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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's todays daffynition:
predestination — Doomed from the start.
And here's today's factoid:
Batman fought Dr. Doom in April 1950. (Detective Comics #158)
23/Nov/13 12:00 AM
23/Nov/13 12:00 AM
A Thought For The Day:

If trees could scream would we still cut them down? We might, if they screamed all the time for no good reason.
23/Nov/13 12:00 AM
How do you do that Kayo??
23/Nov/13 12:01 AM
Quite well, HalT
23/Nov/13 12:02 AM
Welcome to the first Disemboweler. I have decided to make the first one rather easy. (Meaning you won’t see something like: “A small village on the coast of Madagascar southeast of Tananarive.”)
All definitions are from the American Heritage Dictionary. Good luck.
Example: 'Not dirty; family More...
23/Nov/13 12:10 AM
I had a comment for today's picture... but on second thought, some things are better left unsaid.
23/Nov/13 12:11 AM
There's nothing possible to say about that picture!
23/Nov/13 12:28 AM
I'm not sure I want to do the Sudoku puzzle now. Maybe I'll makes sure the kids are out of the room first.
23/Nov/13 12:36 AM
You'll see my baby blues today.
Rain is better than snow...
23/Nov/13 12:37 AM
I tried to do the puzzle this morning, but didn't finish in time, Serena!
23/Nov/13 12:39 AM
Trust me, Serena... Wolf is right.
(Not a pretty sight!)
23/Nov/13 12:40 AM
You guys had me worried for nothing. I kind of like it. I'm not thinking of redecorating my bathroom or anything though.
23/Nov/13 12:42 AM
23/Nov/13 12:43 AM
Had to start the car, it is cold today, The big thing is it is windy and out of the north. Yesterday the wind was from the south so wasn't too bad.
23/Nov/13 12:45 AM
Time to go............
23/Nov/13 12:45 AM

Punkin; Pepper; Tuna; String; 5
Batman; Spot; Chicken; Ball; 1
Billy; Sally; Mice; Beat Up; 9
Jake; Ruby; Chips; Sleep; 7
Dibii; Starbuck; Ice Cream; Laser; 3

In the today we have Kathy and Doug W.
23/Nov/13 12:46 AM
Good morning to all! The overly polite host's way of saying 'bite my a**'
23/Nov/13 12:47 AM
Fun photoshop!
Good Maen all...super windy here today and yesterday. Whoosh!
23/Nov/13 1:59 AM
Want to help name a cat?
Vici - my neighbor's 22 1/2 year old cat is 'at peace' now. She already has a new cat that someone dropped off at a friend's house that is gorgeous! A black & white cat that looks just like our Tuxedo - but with long fur.
23/Nov/13 2:04 AM
Near Keith's number, aren't we?
23/Nov/13 2:05 AM
Neighbor's cat already has a name! 'JB' for 'James Bond' - who always wears a tuxedo!
23/Nov/13 2:09 AM
Missed it by 9 minutes.
23/Nov/13 2:18 AM
We had a cat at the shelter that was named James Bond - he was such a cool cat - HUGE grey tabby, though. Neat idea for a Tuxedo cat, though.
My long haired Tuxedo is 'Romeo' - I like the name 'Tennessee' after the cartoon penguin.
23/Nov/13 2:26 AM
That a terrifying comode! I could never sit down to do my ''business''.
23/Nov/13 2:29 AM
Good lord. Do you clean that thing with a toilet brush or a tooth brush?

Off to lunch! Bye!
23/Nov/13 2:47 AM
Kathy -
23/Nov/13 2:54 AM
23/Nov/13 3:17 AM
It seems the 'game', ''Knockout'', in the U.S., is called ''king-hit'', in OZ.

23/Nov/13 3:25 AM
Mornin', Mr.ED
23/Nov/13 3:33 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Nov/13 3:39 AM
National Book Awareness Day
23/Nov/13 3:40 AM
Has taken forever to get here this morning. It did not help, going out into the wet cold this morning, then returning, to my warm, cozy bed. I should feel guilty about shoving my baby out into the cold, and me returning to my warm, cozy bed. But I do not feel guilty.
23/Nov/13 3:43 AM
Yesterday, around 5 in the evening, I turned the air conditioning on, and set it for 70. The humidity was so bad, we were having trouble breathing, and it was hot. Around 12, a cool front came in and this morning, I was looking for long pants, and something heavier than a sweater. No, luck on either of finding either of those.
23/Nov/13 3:46 AM
Why do you (they) call it a 'game'? Was the holocaust a game? Was WWII a game?
23/Nov/13 3:48 AM
23/Nov/13 3:49 AM
HalT, being one, to attempt the puzzles, as long as they are not Math puzzles, and during Mr. Cee's beheadings, I was sort of busy, no excuse, I know, your easy puzzle, has stumped me. I, think I got number one, then it went down hill after that. I am still working on it. I would feel better if I had my solid, trustworthy, book dictionary. It makes me feel smarter than the Internet. :)
23/Nov/13 3:50 AM
Oh, dear, I was going to get up and be productive, but why?
23/Nov/13 3:52 AM
What 'game' are you talking about? What that a part of yesterday's comments?
23/Nov/13 3:52 AM
23/Nov/13 3:52 AM
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