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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
26/Jun/18 12:00 AM
26/Jun/18 12:00 AM
Hi Wolf, hi Hal.
26/Jun/18 12:08 AM
26/Jun/18 12:09 AM
Happy Birthday, Fiona! Have an AWESOME day!
26/Jun/18 12:21 AM
Hi Wolf, Hal, Keith and all who follow. Happy birthday to Fiona na gladys. 2:23 very slow today.
26/Jun/18 12:23 AM
Peter's Proxy of Spidey's Puzzle is at the end of yesterday's comments!
26/Jun/18 12:49 AM
Everybody!! Back to cooler temps. Much nicer!
26/Jun/18 12:54 AM
To quote Hal, ''Where's the beach.''
26/Jun/18 1:02 AM
26/Jun/18 2:18 AM
26/Jun/18 2:18 AM
I'll bet there's someone who can lead you directly to this beach, Keith ...didn't Arachnid live there originally?
26/Jun/18 2:30 AM
.and Hello all; finally some sun - hope you have some wherever you are, too!
26/Jun/18 2:31 AM
26/Jun/18 2:43 AM
No beach, but a broken dock.
26/Jun/18 2:59 AM

Just wondering if correct post today as no beach? Good day everyone
26/Jun/18 4:58 AM
Actually, there's a fair chance the person taking the picture was standing on the beach.
26/Jun/18 6:11 AM
While I'm here ...
26/Jun/18 6:12 AM
I might as well amble along,
26/Jun/18 6:12 AM
and see what I can find.
26/Jun/18 6:13 AM
26/Jun/18 6:13 AM
26/Jun/18 6:13 AM
Thought Peter or Amelia might join in, but oh well ...
26/Jun/18 6:15 AM
Good beach not to go to if you plan on swimming.
26/Jun/18 6:57 AM
Morning all, sorry Keith you were too quick for me today.
I can tell you that they do have a beach.
26/Jun/18 7:07 AM
26/Jun/18 7:10 AM
Arachnid's poozle looks interesting, will give it a try later.
26/Jun/18 7:22 AM
Ahhh - the old Busselton Jetty remains. Taken out by old age (and we all know that) and cyclones. Since rebuilt and renovated with a small train which runs the 1.8 kilometre length. My eldest granddaughter walked all the way back on the metal rail track which is a feat not yet in the Guinness book of records
26/Jun/18 9:03 AM
1:59 Good morning one and all! I've been on the Busselton Jetty a few times, but haven't tried the train trip. Maybe next time.
26/Jun/18 9:31 AM
It's your birthday, Fiona. That's awesome.
26/Jun/18 9:56 AM
26/Jun/18 1:12 PM
I'm a bit late posting the results of last Saturday's 3&4 poozle as several people asked for extra time, but here it is at last. There were 7 people who sent in responses. They were Judy, Peter, Sarah, Joyce, Kathy, Natalie and Snowbird. We were without a few of the regulars, but I won't name More...
26/Jun/18 3:36 PM
I think I might have earned a cool ale. Perhaps a Pure Blonde will do the trick.
26/Jun/18 3:38 PM
Wombat, didn't you get my answers , I know I didn't get them right but I did respond. Cheers.
26/Jun/18 3:48 PM
Sorry Amelia, I didn't get your answers. This has happened before - do you have any clue as to what has happened? Cheers.
26/Jun/18 4:49 PM
It still hasn't turned up. Feel free to send it if you want and I'll acknowledge it.
26/Jun/18 4:51 PM
1:50. Good evening everyone.
26/Jun/18 8:19 PM
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