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Easy Sudoku for 25/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ya timing is a bit off Hal.
25/Aug/16 12:00 AM
Good morning all.
25/Aug/16 12:00 AM
But good morning anyway.
25/Aug/16 12:02 AM
Morning all! What? Hal second!!!!
25/Aug/16 12:04 AM
So after an extended sabbatical its good to see that some things never change. Its nice to have some stability in your life.
25/Aug/16 12:17 AM
25/Aug/16 12:27 AM

25/Aug/16 12:35 AM
Lizzy G
25/Aug/16 12:35 AM
A very Happy Birthday to Lizzy!

I've been real busy what with school starting. I'm only teaching one course but it's still a lot of work.
25/Aug/16 12:38 AM
How have you been DorA? Still on the campaign trail or do you limit your politicking to the forum pages? I know we are not supposed to talk politics here but hell it might just liven the place up. Specially with all of Trumpy's antics of late.
25/Aug/16 12:44 AM
Uh oh! Cardinal sin. Mention politics and the page breaks.
25/Aug/16 1:32 AM
Who sez no politics. I, for one would welcome it.
25/Aug/16 1:35 AM

I dedicate this post to Queen Anne,
25/Aug/16 1:43 AM
I broke my two minute barrier!!! 1:51
25/Aug/16 1:43 AM
I don't welcome political talks because everyone has an opinion and you won't change their minds and they won't change yours. AND you argue and argue, getting hotter and hotter, and friends become former friends! Let the sleeping dog lie!
25/Aug/16 1:46 AM
Waiting for the dishwasher repair guy ... and fingers crossed that this will only be a minor (translation: cheap) fix.
25/Aug/16 2:01 AM
🎂☕️happy birthday-Lizzy still morning here so will save the🍷🍺 till later - enjoy your day
25/Aug/16 2:08 AM
💦🌧💦rainy day today and power went out just before we needed to go for my therapy. Glad my son' car was in the shop and I needed a ride - don't think I could of lifted the door!
25/Aug/16 2:11 AM
Good session today ! My new exercise - engage the ' butt' when stepping on my leg- working on conquering dormant butt syndrome, yes there is a syndrome
25/Aug/16 2:13 AM
25/Aug/16 2:27 AM
25/Aug/16 2:28 AM
25/Aug/16 2:28 AM
Interesting photo today. Not sure if it's morning mist or pollution.Would be nice to have a caption.
25/Aug/16 3:31 AM
I agree, jacalmi, it would be nice to have a caption. I would hope it is morning mist. The other alternative is too depressing.
25/Aug/16 4:19 AM
25/Aug/16 4:28 AM
Mariana and Lizzy--celebrate heartily!
25/Aug/16 4:28 AM
I agree, no politics. I don't trust a politician as far as I can throw him, or her. They lie. They embellish. They annoy. Let's stay politic-free!
25/Aug/16 4:35 AM
Happy Birthday Lizzie & Mariana!
25/Aug/16 4:37 AM
Morning all, I'll go for the fogged in morning.
25/Aug/16 6:15 AM
Lizzy, have a wonderful day despite the rain.
Mariana , enjoy your two day celebration .
25/Aug/16 6:20 AM
Good afternoon to all!
25/Aug/16 6:47 AM
Happy birthday Lizzy!
25/Aug/16 6:48 AM
I've been busy lately, so time for the site has been limited. I hope I haven't missed any important news.
25/Aug/16 6:49 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
25/Aug/16 7:48 AM
Lizzy G.
25/Aug/16 9:10 AM
Happy Birthday Lizzie. May there be many more of them.
25/Aug/16 9:40 AM
Whatever the photo is, it surely is eerie. Disturbing, even. It seems to be a storm, not just mist, since the tree branches are all blowing to the side.
25/Aug/16 9:57 AM
Oh, yes, please no politics. I, for one, am rather - ok, totally - intolerant of those with opposite opinions, and I'd like us all to remain friendly.
25/Aug/16 9:58 AM
One of the new members is demiwornout. Is that like semi-wornout? That's how I feel many days!
25/Aug/16 10:00 AM
Am I back in time for a page change?
25/Aug/16 10:18 AM
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