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Easy Sudoku for 24/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Getting ready for Thanksgiving here. Going to visit all 4 of my kids getting together in Austin, Texas.
24/Nov/14 12:08 AM
Good morning to all, and wolf who is here alone! Enjoy your family get-together Wolf!
24/Nov/14 12:33 AM
Re-posting the weekend puzzle. Answers tomorrow.

1. A single serving cake or quick bread that originated in the United Kingdom –> the dry fruit of a conifer that usually tapers to a rounded end
2. A realist/impressionist French painter’s many works,included A Bar at the Folies-Bergere More...
24/Nov/14 12:35 AM
Six responses so far, but 13 messages in total. You folks do know how to stretch things out!
24/Nov/14 12:36 AM
24/Nov/14 1:18 AM

I noticed ''The Hired Help'' has taken over Kayo's posting for the time being. Well done!
24/Nov/14 2:42 AM
Re: the Factoid - I wonder if the first class passengers noticed the missing salad olive.
In the interest of saving even more money, they probably omitted the lettuce from the salads for the passengers further back in the plane.
24/Nov/14 2:51 AM
Happy Sunday!
24/Nov/14 2:53 AM
I am trying to put off as long as possible the chore of cleaning out the ''catch all'' closet in the hallway. Hubby wants to put extra shelves in there today and he seems to think the job would be easier if he could actually get IN there. He is so picky.
24/Nov/14 2:55 AM
I have just gotten the ''evil eye'' from the doorway.....I guess I should get moving.
Bye for now!
24/Nov/14 2:57 AM
everybody. Kathy, I wish I could click 'Like' on your previous two comments. You are so funny.
24/Nov/14 2:58 AM
Some people have such high expectations.
24/Nov/14 3:00 AM
Good morning. Slow day on Sudoku.
I wonder who posted that photo. I have a friend who used to regularly crew on the Young Endeavour.(but she does not do Sudoku). We saw it being built on a visit to WA in about 1976. It is now in the Maritime Museum in Sydney and we have been over it a couple of times.
24/Nov/14 3:32 AM
We are bits of hoarders so have a few 'catch all' places in out house.
24/Nov/14 3:34 AM
I wonder how many of us have that tendency. I certainly do. Our saving grace is that Lynne does not.
24/Nov/14 3:42 AM
I got half was through the medium puzzle and my computer got 'flipping shudders' so although it seems Ok at the moment I might go back to bed. My cold is a lot better, just have to get rid of the stubborn cough.
24/Nov/14 4:09 AM
Must have been a lovely trip, on that beautiful sailing ship.
24/Nov/14 4:16 AM
June and jacalmi have gotten me close enough.
24/Nov/14 4:18 AM
Sounds like June wandered back to bed.
24/Nov/14 4:18 AM
jacalmi, up for a race?
24/Nov/14 4:19 AM
Mark and set.
24/Nov/14 4:19 AM
24/Nov/14 4:19 AM
24/Nov/14 4:29 AM
another sunless day here
24/Nov/14 4:48 AM
At least there is no rain here - YET.
24/Nov/14 4:49 AM
Harry is the hoarder in this house. I came from a family of hoarders, that many things makes me nervous. I feel the need to clean.
24/Nov/14 4:52 AM
Brunch has been ate and mess cleaned. I might have a few minutes for myself now.
24/Nov/14 4:53 AM
Have a job of getting next weeks pills arranged. I hate that job.
24/Nov/14 4:54 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Nov/14 5:14 AM
Like Sue, Man is the hoarder. I have a family of hoarders and it drives me crazy and I loose sleep until I clean out.
It is hard to be at MIL's house, because she has stuff everywhere.
And this week, I informed my little darlings, that I cannot enter their rooms because they are a hazard to my life. Their rooms are now pouring out into the hall.
24/Nov/14 5:17 AM
At one time, that would jump start them into a cleaning spree, because they did not want me to clean their rooms. Things tend to go missing when I clean.
24/Nov/14 5:19 AM
Kitty issue.
Sometime, this past week, Martha advised me to put citrus on the tree and the kitties will leave it alone.
Man put the tree and lights up yesterday. This morning, strands of lights are dangling and bristles are everywhere.

24/Nov/14 5:22 AM
Has anyone done the citrus theory?
Did it work?
If so, do I use fresh or artificial?
24/Nov/14 5:23 AM
The other day I was eating an orange and one kitty kept attacking my fingers, so I questioning this method.
24/Nov/14 5:23 AM
Finished and sent Greg's puzzle. When I lie down I cough so I sat and did Greg's puzzle. I hope hubby is well enough to go to lunch today (he caught my cold) as I do not want to have to drive about 3/4 hour each way by myself if I am feeling tired.
24/Nov/14 6:08 AM
Karen, you might find some useful information here:
24/Nov/14 6:21 AM
I stayed in bed until after noon. I have no voice at all. When I first got up, I was entirely congested and had a headach. Took decongestants and used a heating pad. Now headache gone and less congested. I actually felt like showering and putting on clothes.
24/Nov/14 6:30 AM
What I do not feel like doing is going out in the rain and blustery wind to pick up things I am totally out of: bread, milk, water, and return a very overdue library book.
24/Nov/14 6:32 AM
Oh, look where I am. Is anyone else here?
24/Nov/14 6:32 AM
24/Nov/14 6:32 AM
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