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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
26/Feb/19 12:01 AM
Where's Wolf?
26/Feb/19 12:02 AM
Our clocks are all blinking again this morning. We had another electric outage during the night.
26/Feb/19 12:12 AM
Happy (2-day) Birthday, Snowbird!
Happy Birthday, Karen.
26/Feb/19 12:14 AM
Kings Crevice?
26/Feb/19 12:16 AM
2:08. Good Morning, Plum and everyone. We spend our winters in Santa Barbara. After an unusually cool/cold January and February, yesterday was the first I felt like we're going to have Spring.
26/Feb/19 12:16 AM
26/Feb/19 12:45 AM

As Sarah said yesterday, our rainy day turned sunny, then came the wind. It was bad last night and it's worse today. Really blowing out there!
I am off to play cards in a while. Hopefully, I won't go flying away getting to More...
26/Feb/19 1:09 AM
Yesterday was so windy that today could be a trash pick up day, as in collecting stuff blown into the yard. Problem is that the wind and rain, ice then snow got to our normally sheltered side porch area. Our pile of boxes from Aldi blew, got drenched, then were frozen into place. And that bag of More...
26/Feb/19 2:09 AM
Everybody!! Plum, sorry to hear your weather!! Just rain here.
26/Feb/19 2:51 AM
Morning. Rain here, too.
26/Feb/19 3:06 AM
No, Plum, I didn't sleep in. I have a 7am rehearsal every Monday morning so don't get to my office until 'late' (9am). Windy and cold here in Dallas but nothing like Michigan, I'm sure. Happy Birthday to Karen way over there in Australia.
26/Feb/19 3:07 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
26/Feb/19 3:47 AM
Be careful what kind of souvenirs you take home after visiting ''OZ''.

Scottish woman's shock at finding snake in suitcase from Australia

26/Feb/19 4:59 AM
Great rock formation!
26/Feb/19 5:13 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
26/Feb/19 5:36 AM
26/Feb/19 6:31 AM
26/Feb/19 6:39 AM
Going for it.
26/Feb/19 6:42 AM
Looking around.
26/Feb/19 6:42 AM
Not seeing anybody.
26/Feb/19 6:43 AM
26/Feb/19 6:43 AM
all. The heat has dissipated somewhat here and that is very welcome. It appears though that we are going to have two days of rain. Much needed I should add.
26/Feb/19 7:21 AM
Happy Birthday Snowbird in this year of extraordinary weather - hot and dry down here wet, frozen and windy for the north of US and Canada and just unusual everywhere. Don't let the weather spoil your celebrations.
26/Feb/19 7:31 AM
Good mAeN
In limbo
26/Feb/19 7:43 AM
Hello all - a bit late arrival since we've been watching the snow blow around in hurricane force winds - it has blown around so much it is now nearly gone - all worn out - haha!
26/Feb/19 8:48 AM

The heat wave is back across Australia. We're looking at 37°C today and low 40's tomorrow. No sleep for me this week could be some stomping
26/Feb/19 9:02 AM
Drink more VB, Rage.
26/Feb/19 10:35 AM
It's about 15° here in Hobart. Time for a warm milk. ;-)
26/Feb/19 10:39 AM
2:07 Good morning all. Just kept making mistakes this morning.

Thank you, Shosho.
26/Feb/19 11:40 AM
Have lounged around most of the day. Harry had physical therapy early this morning. Slowly his arm is getting better.
26/Feb/19 12:35 PM
Thanks Peter I think I will...
26/Feb/19 1:21 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it wishing for a cool change
Matter of fact I got it now
An ice cold Victoria Bitter Ahhh oh yes

That's more better
26/Feb/19 1:24 PM
Hi Folks time to give my responses to last Saturday's puzzle. There were 7 people who posted responses. They were Sarah, Judy, Chris, Peter, Kathy, Joyce and Snowbird. Amelia had difficulty sending her responses but still gave it a try. Here are what I expected as a response.

Arkansas - More...
26/Feb/19 4:13 PM
Goodnight everybody!
26/Feb/19 11:25 PM
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