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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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26/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
26/Jun/17 12:01 AM
It's been a full few days for me. I got drenched to the skin waiting in line for a field trip bus at Exploration Days. I was still damp hours later as I headed home, dropped off one suitcase and picked up another one I had prepacked and headed to Burl's work to head south to Cincinnati for the More...
26/Jun/17 12:05 AM
Now all that's left of a long week is to find a breakfast place and embark on the long drive home.
26/Jun/17 12:08 AM
everyone from sunny and hot So. Oregon.
26/Jun/17 12:57 AM
26/Jun/17 1:02 AM
so close . . .
26/Jun/17 1:02 AM
26/Jun/17 1:02 AM
We're still having our June gloom here the temperature high is in the 70's (bottom half of the 20'sC). Probably in July the temp will pick up and hit us with a revenge in August.
26/Jun/17 1:05 AM
26/Jun/17 1:06 AM
Easy easy 1 -> 8, today.
26/Jun/17 1:07 AM
9 was kind of tough, though...
26/Jun/17 1:08 AM
Interesting photo today.
26/Jun/17 1:42 AM
Running late today, regardless
26/Jun/17 2:34 AM
HI, all, especially Wombat, who's sorta ailing - after a howdy to Greg, give Wombat a get well too!
26/Jun/17 4:19 AM

Trying to sort out a guest bedroom today. My son and daughter-in-law will be hear over the 4th of July. They will then be on their way to NC to help take care of the little ones during the packing before the move to Maryland. THEN everyone ends up here.
26/Jun/17 4:25 AM
''will be hear over the 4th of July??? HERE!!

Sending to Greg, and, wishes to Wombat!
26/Jun/17 4:29 AM
I so wish we had a delete button for these posts. Or, at least an ''edit'' option.
Of course, I could also proof read before posting.....
26/Jun/17 4:32 AM
It's an obligation.
26/Jun/17 4:40 AM
When we're this close, I have to go on.
26/Jun/17 4:40 AM
26/Jun/17 4:40 AM
26/Jun/17 4:41 AM
Morning all, pretty picture even though it made me shiver.
26/Jun/17 5:57 AM
Fiona and Gladys ,enjoy the celebration.
26/Jun/17 6:01 AM
Get well wishes to Greg and Wombat !
26/Jun/17 6:11 AM
Saw it was 101 in Portland! Son now living here - nice weekend here !
26/Jun/17 7:11 AM
Great weekend for me, the Wallabies won, the Cats won and best of all Danny Ricciardo won in Baku.
26/Jun/17 10:07 AM
Happy Sunday day off!
Car thermometer registered 86 deg F whilst I was driving around this afternoon, so happy the A/C was working!
26/Jun/17 10:50 AM
1:58 Good morning all!
26/Jun/17 10:55 AM
Lots of hoopla on ToS about Fiona's B'day.
26/Jun/17 11:37 AM
Straight through today, but on a strange computer so only 1:36. Good afternoon everyone.
26/Jun/17 12:39 PM
G'night all.
26/Jun/17 12:52 PM
Seeing as Wombat isn't able to post his usual poozles I'll let you have this one - just to give you something to do 'n all.

ECCO poozle on SPORT, you know where you work out the word, a sport, from the given clues - the next word starts with the last letter of the previous answer.
26/Jun/17 1:34 PM
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