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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Jun/17 12:07 AM
2:09 Time I went to bed. Good night all!
25/Jun/17 12:07 AM
Wow! Am I first today? Good morning everyone. Sunny here for a little while.
25/Jun/17 12:13 AM
Guess I.m not first. Hal & Anne crept in while I was writing. Morning Hal. Night Anne.
25/Jun/17 12:15 AM
Good Maen 🌥Blue skies here and fine art faires planned for today - I like to look
25/Jun/17 12:33 AM
Good morning Hal, Snowbird, mymare, and all the hordes who follow later!

Nitey nite, Anne!
25/Jun/17 12:40 AM
Just one of the horde here.
25/Jun/17 1:03 AM
One of the Californians has a good excuse for being among the missing....she's probably catching up on some sleep in Italy.
25/Jun/17 1:31 AM
I, on the other hand, am wide awake and using a nifty new spinner brush thingy to clean the shower, bathroom floor, etc. So far the charge is holding up and it's working like a charm. It even has an extension so I don't have to scrub the floor on my hands and knees. The down side is it takes forever to charge. We shall see if the charge lasts the 4-5 hours as advertised......
25/Jun/17 1:39 AM
25/Jun/17 2:20 AM
3:30 am. My daughter Belinda was born at 3;30 am on this day 51 years ago. I do not think she would like me to wake her up and tell her.
25/Jun/17 3:33 AM
Rainbow right in front of the eyes! Is the pot of gold there too?
25/Jun/17 3:35 AM
But June, isn't that part of the JOY of motherhood...annoying your children?
25/Jun/17 5:44 AM
Good morning.
25/Jun/17 5:50 AM
Chilly night again here in Canberra.
25/Jun/17 5:51 AM
My 25-year-old son gets freaked out by owls. (Something about a movie where people were kidnapped by aliens, but before they got kidnapped they all saw a snowy white owl outside.)

I love owls! Have little stuffed animal owls, statues, and outdoor ornaments all over the place. Have had More...
25/Jun/17 5:52 AM
Hi CP. The only cold here is when the A/C fan kicks on.
25/Jun/17 5:53 AM
I've turned the heater on, so it should warm up soon.
25/Jun/17 5:53 AM
Sounds like a plan!
25/Jun/17 5:54 AM
I love how we have opposing weather stories to swap here - all year!
25/Jun/17 5:55 AM
It was -4C here yesterday morning.
25/Jun/17 5:57 AM
I love Canberra and its cold - many would disagree with me but I really like having 4 distinct seasons, and though I complain a lot, they are not as bad as some places in the world.
25/Jun/17 6:02 AM
Sorry Keith - that 22 was unintentional.
25/Jun/17 6:04 AM
I'm sure Keith will forgive you!
25/Jun/17 6:43 AM
A bit on the slowish side this morning, 1:52. Good morning everyone.
25/Jun/17 7:00 AM
I'm going to delay my run for a while this morning, it's currently about -5°C out there, with an apparent temperature of about -8°! They sure got it wrong today, the predicted low was +1° with possible light frosts...
25/Jun/17 7:02 AM
Somewhere it is 'mid 80's', now, headed for 90. Been clearing trails, & chipping brush for 4 hours. I'm soaked. Time to rig the hammock, partake of a Corona and take a siesta...
25/Jun/17 7:04 AM
One week from now I'll be five minutes into the Gold Coat Airport Marathon, woohoo!!
25/Jun/17 7:26 AM
Morning all, did you find the pot of gold ,CynB.😉
25/Jun/17 7:42 AM
Should be a bit warmer for you next week, Chris.
25/Jun/17 7:45 AM
Nope Amelia! One day......
Morning all.
CP, I love Canberra's cold weather too, it's never that cold up here in Qld.
25/Jun/17 8:20 AM
I am a mathematician and I have devised a new way of generating sudoku puzzles. Puzzles can be precisely graded according to degree of difficulty. I need a test group of sudoku players to try them out on. Is anyone interested?
25/Jun/17 10:05 AM
No Wombat visit yesterday or today. Subsequently no poozle.

I hope he's OK.

Wombat.....where are you????
25/Jun/17 12:14 PM
Thanks for that Peter... I kept checking thinking there should be a poozle, but our weeks have been so discombobulated, as have I....couldn't recall just when Wombat usually posted his poozles.

25/Jun/17 12:21 PM
Wom - bat? Are you all OK??? You surely are missed!
25/Jun/17 12:24 PM
I am missing you folk too, but all my illnesses seem to be catching up with me at last. I've got three 1 & 3 poozles ready to go - but I simply don't have the energy or concentration to post the next one (it takes 2 to 3 hours to post and check each) and now my main computer is refusing to operate.
I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
25/Jun/17 3:13 PM
Take care Wombat. We can wait for the poozles, just get yourself well, OK.

Doggies and the Cats got up
25/Jun/17 4:04 PM
All right, Peter. The Cats won.
25/Jun/17 4:35 PM
Wombat , what Peter said. Get well soon. for letting us know.
25/Jun/17 5:14 PM
Must be BOTP
25/Jun/17 5:15 PM
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