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Easy Sudoku for 27/February/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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everybody stayed up later tonight to see if I can sleep right through goodnight
27/Feb/18 12:00 AM
Maen, pretty flower. Off to work soon.
27/Feb/18 1:37 AM
2:04 A bit slow tonight.
Good night all!
27/Feb/18 1:43 AM
Hello all - have a fine day!
27/Feb/18 2:10 AM
Rome is having fun in the snow while all their services are shut-down!
27/Feb/18 2:12 AM
1:44 Good morning. On to my Nemesis - the Medium
27/Feb/18 2:20 AM
to another beautiful day.
27/Feb/18 2:28 AM
Soon those cherry blossoms will be budding around here as well as already threatening their presence in Washington, DC, worrying the Cherry Blossom Festival planners...

I have daffodils peaking little green sprouts out of the ground - spring is on its way!
27/Feb/18 2:33 AM
27/Feb/18 2:34 AM
Good morning all.
27/Feb/18 2:42 AM
Happy Monday!
27/Feb/18 3:21 AM
27/Feb/18 3:44 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
27/Feb/18 3:48 AM
You've got to start earlier, or run quicker to get your #, shosho.
27/Feb/18 3:59 AM
every one... by the time you get up, I'll be getting my grand-children ready to sleep. Seven years ago I introduced my older one on my page... now the latest one (no 5)is the most beautiful smiling girl,already 6 months old. Yes a photo will be coming soon...later this week.
Have a good day all
27/Feb/18 5:20 AM
Beautiful Cherry blossom! Nice photo , Kate.
27/Feb/18 5:47 AM
27/Feb/18 7:02 AM
Morning all, beautiful close up of the cherry blossom,thanks Kate.
27/Feb/18 7:12 AM
I had a kookaburra join me while I was having my coffee outside, told him I didn't have anything for him to eat. He is now waiting for our neighbor to come out to feed him.
27/Feb/18 7:18 AM
Madby3, have a great day.
27/Feb/18 7:19 AM
27/Feb/18 7:31 AM
27/Feb/18 7:32 AM
1:17. Good morning everyone.
27/Feb/18 7:41 AM
Good mAen good people. I was up early to physical therapy then back home to ... a nap. I think I have groundhog-itis. I'm cold and I see my shadow so I want to go back to sleep?
27/Feb/18 8:26 AM
DotCom and Madby.
27/Feb/18 8:28 AM
Add Plum to the other 8 people who completed the 1&4 poozle.
27/Feb/18 9:59 AM
Observed on a T-shirt…

Dear GOD,
Why do you allow
so much violence
in our schools?
A concerned student

I’m not allowed
In schools.
27/Feb/18 2:03 PM
Awoke to sunshine and perfect blue sky - the view from my bed. Got up and thought about going for a walk but... at -8°C plus a bit of wind chill I will rethink the walk. The Beast from the East has arrived - media named weather front.
27/Feb/18 9:04 PM
Post script to above - yesterday my apricot tree was in blossom - all gone - little or no fruit again this year I think.
27/Feb/18 9:11 PM
DoA's comment really irks me, so much that I came back to say God is certainly permitted in schools. God does not exist solely in compulsory Protestant prayer.
28/Feb/18 12:04 PM
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