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Easy Sudoku for 24/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's todays daffynition:
catastrophy n. An award for the cat with the nicest bum.
And here's today's factoid:
A cat's urine glows under a blacklight.
24/Nov/13 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.
24/Nov/13 12:00 AM
24/Nov/13 12:00 AM
Good morning to all! Dull and overcast here in Ottawa this morning.
24/Nov/13 12:06 AM
As promised, Part One of my Famous People puzzle.
Each first answer will be either the first or last name of a famous person. The second answer will be either a curtail or a beheader of the first answer. Have fun!

1. A great humanitarian who was assassinated in 1968-> relatives
2. More...
24/Nov/13 12:09 AM
Answer to yesterday’s puzzle:

1. Hoist, host, hot
2. Claim, clam, cam
3. Lounge, lunge, luge
4. Beard, bard, bad
5. Heart, hart, hat

And congratulations to Canuk Greg (who’s answer came in 29 minutes after I submitted it), Serena, V Vici (you’re welcome), KathyMD (Who More...
24/Nov/13 12:09 AM
Re: the Famous People puzzle, answers to my 'I Remember Them' inbox please.
24/Nov/13 12:12 AM
Hal, I liked that puzzle. I'm sure your next one will be much harder!
24/Nov/13 12:14 AM
Gee, for those people who want tougher puzzles, take a gander at Canuk Greg's effort above. That's too hard for me at this late hour so I'm outa here.

Canuk Greg, I never knew that Ben Cartwright was Canadian. Then again, did you know that Errol Flynn was Australian?
24/Nov/13 12:17 AM
I wonder if the dog in today's photo has a cold nose.
24/Nov/13 12:21 AM

I knew Errol Flynn was an Australian, Doug. Many years ago I read his autobiography, ''My Wicked, Wicked Ways''. If only half the stuff in that book was factual, to say he led an interesting life would be an understatement.
24/Nov/13 1:09 AM
And Hal, I meant, ''Who knew a male deer is also known as a hart?'' I have never heard that before.
Now let's see if I can figure out Greg's poozle.....
24/Nov/13 1:16 AM
Just going over my messages and see that I left Sarah (DC) off of the winners list.
Sorry, Sarah.
24/Nov/13 1:42 AM
24/Nov/13 1:45 AM
/ Hello from Michigan...
We recycled our large paper bags of leaves this morning.
Around 80 bags, I think + regular recycling.
(We don't have curb-side pick-up.)
Hubby can park his car in the garage again!
24/Nov/13 1:47 AM
Makes one wonder why we planted so many Maples, doesn't it!
24/Nov/13 1:49 AM
In our town, you can rake the leaves to the curb and a city truck comes by and sucks them up. They do this several times during the ''fall''. Of course, the first time it was scheduled this year none of our leaves were off the trees yet. Not the best city planning.
24/Nov/13 1:56 AM
We have a big maple in the front yard that shares it's leaves with the neighborhood, Shiela.
24/Nov/13 1:57 AM
Clearly he likes to have fun in snow. Hope the jigsaw works.
24/Nov/13 2:07 AM
I'm here in time.
24/Nov/13 2:12 AM
Let's go.
24/Nov/13 2:12 AM
24/Nov/13 2:12 AM
We live on the east end of a neighborhood at the bottom of a hill. We get our leaves plus everyone else's leaves - at least our neighbor's who don't rake, that is! One year our nieve neighbor (20 years younger than us) told us how she raked her leaves to the edge of her lawn (along our property More...
24/Nov/13 2:19 AM
Yea, Keith! You got it!
24/Nov/13 2:20 AM
For Vici - It's beginning to snow here!
24/Nov/13 2:21 AM
You have my sympathy, Shiela. I'm not a fan of winters with a lot of snow. That's one reason I don't live in Wisconsin any more.
24/Nov/13 2:32 AM
That wonderful snow dog picture fits perfectly vertically as a jigsaw ... no wiggle room at all. Looks a lot like my childhood dog, my best buddy when I was a kid.
24/Nov/13 2:36 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Nov/13 2:37 AM
Dr. Who Day
24/Nov/13 2:39 AM
Lots of trees in our yard. Raking gets old fast, and seems never ending at the peak time. When my kids were the right size, we'd pay 25 cents a wheelbarrow. Now, truth be told, leaves are one of the main reasons we hired a gardener ... that and weeds.
24/Nov/13 2:41 AM
HalT, harder? Really! On my little scrape paper, I have hit and misses. Lots of misses. It was one of those things I would get back to, but did not get back to.
My initial start on Canuk Greg's puzzle, looks the same.
24/Nov/13 2:43 AM
Today's weather, is making a lovely family day. K and I are in a UNO battle. She is out for revenge, since last night I beat her 54 to 397.

I told her it was time for her to learn how to make my famous cookies. I do not want, what happened to me and Mom's bread, to happen, later on. Much More...
24/Nov/13 2:48 AM
Hal, I didn't get to your puzzle yesterday, but spent some time with it just now. The only one that would have given me some trouble was 3. Hope I have time for the next one.
24/Nov/13 2:59 AM
24/Nov/13 3:34 AM
I remember the first time I cooked my family's dinner. I must have been in elementary school at the time and my mother was painting the walls of my bedroom. I ran back and forth from the kitchen to my bedroom innumerable times getting instructions and asking was it suppose to be doing 'that'?
24/Nov/13 3:36 AM
Later when I was just getting into high school, I remember my parents having an argument which culminated in my father leaving the house for the night. I was so worried about my parents that the following evening I cooked a romantic dinner topped with a martini! Have no idea how it tasted because I shooed my brothers out and we ate earlier.
24/Nov/13 3:38 AM
Then I went to college, then married and cooked for my hubby then for my family. But I came back to help cook for special meals. I wanted to learn how to cook the traditional dishes from her.
24/Nov/13 3:40 AM
As my mother became more and more infirm, I took over the big family dinners and the New Year's meal. By then I had to look up the recipes. First by books then internet.
24/Nov/13 3:44 AM
Now the only one of my nieces show interest in the traditional dishes, both American and Japanese, and offers to come help at Thanksgiving and New Year.
24/Nov/13 3:45 AM
24/Nov/13 3:45 AM
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