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Easy Sudoku for 22/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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22/May/15 12:00 AM
Hi Hal.
22/May/15 12:03 AM
G'day, Keith.
22/May/15 12:06 AM
Octopuses is the correct plural. Octopodes is also the correct classical plural,
22/May/15 12:20 AM
... and there is no second half to that sentence.
22/May/15 12:27 AM
, y'all! 2:00 even with an interruption and having to restart.
22/May/15 12:36 AM
I like Octopodes. Never thought they would dry 'em by flinging them over a line like a towel!
22/May/15 12:37 AM
Reminds me of a Gary Larson 'Far Side' cartoon. A distinguished octopus is addressing a convention. He says:

'Fellow octopi, or octopuses...octopi?...Dang, it's hard to start a speech with this crowd.'

Learn something new daily: octopus is Greek, and so the mistaken plural More...
22/May/15 12:45 AM
& whoever wrote the caption probably took the 007 spelling class.
22/May/15 12:48 AM
I just realized I didn't post a puzzle yesterday.
I've been trying to remedy that oversight, but my ''copy and paste'' feature doesn't seem to be working.
Let me see if I can figure out what the problem is....I'll be back!
22/May/15 1:00 AM
Let's see if this works!

Study this paragraph and all things in it. What is vitally wrong with it? Actually, nothing in it is wrong, but you must admit that it is most unusual. Don't just zip through it quickly, but study it scrupulously. With luck you should spot what is so particular More...
22/May/15 1:02 AM
I have no idea what the problem was...as usual, when all else fails, shut down the computer and start again.
22/May/15 1:04 AM
When I discovered the shutdown trick works with modern phones, too, I thought, ''Dang. Wonder if I could do that on myself.''
22/May/15 1:12 AM
Hmmm. Where would you ''click'' to accomplish that, Keith? Never mind.
22/May/15 1:20 AM
Good morning to all! A bunch of down and out octopi on squid row!
22/May/15 1:23 AM
at last comment!!!
22/May/15 1:32 AM

Manners, manners Elizabeth!!!

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
22/May/15 1:39 AM
Greg, I guffawed out loud .
22/May/15 2:19 AM
Let me add one more gallump for Keith.
22/May/15 2:25 AM
Gallump! Next...?
22/May/15 2:26 AM
Where's Keith?
22/May/15 2:47 AM
Twenty-two for Keith.
22/May/15 2:48 AM
Well, we waited! South Carolina seems to be alive and kicking today.
22/May/15 3:17 AM
I suspect that the misspelling in the caption is intentional ... light-hearted ... to get a smile ...
22/May/15 3:23 AM
South Carolina is either ''alive and kicking'', as you say ... or everyone is here online because they are bored out of their gourds there! KIDDING!!
22/May/15 3:26 AM

Thanks from me, too, for the chuckle, CG!
22/May/15 3:40 AM
Oh, boring ones! (What'd she call us?!?!?)
Sunny today!
I'll start over... Hello, everyone!
22/May/15 3:41 AM
Such a tough decision for me to make...should I make a beef pot roast or a beef stew for dinner? They both sound really good to me. It's cold enough to enjoy a meal that cooks for awhile today. So I have the meat thawing but need to decide soon.
22/May/15 3:42 AM
22/May/15 3:45 AM
Tuna cakes here, Dottie, in a much warmer climate. Hmm, a meal for chilly temps in Ohio... beef stew gets my vote.
22/May/15 4:11 AM
Well, it's slow at the office too, though not slow enough to simply stay on our beloved forum....
22/May/15 4:11 AM
Happy Thursday from here...and Dottie, in honor of the upcoming holiday I'm having BBQ ribs...hmmmm.,...so looking forward to the good eating that will start in just a couple of hours from now. Can you believe it...a countdown to eating food you fix for yourself....Wow! Lol.
22/May/15 5:00 AM
Silvergal guessed right. I have beef stew simmering away. Her crab cakes sound good for next week. But it's cold here right now. We're supposed to get back up to 70 on the weekend, but it's only in the mid 50s now. we had frost warnings last night!
Ouima's ribs sound good, too. But I don't More...
22/May/15 5:33 AM
Mamacita, you have a birthday fast approaching. Are you ready to turn another page. Life is wonderful, and you have a wonderful life. Keep on trucking young lady!
22/May/15 5:42 AM
We are staying in the Yorkshire Dales. Ken likes chasing trains but today we also visited Fountain Abbey near Rippon. A large Abbey established in 12th. And destroyed by HenryV111.
We will soon be headed back home. We get home Tuesday night.
22/May/15 6:47 AM
Morning all, I like Greg's caption for the pic best. 😄
22/May/15 6:58 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
22/May/15 7:05 AM
I had my first game of golf since last August and what happens, I popped a tendon in my right arm. By the ninth hole I as struggling so I just went the rest of the way to mark the card for my partner. Feels a bit better this morning.
22/May/15 7:09 AM
Ain't golf great, Amelia?
22/May/15 7:19 AM
Oh, look where we are...
22/May/15 7:20 AM
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