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Easy Sudoku for 24/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Hello All It's that time again
24/Mar/08 12:00 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day/night where ever you may be.
24/Mar/08 12:01 AM
Just got back from nal from miami page. WOW That's some ytube.
24/Mar/08 12:02 AM
felt slow, and I was right - 2:36.
Beautiful view.
Happy Easter to all!
24/Mar/08 12:05 AM
Good morning Dorothea, Angie and Fii, and all of you in Sudokuland...Our Easter has just begun...Hope you had a great day in Australia.
24/Mar/08 12:05 AM
Nice picture. Made a stupid mistake and had to go back and fix it.
24/Mar/08 12:07 AM
I had a lovely day thanks Orianne. Missed a spectacular dawn service on the cliffs (due to a comfortable pillow) but got to church for the 9.30 service which was pretty joyful to say the least. The rest of the day was a social whirl. Happy Easter to all.
24/Mar/08 12:12 AM
Good morning, fii, Angie, Dorthea, Pjay, and Orianne!
to everyone! Hope your Easter was great, my Aussie and Asian friends, and hope your Easter will be and is presently great, my Americas and European friends! Hope that covers everyone!
24/Mar/08 12:19 AM
Good Mean all and a Happy Easter to you all!
24/Mar/08 12:21 AM
G'day/nite all..
sun came out today after twodays nonstop rains..but the clouds lingered, making the sunset wonderful.
Just uploaded a pic of sunset which I took this evening in my page...feel free to enjoy..
24/Mar/08 12:23 AM
2:20 Good evening all. What a lovely photo, the colour of the sky is amazing. Austria is a beautiful place. I have wonderful memories of travelling through there about six years ago.
24/Mar/08 12:26 AM
Glorious indeed Appy.
24/Mar/08 12:27 AM

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, sunny, blue skies, and a tad coolish. all the kiddiwinks in their Easter Dresses will need a sweter or light jacket, even for the afternoon Easter Egg Hunt today.

TREE SHEILA, good to see you back and posting. More...
24/Mar/08 12:38 AM
Welcome to you, Twiggy from Victoria. Always nice to see new members, hope to see you about the site.

KylieLeanne from Texas. May your day be most special.
24/Mar/08 12:40 AM
I can almost smell the fresh air in that Austrian scene. Unusual terrace effects in the rock outcrops there. The mountain are not very high - but very picturesque anyway.
24/Mar/08 1:12 AM
My U-tube offering for Easter Morn (which it is on the west coast of the USA) is:

"HALLELUJAH CHORUS" from Händel's Messiah on Andrea Bocelli's "Sacred Arias" DVD.
24/Mar/08 1:12 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world and Happy Easter to all of those celebrating today!

It looks like it could be Spring there! The sun is having a hard time shining bright here today. (I think we have more snow on the way, but no biggy, just a couple of inches.)

Have a great day/evening everyone.
24/Mar/08 1:46 AM
3:12. An absolute land speed record for me. Is picture of zee Alps?
24/Mar/08 2:00 AM
2:26 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.
24/Mar/08 2:09 AM
Happy birthday KylieLeanne, I hope you have a wonderful day.
24/Mar/08 2:11 AM
Forgot it was Easter (we're Jewish). Happy Easter, all who celebrate. Poor kiddos here will have to carry umbrellas and wear golashes to hunt eggs, and the dyes will be running all over their hands.
Anne, your post reminded me of when we lived in S.F. Husband in residency, firstborn born, our More...
24/Mar/08 2:12 AM
Lovely thought, Andre.
24/Mar/08 2:13 AM
Oops. Make that "Eve's post."
24/Mar/08 2:15 AM
to all celebrating today!
24/Mar/08 2:30 AM
all! Kathy, what a page brightener your Easter bunnies are, & André, what a wonderful TFTD. It started out very rainy here in FL, but now the sun is shining brightly & temp. is a heavenly 70F (25C). Rob, Ebony, & I are all alone today, but that is not necessarily More...
24/Mar/08 2:42 AM
appy, what a beautiful photo!
24/Mar/08 2:44 AM
Kathy from MD, where do you find your avatars? They are the coolest!
24/Mar/08 2:54 AM
Happy Easter to all celebrating today. Terry (in Eugene) hope you had a happy Purim. It is one of my kids favorite holidays to celebrate. (we are also Jewish)

to all.
24/Mar/08 2:56 AM
Thanks, Tami. Younger son, on a kibbutz in southern Israel doing environmental studies, didn't get his St. Paddy's day care package in time [held up in Customs for over 2 weeks!], so he got to be a leprechaun for Purim! Wish I could have seen him in his green hat and covered with "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" stickers. He better have gotten a photo.
24/Mar/08 3:00 AM
everyone this beautiful Easter morning ...
24/Mar/08 3:51 AM
Happy Easter, if applicable. My son lucked out at church again. He refused to participate in the egg hunt but tons of candy filled eggs ended up in his possession anyways.
24/Mar/08 4:07 AM
2:22. Good maEn to all.

24/Mar/08 4:32 AM
Good maEn to all!
And a happy Easter
24/Mar/08 4:46 AM
Great win for Villanova.....Kansas is next....hope we can keep going!!! How sweet it is.
24/Mar/08 5:28 AM
First page! A first time for everything...
24/Mar/08 6:01 AM
Hi to all. That photo could have been taken today.
24/Mar/08 6:14 AM

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

(okay, so she doen't look much like Julie Andrews!)
24/Mar/08 6:21 AM
Emm, I was in Germany for a few days back in Sept 1988. It was beautiful!
24/Mar/08 6:27 AM
[smile Have a great day everyone
24/Mar/08 6:32 AM
It's raining again. Maybe we'll go to the movies today. Hooray for long weekends!
24/Mar/08 6:36 AM
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