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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Well, I did Wombat's puzzle but now I can't find my worksheet so I can't send him the answers.
Hubby made a sweep through to collect trash to go out for tomorrow. I suspect my print out is now waiting for trash pick up. I have More...
25/Jun/18 12:12 AM
Better news....I have a pot roast in the crockpot and the house smells heavenly!
25/Jun/18 12:16 AM
25/Jun/18 12:21 AM
I'm packing for a two week visit to Alaska. Then to Seattle to see my son who got a job there 9 months ago.
25/Jun/18 12:34 AM
You are going to love Alaska, Wolf!
25/Jun/18 12:48 AM
25/Jun/18 1:01 AM
Maen ! Pot roast, Kathy I'm on my way.
25/Jun/18 1:08 AM
Hmmm... Was faster on so-called Medium than this Easy.
25/Jun/18 1:17 AM
When I see shots such as this one, I wonder just what risks the photographer took to secure such a close-up!
25/Jun/18 1:42 AM
If you can handle my rambunctious family, Wow_Axel, you are more than welcome! Fair warning: Painting the fingernails of a five-year-old will almost certainly be involved. She tends to head right for my rather large collection of nail polish. Bright pink is a favorite.
25/Jun/18 1:44 AM
Hello everyone - no sun in sight; hope you find some along your way!
25/Jun/18 1:44 AM
I found my answer sheet! Hubby is vindicated!
Now, to send them..... I'm late, I'm late....
25/Jun/18 2:25 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
25/Jun/18 3:09 AM
25/Jun/18 3:30 AM
Wonderful to see whales in their habitat!
25/Jun/18 3:51 AM
Morning all, we picked the wrong weekend to visit my Aunt to see the humpback whales. They were not in a playful mood last Saturday the week before they were breaching left right and center.
25/Jun/18 6:23 AM
Joyce, looks to me like a shot taken with a telephoto lens, so no risk at all.
25/Jun/18 6:25 AM
Thanks Kathy ,for reminding me about Wombat's poozle.
25/Jun/18 6:28 AM
Aha, Keith is here must be getting close to his number.
25/Jun/18 6:30 AM
I'll just amble along !
25/Jun/18 6:33 AM
Me too. Gallump.
25/Jun/18 6:34 AM
25/Jun/18 6:34 AM
Has Keith gone to sleep ?
25/Jun/18 6:34 AM
Thx Amelia for setting me up.
25/Jun/18 6:35 AM
Haha I took to long ,
25/Jun/18 6:35 AM
Um ... no.
25/Jun/18 6:35 AM
That was fun.
25/Jun/18 6:36 AM
Make that 'too' long.
25/Jun/18 6:38 AM
It was fun ,Keith !
25/Jun/18 6:40 AM
I try not to proofread since I retired.
25/Jun/18 6:41 AM
... except for my own stuff.
25/Jun/18 6:52 AM
Interesting whale photo
25/Jun/18 6:57 AM
A Bud Light today.
25/Jun/18 7:52 AM
…..so early in the day, too Hal! Well...….. the Sudoku day I suppose I mean.
25/Jun/18 8:04 AM
1:45. Good morning everyone.

I'm about to head off to get my new place measured up for new carpet. Settlement is in two days' time, moving in on Tuesday next week after I've had a chance to do some painting and get the carpet laid - exciting times!
25/Jun/18 8:09 AM
Tell us more Chris, where, what kind of place, blah, blah...!
25/Jun/18 9:43 AM
2:10 Good morning one and all!

Thank you, Shosho!
25/Jun/18 10:28 AM
all! I love humpbacks! We've been humpback watching in Australia, Alaska and Maui. Spectacular! I even watched them 'bubble net feeding' in Alaska. What an incredible experience.
25/Jun/18 10:40 AM
Snowbird, Spent quite a while researching 'bubble net feeding' re. humpback whales - what a fascinating behavior!
25/Jun/18 3:19 PM
25/Jun/18 3:56 PM
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