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Easy Sudoku for 25/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Another quiet day?
Good morning everyone.
1:54 Good evening everyone. First time I've been under 2mins for ages so it must have been an easy one.

1:51 Maen Nice skyline
I can't figure that picture out.
Gorgeous sunset.
Good evening I thought I typed a comment before but obviously I didn't hit submit. Oddly enough the photo doesn't look real a weird sky
good Maen,
Thanks once again for the inviting picture - I love pictures there I can escape into them.
Ian - is that a rhetorical question or do you want it answered? re the site,yes, it has been quiet for awhile now...if you mean at home in front of your pc, well I wouldn't know...otherwise you could get your hearing checked out maybe??

Glenda – I googled fudgsicle and they seem to have the More...
Cooking a fudgsicle is not hard. I used the toaster.
But today I will make some toast.
1:43 - an easy one tonight.

Good night all.
oooops Glinda,not Glenda. This may sound like a stupid question, but doesn't the fudgsicle become a molten glob once toasted? or is timing everything?
Picture or Painting? - very dramatic.
I agree, the sky does not look realistic.
Toasting the fudgsicle did not work very well.
Which is why today I will make myself some toast.
Low lying clouds at sunset can look like this.
Amelia - it's now 10:47 and my bedtime and still no sign of the comet.

Good night all.
Hi everyone and nice mAen
As an Egyptian I like to ask the friend who had this shot why he gave it Egypt ,it is just a sky and a mountain
I already post many pictures for Egypt ,the real one ,hope to be shown soon,Cairo, Pyramids, Nile,Luxer, Aswan,Sharm,Alexandria and many others differ than this sky and mountain
3:43. Nice picture.
1:37 and my personal best, I think. And to any interested rockers out there, the Bob Seger concert last night was fantastic! Hope all your days have at least one high note ...
It took me an hour to do, I was sneaking in a few numbers now and then when my teacher wasn't working. I was supposed to be doing my multimedia project. :-D
I'll keep my eye on you in future, Livia! (What do you mean 'wasn't working'?)
Good maeN, everyone! lovely skyline.. but yeah, doesn't look very real to me too.
Is that a silhouette of a pyramid in this picture? If so that seems to answer why this picture was titled Egypt.
Good Maen!! 2.37 at 9:06am Oklahoma time. That picture is gorgeous. I can't tell if it is a photo or a painting though because the colors look so surreal.
A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUGH, one of our favorite guys, who is a funny, lusty, grandfatherly, irreverent, naughty, baby-blue-eyed-babe!!! XO
3:18...pretty picture..I wish I lived somewhere cool.
Great Photo but yeah I have to agree...the sky sure looks unreal...but then again I love magical and mystical things so I love the photo! Have a great day all.......It has ceased snowing for a bit at least...YAY! Blessings!
BILLY ... it appears that you are not going to get a straight answer from Glinda! She is apparently quite parsimonious with her words, and it's been a while since we've had such fun being jerked around! LOL
Good Morning everyone. Great picture.
& Hugh.

Deb, loved the dog pet peeves from yesterday, as I sat here giggling at my desk I am glad that I work alone or they would think I was crazy
4:58 - Wow, the sky looks like it could be sand in the desert or ocean water! Unbelievable.
chuckle, chuckle, Linda....you'd hate to have them figure it out, huh?
Figure out what?
Hugh from Canberra
You all have a wonderful day, whatever part of it you have left.
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