab work, but, alas, I don't think the office will see it that way, Neil.
22/Mar/18 3:52 AM
22/Mar/18 3:52 AM
22/Mar/18 3:52 AM
Plum pushed me.
22/Mar/18 3:52 AM
... twice.
22/Mar/18 3:52 AM
Discovered too late I was in a race. I was still reading shosho's posts when Keith started his run. Oh, well. We don't make Keith run hard for the prize most days.
22/Mar/18 3:55 AM
Consider it a little help from a friend, Keith. One way or another, you made it. That's what counts.
22/Mar/18 4:01 AM
Yup. Thx for the help.
22/Mar/18 4:09 AM
Razr and Jake sure are alert, and adorable! I love those big eyes looking out at us.
22/Mar/18 4:18 AM
Happy Wednesday (last vacation day before going back to work tomorrow)
Keith and Shosho: thanks for the engineering funnies!
22/Mar/18 4:24 AM
Ooh, I forgot the 'raging hormones' in teenagers! Now that had to be engineered in!
22/Mar/18 5:08 AM
22/Mar/18 5:32 AM
1:59. Note to self; take a bit of time to wake up before doing the puzzles! Good morning everyone.
22/Mar/18 5:54 AM
Good afternoon to all! Lovely looking felines!
22/Mar/18 6:03 AM
22/Mar/18 6:29 AM
Morning all, well someone removed the dome over Medowie as we got 122 mm of heavy rain yesterday.
22/Mar/18 8:39 AM
Bill went to golf yesterday,played nine holes thought they would get the other nine done got to the twelfth green to be drenched by rain. Came home looking like a drowned rat. lol
22/Mar/18 8:46 AM
Poor cats got squished in the photo resizing process.
22/Mar/18 1:05 PM
A rectangle shaped picture submitted to this site gets squished into a square. To look normal, you have to crop your photos to a square shape before submitting.
22/Mar/18 4:24 PM
22/Mar/18 4:24 PM
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