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Easy Sudoku for 25/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all.
25/Mar/08 12:00 AM
Maen, everyone! It's Monday morning here. Wishing you all a great start of the week wherever you are!
25/Mar/08 12:00 AM
25/Mar/08 12:03 AM
2:33, not too bad seeing I'm almost asleep.
25/Mar/08 12:03 AM
I can't keep my eyes open. Maybe I'll just go back to bed.
25/Mar/08 12:04 AM
Hello to all, this fine day. Cool for spring but it will warm nicely today I am told.

Anyone recognize who that might be in our jigsaw puzzle today?

25/Mar/08 12:06 AM

everyone hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are in this wonderful world of ours.

Today. March 25th is Greek Independence Day,
so I’ll wave my flag with pride and say
to all our Greek Friends “Zito H Ellas”
25/Mar/08 12:07 AM
Good To all and have a good sleep while we start our week...since you already had you Monday ...later...
25/Mar/08 12:09 AM
2:26 with a few stops.
I remember this photo from a very long time ago.

Good evening all. I hope you've all had a lovely time over the Easter holiday.
25/Mar/08 12:10 AM
Braces. How did you get her to smile?
25/Mar/08 12:10 AM
I am back and about to go to what a wongerful long weekend!
25/Mar/08 12:18 AM
G'day/nite all...
25/Mar/08 12:26 AM
“You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.”
and the girl is quite aware of it..
25/Mar/08 12:27 AM
Lovely smile.
Have a very nice time all of you.
25/Mar/08 12:34 AM
Good morning all! Happy Easter Monday! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! Sunny, but chilly here. Still waiting for Spring!
Happy Independence Day, Greece!
25/Mar/08 12:45 AM
A sunny day here today with rains in the forcast for mid week, but today, we can enjoy a walk outside. Thanks also for the wonderful picture, my son has to go see his denist for his braces later today
25/Mar/08 1:02 AM
2:20 to you all.
25/Mar/08 1:05 AM
Just took a real quick break to work the puzzle. Now I have to get back to math papers (may take a few minutes to work the medium puzzle). Everybody have a great day/night!!
25/Mar/08 1:16 AM
2:47 What an engaging young face! Hope everybody had a wonderful Easter.
25/Mar/08 1:38 AM
I hope she never forgets how to give that winning smile. When you look around you in the adult world, so many have . . .
25/Mar/08 1:44 AM
Good Morning All Hope you had a Great Weekend
25/Mar/08 1:45 AM
Welcome Igrbreadman, hope you had a Great Weekend too;
25/Mar/08 2:03 AM
hi all. Hi Mo! is it wet and windy with you too?
25/Mar/08 2:15 AM
Very much so. Iron os plugged in, getting up it's head of steam and I'm gonna be having a lovely time ironing.
I'm back with my French keyboard and having trouble with my a's and q's.
25/Mar/08 2:27 AM
Are you going to be able to meet up with Mamacita next week?
25/Mar/08 2:28 AM
horrible weather down this way too - lots of sleet and a bit of snow, but not enough to convince me to do any ironing! Won't make the Paris trip either, sorry Mama, just too far for a few hours - next time?!
25/Mar/08 2:31 AM

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
Braces were not a big deal when my daughter had to wear them. All her friends had them too!
My grandkids had colored ones!
25/Mar/08 2:56 AM
everyone from sunny and breezy SW Arizona ...
25/Mar/08 3:02 AM
2:03 Maen! Extreme close-up! Smile!
25/Mar/08 3:37 AM
Happy Independence Day in Greece!
25/Mar/08 3:41 AM
3:54. Smile like sunbeam. Good maEn to all.

25/Mar/08 4:12 AM
It is very cold up here in the Northern Hemisphere. We had snow today on our way to Edinburgh via Loch Lomond. Very beautiful! Only two weeks to go then back to the warmth of Dubbo.
25/Mar/08 4:18 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice to see a smiling brace, sorry, face!
25/Mar/08 5:07 AM

To go with today's photo.... smile an everlasting smile! Enjoy the English born, Australian raised Bee Gees performing "Words."
25/Mar/08 5:10 AM
CG: That sounds more like Fleetwood Mac than the Bee Gees.
25/Mar/08 5:25 AM
I think that was the slowest I have ever done an easy puzzle in my life. Oh well.
25/Mar/08 5:36 AM
I forgot to click update my page. Thanks Eve. It is now the Bee Gees!
25/Mar/08 5:56 AM
Serena - me, too!! I have finally downloaded some new photos to my Flickr account & changed the one on my page to show you our grandchildren in Orlando & some of our activities while we were there. Rob got some good photos of a sandhill crane family. They are such impressive birds. The adults stand almost 4 feet tall (about 122 cm. if my math is right?).
25/Mar/08 5:57 AM
Is it me or are we slow today?
25/Mar/08 6:10 AM
Should I take a great leap for mankind?
25/Mar/08 6:11 AM
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