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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
25/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Good morning.
25/Jun/16 12:03 AM
25/Jun/16 12:03 AM
Missed it again.
25/Jun/16 12:04 AM
Was about to head to bed when I realised what time it was.
25/Jun/16 12:04 AM
Sorry Keith.
25/Jun/16 12:04 AM
Been out to an 18th birthday party for two of the nicest kids you'd ever meet.
25/Jun/16 12:06 AM
Girl/boy twins.
25/Jun/16 12:07 AM
Every parents' dream. Good looking, eloquent, well rounded, talented (oh, that's my kids).
25/Jun/16 12:08 AM
Seriously though, these ''kids'' are terrific, and it was great to be part of their celebration.
25/Jun/16 12:09 AM
And now it's seriously time for bed. May see you later, who knows?
25/Jun/16 12:10 AM
25/Jun/16 2:05 AM
Sorry about the lack of puzzle yesterday. We've been going to swim lessons and the park in the morning. When we got home baby girls was a mess. She dropped her fever but added a rash and was just not a fun person to be around.
25/Jun/16 2:07 AM
You are given five words and five definitions. Each of the words can be anagrammed into a two word phrase that fits one of the definitions. Your task is to assign each definition to its corresponding word.
Example - cobalt: to hit a feline in a high arc (cat lob)

Words: believe, More...
25/Jun/16 2:14 AM
Black and white in love photo. Wonder if it's still that way.
25/Jun/16 2:33 AM
25/Jun/16 2:55 AM
Feel a lot better today! Sore throat down to a scratchy throat. No headache or lightheadedness but a very very slight fever. Thinks it's really from running this morning! I don't sweat when I run, I get down right drippy!!!
25/Jun/16 2:57 AM
I also like to do mathematical problems in my head while I'm running. Helps while away the hour. Today I figured out the 9 to the 18th power is 150,094,635,289,709,121. My goal is to figure out 9 to the 20th power, then I'll figure out another problem..
25/Jun/16 3:04 AM
all, from Charlotte NC.
25/Jun/16 3:17 AM
I'm back.
25/Jun/16 4:11 AM
25/Jun/16 4:11 AM
25/Jun/16 4:11 AM

FINALLY was able to get my hair cut today! My hairdresser worked around the head wound and was able to give me a decent cut. It is pretty much closed up, so I was able to remove the bandage so she could go to work. No blow drying or styling, but, at least it's a reasonable length. I no longer look like one of the Beatles.
25/Jun/16 4:21 AM
Good morning again.
25/Jun/16 4:25 AM
Less than 15 minutes before I woke and got up again.
25/Jun/16 4:26 AM
I was kind of hoping you hadn't got 22 yet so I could tease you - a lot!
25/Jun/16 4:27 AM
It's cold here.
25/Jun/16 4:28 AM
Hubby said he thought it was cute the way I was peeking out between my bangs, and he would miss ''the shaggy look''. I am surprised he even noticed at all. He is the one who has to do the bandaging, so he'll appreciate the shorter hair he has to work around, I'm sure.
25/Jun/16 4:29 AM
25/Jun/16 4:32 AM
What do I expect - it is winter. It is supposed to range from 2C overnight to 9C during the day (36 to 48F) on Friday for my birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, I have meant to say all year, thank you for all the birthday wishes last year, which I didn't get to read until weeks later since I More...
25/Jun/16 4:37 AM
#60 and #61 to CP
Since Disneyland is 3 months older than me (opened 7/17/55), every time they have a big anniversary, I have a big birthday (10/18/55)!
25/Jun/16 5:17 AM
Sunny and a bit hot today.
Carpenters left early for the day. They gutted the kitchen & bath yesterday and did the prep work for the flooring and electricals for the kitchen. We probably won't see them for a few days while the wood floors go in.
25/Jun/16 5:27 AM
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with relaxation and fun!
25/Jun/16 5:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! It's a beautiful day here in Ottawa.
A quick stop in. Back now to sitting on my patio.
25/Jun/16 5:44 AM
1:38, good morning all. It's a nice chilly start to the day, -2.3°C - should make my run in a little over an hour interesting!
25/Jun/16 6:05 AM
Morning all,lovebirds.
It's a bit icy here too,Chris . North western Vic is very chilly.
25/Jun/16 6:56 AM
Busy day for me as my daughter is having a party to celebrate her 50th. Birthday. I am busy making salads. Hard to realise I now have a 50 year old daughter.
25/Jun/16 7:55 AM
Good morning all. Big frost here, but at least it's not raining.
25/Jun/16 8:08 AM
Good luck to all who are running, partying, sniffing and breathing. Have a good day folks.
25/Jun/16 8:11 AM
Just before I go. You Americans and your funny pronunciation. I first noticed this when Jane and I were swimming with the manatees. The bloke in charge kept saying booee! How can you reconcile that with buoyant? Just asking..... 😄🤓👻😉🙃
25/Jun/16 8:15 AM
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