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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Off to a Japanese (Ghibi) movie this afteroon.
We have been having a festival of great ones.
26/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Good morning all.
26/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Looks like there's a storm on the way. Makes for great lighting!
26/Jun/16 12:05 AM
CP, thanks for the scamming ordeal update. It confirms my suspicions that some of the email I have received are scamming attempts.
26/Jun/16 12:07 AM
Just realised we have moved over to tomorrow - today
26/Jun/16 12:11 AM
So ...Maen everyone
26/Jun/16 12:12 AM
Morning all!
26/Jun/16 12:15 AM
26/Jun/16 12:16 AM
a nice beautiful HOT day here in OK
26/Jun/16 12:25 AM
Had to change the avatar, Keith and I are starting to look alike.
26/Jun/16 12:27 AM
Sue - Are you growing a beard???
26/Jun/16 12:37 AM
Sunny & hot today.
Ahhhhh! No pounding. No sawing. No electric drill sounds. It's Saturday!
Monday will be another story. The wood floors go in. Can't wait!
26/Jun/16 12:40 AM
Happy Saturday 2 days off!
26/Jun/16 12:52 AM
Good morning.
26/Jun/16 1:19 AM
Thanks HalT.
26/Jun/16 1:19 AM
Thanks, Neil. I posted the embarassing story in the hope others would learn from it.
26/Jun/16 1:22 AM
I haven't been sucked in by those emails before. Some come from banks I do not have accounts with.
26/Jun/16 1:23 AM
i think if it hadn't been for the phone calls AND the emailsI'd have survived this time too. Plus the fact that for various reasons I had had to get a new PIN in the previous few weeks, that the request to update details wouldn't have got me either.
26/Jun/16 1:26 AM
It's just nice to be through it and out the other side.
26/Jun/16 1:32 AM
I like when I came back.
26/Jun/16 1:32 AM
26/Jun/16 1:32 AM
26/Jun/16 1:32 AM
26/Jun/16 1:33 AM
I thank you, too, for giving us the details of the scam. From now on, I will check with my bank if I get that type of e-mail. I'm sorry you had to go through the hassle, but, now we've all learned what to watch for....and avoid. Thanks, again!
26/Jun/16 1:42 AM
26/Jun/16 2:02 AM
I NEVER click on 'financial institution' email links. I do get more than a few telling me 'something isn't right'.

The safest way to respond is to use the log in for the institution that you would use, if 'they' hadn't sent the email.

The same with phone calls. Always 'call back' using the phone # you have on file...

One can't be too careful, these days.
26/Jun/16 2:08 AM
I think my resident squirrel is 'p.o.ed' that I haven't refilled the bird feeder.
26/Jun/16 2:11 AM

Thanks for your info, CP. I'm glad your bank helped you get it all sorted.
26/Jun/16 3:59 AM
I was a victim of credit card fraud earlier this month. I have no idea how the fraudster(s) got my main CC number. But they charged $200.54 to my account 3 times on May 30 which I became aware of on June 6. The charges were for some outfit in Doha, Qatar! My CC bank (Citibank) immediately More...
26/Jun/16 4:03 AM
A beautiful well taken photo today. I wonder who the photographer is?
26/Jun/16 4:15 AM
It took me a while to spot the cherry blossom.
26/Jun/16 5:13 AM
26/Jun/16 8:22 AM
Bloody ghost post again!!!
26/Jun/16 8:24 AM
Morning everybody
26/Jun/16 8:42 AM
All I could see was the Washington Monument at first.
26/Jun/16 9:09 AM

1. democracy: a humorous skit for automobiles (car comedy)
2. rattlesnake: a job that lasts forever (eternal task)
3. kerosene: a painful patella (sore knee)
4. believe: a wicked insect (evil bee)
5. favorite: an impartial More...
26/Jun/16 9:11 AM
Good maEn, good people. I haven't heard. Is the Washington Monument open again after the earthquake damage?
26/Jun/16 10:41 AM
Burl's luggage didn't make it on his flight. Someone delivered it 28 hours late in a torrential lightning storm with 50 mph wind gusts.
26/Jun/16 10:46 AM
I missed the storm. Skye and I were up at Michigan State University in East Lansing at a 4-H summer camp. Great food. Great distances between class buildings in a parklike campus to walk off one meal before the next was served.
26/Jun/16 10:50 AM
I was sleep deprived going in and the chaperone role didn't help. Late to bed and early to rise. Very little sleep.
26/Jun/16 10:56 AM
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