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Easy Sudoku for 23/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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23/May/15 12:01 AM
A beautiful day today! A bit chilly in the 50 - 60 F range...
...but I like it that way!
23/May/15 12:01 AM
And it's 'Day One' of Mamacita's birthday!
Wishing you a very happy birthday filled with family, friends & lots of fun!
23/May/15 12:04 AM
Morning all.
23/May/15 12:07 AM
High school orchestra?
23/May/15 12:28 AM
Happy Friday day off!
23/May/15 12:33 AM
My father made a cello once. He also made several violins and a couple of violas as well. He was self-taught after he retired. Made beautiful instruments! He worked with wood his entire life. He was a carpenter, a boatmaker (made wooden sailboats at a boatworks), was a gunsmith at one point making More...
23/May/15 12:35 AM
2 Day Birthday Mama.
23/May/15 12:36 AM
Long time since I have been on page 1.
Thanks Western Australia for confusing the heck out of my body clock.
23/May/15 12:37 AM

Hi Broni! Happy that you took a little time from your fun filled adventure to stop by. From your postings on FB, it looks like you and Bella are having a great time.
23/May/15 1:17 AM
The answers to the (finally posted) poozle from yesterday: The paragraph does not contain the letter ''E''. It does contain all the other letters.

I award the ''EEEEEK'' Crown to winners Judy, lonewoof, Shosho, Sarah, and Wolf.
23/May/15 1:21 AM
Pac-Man's 35th Anniversary - Do you believe it?
23/May/15 1:29 AM
We have an absolutely gorgeous day today. After 2 days of rain, it is more that welcome.
Not very exciting, but I am off to wash my car.
23/May/15 1:29 AM
23/May/15 1:37 AM
Re: Pac-Man....

''The game was developed primarily by a young Namco employee named Toru Iwatani over the course of a year, beginning in April 1979, employing a nine-man team.
Later in 1980, the game was picked up for manufacture in the United States by Bally division Midway, which More...
23/May/15 1:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! This young lady looks quite similar to Carla, Fiona's daughter, but I don't think it's her.
23/May/15 3:41 AM
Good mAen, everyone.
Lots to agree with today...It's beautiful and this does look a bit like Carla, CG, but again, I think it isn't also.
Today I've been blessed to add another year to my story...I never thought I'd be older than my Mom and Dad or most of my aunts and uncles. I'm rather More...
23/May/15 4:14 AM
Mamacita. Cute: no hat today. You don't strike me as the kind that would get a big head about anything, since you always seem to be thinking about others. May you have a wonderful day.
23/May/15 4:25 AM
Might I be alone?
23/May/15 4:26 AM
And able to take a leisurely gallump
23/May/15 4:26 AM
to the finish line?
23/May/15 4:27 AM
23/May/15 4:27 AM
''Uptight''? Need to Relax?

The most relaxing film ever made? This seven-minute video of Danish scenery set to tranquil music is found to reduce pulse rates by more than 10%

23/May/15 4:30 AM
Mamacita 2
23/May/15 4:39 AM

My beef stew was delicious last night. And I have 2 quarts of it in the freezer and another meal ready for tonight! I call them 'planned overs' not left overs, because I intentionally made extras!
23/May/15 6:05 AM
Mamacita - May this be the start to another wonderful year for you. And enjoy meeting Nola as part of your celebration.
23/May/15 6:07 AM
lovely photo orchestra cello playing.
23/May/15 6:31 AM
1:40. Good morning everyone. I have to disagree with today's caption, clarinets and saxes rule! (no prizes for guessing what I play.)
23/May/15 6:52 AM
Mamacita 2.
23/May/15 7:07 AM
Wish me luck all, I'm about to get ready for my normal 5km Saturday morning race, but this time the temperature's sitting around -2ÂșC - time to rug up!
23/May/15 7:14 AM
Morning all, this lass has some proud parents.
23/May/15 7:24 AM
Good luck Chris, you should be warm by the you finish.
23/May/15 7:29 AM
Mamacita,have fun on the start of you two day celebration.
23/May/15 7:32 AM
Oops ! Chris ,I'm sure you would know that the word time is missing from my other post. lol
23/May/15 7:35 AM
Why not ,a CP to boot.
23/May/15 7:36 AM
And here comes CP.
23/May/15 8:49 AM
Good morning all.
23/May/15 8:50 AM
Chris, did you go to the Count Basie Orchestra band last weekend? Clarinets and saxes did rule!
23/May/15 8:51 AM
And trumpets and trombones and ....
23/May/15 8:52 AM
Happy Birthday, Mamacita. May your new year be filled with the love you deserve. I always love the wisdom of your posts.
23/May/15 8:54 AM
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