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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
23/Nov/14 12:00 AM
MaeN all and greetings to suokites here and there
23/Nov/14 12:00 AM
1:43. Good night all.
23/Nov/14 12:02 AM
Hi fii, how've you been?
23/Nov/14 12:02 AM

G'day vii. Long time no see.
23/Nov/14 12:12 AM
Good morning to all! Just popped in to post your weekend puzzle.
23/Nov/14 12:17 AM
Hello Fii!

Good to see you here. Are you still in Victoria or have you gone back up north?
23/Nov/14 12:18 AM
Your two-day weekend puzzle:

1. A single serving cake or quick bread that originated in the United Kingdom –> the dry fruit of a conifer that usually tapers to a rounded end
2. A realist/impressionist French painter’s many works,included A Bar at the Folies-Bergere –> a Canadian More...
23/Nov/14 12:20 AM
Just waking up and preparing for the day - have to think about my Thanksgiving menu - have to work - so thinking of using the crockpot
23/Nov/14 12:46 AM
Actually- may have my dinner day before - leftovers are my favorite anyway !!
23/Nov/14 12:48 AM
Happy Saturday!
mymare: what kind of work do you do that you have to work on Thanksgiving?
23/Nov/14 1:59 AM
What does it mean to turn off a number?
23/Nov/14 2:03 AM

What a strange name for a dog.
23/Nov/14 2:14 AM
right click
23/Nov/14 2:38 AM
I guess I mean what does It accomplish, or why would you want to do it?
23/Nov/14 3:29 AM
I was thinking the same thing , Keith. What a strange caption.
23/Nov/14 3:40 AM
It must be the site's 'help' dog!
23/Nov/14 3:48 AM
Not sunny here.
Not freezing, either! Yippee!
23/Nov/14 3:49 AM
Time for a run.
23/Nov/14 3:50 AM
So close.
23/Nov/14 3:51 AM
23/Nov/14 3:51 AM
23/Nov/14 3:51 AM
another rainy day.
23/Nov/14 4:00 AM
I have to go out in this weather where's my rain jacket.
23/Nov/14 4:01 AM
I never made it back yesterday. Seems I missed Fiona, Peter & Judy.
23/Nov/14 4:02 AM
The old grey mare, she ain't what she usta be.
23/Nov/14 4:12 AM
23/Nov/14 4:45 AM

Welcome back Famia. I hope you'll be able to post more often.
23/Nov/14 4:54 AM

Haven't seen Fii or mymare for a while either. Hope you are both well.
23/Nov/14 4:57 AM
We're finally above freezing, so our snow is starting to melt. I worry that the melting snow will cause flooding in Buffalo, NY. Our lawns and streams should handle ours with no trouble.

Has anyone heard from Joyce in the last few days? I wonder if the More...
23/Nov/14 5:44 AM
With apologies to Fiona....this is awesome!


23/Nov/14 5:47 AM
I'm preparing Thanksgiving dinner right now. We're having it early because I'll be laid up after an epidural pain block over the real holiday.
23/Nov/14 6:12 AM
Morning all,never seen this help dog before.
Happy birthday to Barbara and chocolate lover,hope you both have a great day.🎂
23/Nov/14 6:29 AM
We are fogged in this morning,enjoying the coolness before another scorcher hits.☀️
23/Nov/14 6:34 AM
Dottie - thanks for your concern; Rochester was spared everything but cold & gusty winds. Where our summer place is located farther south - was not! Can't get there to assess its condition though.
23/Nov/14 6:53 AM
The biggest concerns now are for the rains adding weight to the already over-burdened roofs; many of them on the dairy barns have collapsed with livestock inside. That 6-7 foot snow event has devastated the entire area south of Metro Buffalo.
23/Nov/14 6:58 AM
Hey! Seems like I have popped in in an opportune time!!!
23/Nov/14 7:04 AM
Getting ready to turn the page . . .
23/Nov/14 7:05 AM
Ready . . . ready . . . steady . . .
23/Nov/14 7:05 AM
23/Nov/14 7:05 AM
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