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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. Look at the time. I don't think I even got a chance to post yesterday. At least there doesn't appear to be a FPOTD traffic jam here this morning. Yesterday had a clog of people all trying to get through the door at the same time.
26/Feb/18 12:06 AM
all. That pic looks familiar.
26/Feb/18 12:39 AM
1:37 Good night all!
26/Feb/18 12:40 AM
Plum and Hal! Nighty night, Anne!
26/Feb/18 2:15 AM
everybody. Its very quiet this morning. Don't seem to be able to sleep right through at the moment. Ahh well, quick cuppa and back to bed, nite nite
26/Feb/18 2:33 AM
26/Feb/18 2:56 AM
26/Feb/18 3:06 AM
Happy Sunday!
Love Kate's photos--great shot of the Harbour Bridge
26/Feb/18 3:17 AM
To those who wondered about Shiela's ''disappearance'' - - - -

Yes, I'm very fine. I'm at the beach in Florida enjoying the sunshine.  I hinted on the site that I was going to be seeing the sun a lot but it must have been a bit too vague! Nice to know I was missed. Say 'Hi!' to everyone for me.
26/Feb/18 3:46 AM
Everyone in the frigid North who hates Shiela for the moment, raise your hands!
26/Feb/18 3:58 AM
Good afternoon to all!
26/Feb/18 4:12 AM
Lovely, and different photo of the Harbour Bridge. Kate.
26/Feb/18 4:22 AM
Says she who is also in the ''sunny south''.
26/Feb/18 4:25 AM
26/Feb/18 4:49 AM
here but oh so cold - 42ºF/5.5ºC!
26/Feb/18 4:52 AM
We are experiencing chilly rain at the moment, not frigid cold. I WOULD like to see a little sun, preferably at the beach, but, here would be okay, too.
Have fun, Shiela!
26/Feb/18 5:16 AM
Just. Sunny here in the Valley.
I have had a hectic three months. Nice to relax with Sudoku.
26/Feb/18 6:05 AM
1:14. Good morning everyone.
26/Feb/18 6:23 AM
26/Feb/18 6:25 AM
Morning all, no sunshine here, it's raining.
Hoping CP and Wombat are not in the flood area at Canberra, I see Chris is ok.
26/Feb/18 7:08 AM
Enjoy the sunshine, Shiela.🌞
26/Feb/18 7:10 AM
For Keith !
26/Feb/18 7:10 AM
Hoo-Rah! Sara Beth checked in...
26/Feb/18 7:33 AM
in my excitment, I misspelled ''Sarah''. Sorry..
26/Feb/18 7:35 AM
26/Feb/18 7:48 AM
Off to watch the Olympic closing ceremony.
26/Feb/18 8:03 AM
Hello all - Thanks, DoA ...surely wondered where Shiela had gone...was missing her daily sunshine forecast! Nice to know she's finding it easily on her beach!
26/Feb/18 9:41 AM
Good Morning everyone, nice and sunny here.
26/Feb/18 10:47 AM
I agree, jacalmi, - certainly a totally different view of the Harbour Bridge.
26/Feb/18 1:28 PM
Most of the rain was over the inner North of the Australian Capital Territory while CP and Chris live in the South of the ACT. We live in the outer North (Belconnen0, and while we had lots of rain and some of the gutters overflowed, we did,t have too many problems. Thank you for asking.
26/Feb/18 1:51 PM
Here are the results of last week's 1&4 poozle.
The response rate wasn't as good as last week, 8 vs 10. The elite eight were Sarah, Arachnid, Judy, Kathy, Peter, Snowbird, Joyce and Amelia. Well done folks. Maybe the other More...
26/Feb/18 2:26 PM
Wombat - I am NOT looking at your answers. I am still going to do your puzzle. I fell asleep instead of poozling. I'm just checking in to say I'm headed from the recliner to the bed.
26/Feb/18 2:43 PM
PLEASEEEEEEEEE say it is not your last puzzle, Wombat??
26/Feb/18 2:45 PM
I am sending PLEASEEEEES too Wombat!
26/Feb/18 3:29 PM
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