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Easy Sudoku for 18/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. An award for the cat with the nicest bum.
[As I said yesterday, you may have to may have to mispronounce this one]
18/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Nov/11 12:00 AM
Homemade Bread Day
World Peace Day
18/Nov/11 12:01 AM
G'day, Karen. I hope your day today is less stressful.
18/Nov/11 12:01 AM
Good morning Kayo.
I am looking forward to lots of peace.
There is also a plan to behave and hopefully stay quiet. Thanks.
18/Nov/11 12:04 AM
Well, good day to you !!! busy day, bowling and lunch with the girls - going to the Local college, they have a French theme restaurant - may be a gem in the rough. So, should be an interesting day today -
18/Nov/11 12:34 AM
Sat in a different chair in my backroom last night - different angle - noticed that the top part of my pull drape was missing -- now, how long has that been gone ?? mmm interesting --
18/Nov/11 12:37 AM
Hi all! Kayo, they get better every day, that was a good one! Mary, hope you enjoy your French theme restaurant! To the poozle - the answer was that all the words contained a different day of the week in abbreviated form. According to Meg, there were also all the letters of the alphabet in there More...
18/Nov/11 12:46 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the Shosho inbox please - you'll figure why!

What phrase is represented below?

to-inG and fro-ing
back and fOrth
side to sIde
up and dowN
left to riGht
18/Nov/11 12:48 AM
Good Maen friends!
Mary - sounds like you are feeling better...good on you!
Kayo - I absolutely LOVE today's!!! Precious!
18/Nov/11 12:53 AM
Looks like a bright blue day in the Northern Territories!
18/Nov/11 12:56 AM
Interesting to compare what happens in Texan schools with here, Karen. Your 'problems' yesterday made me consider the situation here. One gate is open in the mornings and evenings to allow parents to accompany their children into the school and pick them up - they don't actually get into the More...
18/Nov/11 1:10 AM
Hi All,

Thanks for those of you who sent in comments on my 'blood pressure machine' question yesterday - very interesting.
18/Nov/11 1:15 AM
Good Maen, good people.
18/Nov/11 1:23 AM
I spoke too soon about Little Plum's headaches. She got a whopper of a one late yesterday afternoon. She is going back to the optometrist today. Maybe to the pediatrician if the optometrist can't come through.
18/Nov/11 1:25 AM
Rayray - thanks for doing some tracking down on the flower ID. After all the 1915 research I didn't dare also try to do a flower ID, too. However, the gnawing off the beard bit was really over the top.
18/Nov/11 1:27 AM
all. We just missed the bad storms and tornadoes that passed by just south of here. Did get a lot of much needed rain. Today is bright and windy, dropping temperatures with a low of 26°F predicted for tonight. I've been reading Karen's school saga and am glad to see that at More...
18/Nov/11 1:27 AM
Late arriving today!
Will need today, but only 32°F. Brrrrr! again to my mother. She's 96.
(Today is her day ...on THIS side of the world!)
18/Nov/11 1:33 AM
Plum - so sorry to hear little Plum's headaches are back...hope you can get it resolved soon.
Glad the tornadoes missed you, Captain. Went through a number of them when I lived in Chicago in the 70's...an intense experience. Now earthquakes don't bother me a bit. That might be because I grew up More...
18/Nov/11 1:33 AM
Guess I might as well try for it, since I'm here...
18/Nov/11 1:34 AM
What? No challengers?
18/Nov/11 1:34 AM
18/Nov/11 1:34 AM
Hip, hip, hooray for Vici!
18/Nov/11 1:39 AM
Or is it 'hip-hip-hooray'???
Or just 'hip hip hooray'?
18/Nov/11 1:41 AM
Or maybe it's 'hip-hip hooray'?
(Help me here, grammar-people!!!)
18/Nov/11 1:43 AM
Greg - I didn't get a private message about the Polish joke.

If you're asking about the Shakespeare "'Polack' joke" I'll give you details here. Remember Hamlet was being performed for an audience that would laugh at this. Why they wouldn't laugh at Norway trying to take a More...
18/Nov/11 1:43 AM
Shiela, I think it's contrary to the spirit of a hip-hip-hooray to over-analyze the punctuation.

Vici: Hip, hip, hooray!
18/Nov/11 1:56 AM
Good one, Kayo!
18/Nov/11 1:59 AM
Plum, now that you mention it...
18/Nov/11 2:01 AM
Greg - it may seem funnier if you put on a ruffled collar as they used to wear then (and as only clowns wear nowadays). Perhaps the collar did something to the flow of information to the brain? That could explain clowns.
18/Nov/11 2:01 AM
Kayo - as every cat I've even known is sure he/she has the cutest bum (for they are always showing them off so prettily), that must be why cats must have 9 lives - else they couldn't live to enjoy their catastrophes?
18/Nov/11 2:04 AM
Back to the mid-morning session ...
18/Nov/11 2:05 AM
It's interesting the way the schools are run in France, Fiona. That seems to me to be a good system.
Karen, I forgot to ask yesterday if your school has an active PTA? (Parent-Teacher Association) If so, becoming involved, or even running for an office, might be the way to go.
18/Nov/11 2:09 AM
Okay, I have answered Fiona's poozle and now I need to get ready to go out with my "lunch bunch". No cards, and definitely no poker, just food today.
The card playing and lunch is another group.
Oh, this mad social whirl!
18/Nov/11 2:17 AM
Early this morning, MizTricia's husband Al lost his battle with cancer. Those of us who frequent the S.A. pages have been with them through this battle and have grown to truly care about Al through the many stories MizTricia has shared about him.

Rest In Peace, Al.
18/Nov/11 2:26 AM
In today's photo two of the trees are leafless why? I wouldn't think trees would lose their leaves in the NT?
18/Nov/11 2:30 AM
Was looking for Phanty and discoverd "Abby from the paper" - excellent! ...although I'm missing Phantom.
I, too, send out my heartfelt regards for Tricia...feels like I've known Al for years. I know he will be missed.
18/Nov/11 2:32 AM
I've noticed that blonds in westerns always have immaculate hair-dos even after riding horseback through the desert for a couple of days
18/Nov/11 2:32 AM
I think we all feel as though we are family here. This is just such a special place. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Tricia.
Rest in Peace, Al.
18/Nov/11 2:38 AM
18/Nov/11 2:45 AM
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